Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 267 I Didn’t Visit Your House

When Stella was about to go into the elevator, Emmett’s voice sounded behind her, “Stella.”

Stella turned her head back and pursed her lips. She only uttered one word eventually, “Sorry.”

Emmett smiled faintly, “Well, this is my fault, I should be the one who apologizes to you rather than you apologize to me.” Stella said, “What about Uncle and Auntie…”

‘It’s okay, I’ll explain to them,” Emmett said again, “Let me see you off.”

When they reached downstairs, Stella went out of the gate of the neighbourhood and saw a large group of people holding roses.
If they were not all holding flowers, Stella would really be afraid when she saw this.

Emmett said, “Stella, let’s go this way.”

Stella nodded, “Okay.”

Emmett took her and left the neighbourhood using the other way.

After they left, the men holding the roses dispersed after getting the instruction.

Standing at the side of the street, Emmett said, “Stella, wait for me, I’ll go drive.”

Stella shook her head, “Uncle and Auntie are waiting for you, you should go back quickly.”

‘It’s okay. If I don’t drive you home, they will also be unhappy. Also, it’s not easy to take a cab at this time.”

After Emmett’s words were uttered and before Stella could say something, an indifferent voice sounded behind them, “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Carter, I’ll send her home.”

Emmett’s face gradually became cold. He turned his head, “Good trick, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence stood in place with one hand in his pants pocket. His lips twitched, “Not as good as Mr. Carter’s. It seems that Mr.
Carter can’t change the idea of coveting other’s wife.”

“Mr. Conrad, don’t you think you’re ridiculous. You didn’t cherish when you were married and after the divorce, you pretend to be affectionate.”

‘This is my family matter, there is no need for me to explain to Mr. Carter.”

“But Stella and Mr. Conrad are already divorced, so what standpoint can Mr. Conrad take to say that this is your family matter.” Clarence sneered sarcastically, “If Mr. Carter still has any self-esteem, you shouldn’t be able to say such words.”

Emmett did not hesitate to be sarcastic, ‘I’ll give the same sentence back to Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence pursed his thin lips while his eyes darkened and narrowed. The atmosphere between the two people instantly became tense as if they would start fighting in the next moment.

Stella felt her temples pulsing violently and said to Emmett, “Emmett, you should go upstairs, I can go back by myself.” Finished speaking, Stella directly turned around and walked forward along the street.

When Emmett was about to follow her, Clarence said, “Mr. Carter better thinks about how to explain to your parents what happens tonight.” As he said, he sighed in a low voice, “What a pity that the roses that I brought over from Italy via a flight are wasted.”

This sentence was a threat that was not hard to be figured out.

Emmett contained his anger, “Hasn’t Mr. Conrad gone too far to do this? Why should my parents be involved in the feud between you and me!”

Clarence said victoriously, “In fact, I kind of saved Mr. Carter’s face as I didn’t visit your house.” “You…” Emmett pursed his lips tightly. Clarence could indeed do something like personally visit one’s house.

Clarence took two steps forward and glanced askance at him, “But if there is next time, I’ll be willing to invite Mr. Carter’s parents to be guests at the Conrad Group and I’ll tell them all the details of the marriage between Stella and me during those three years.”

“Mr. Conrad is so arrogant, aren’t you afraid that you’ll have retribution.”

“I thought Mr. Carter is a techie, but I never thought you will be so superstitious,” Clarence said slowly, “Only people who always think of coveting things that don’t belong to them are the ones who are prone to retribution. At least I’m not like Mr. Carter who can lie and deceive people in order to achieve your own selfish desires.”

After these words were uttered, Emmett was instantly embarrassed and his face did not look good.

He knew that Clarence was referring to the matter during the annual meeting. At that time, he saw that Stella was too easily swayed so he…

Emmett did not speak anymore and just clenched his fist.

Clarence withdrew his gaze and left.

Despite walking along the path for quite some time, Stella not only did not manage to take a cab, but she also could rarely see a cab passing by. Even if there was, it was a cab with passengers inside.

She did not know how long had she been walking. Out of the blue, she heard a bang.
Immediately after this, fireworks were exploding overhead.

Stella looked over and saw that beside the river not far away, a lot of people were gathering and setting off fireworks. Children were chasing and playing while holding sparklers in their hands.

When she stood there and watched this scene, she could feel the atmosphere of New Year which she had not felt for long.
But, the time and place of setting off fireworks were limited. After being happy for a while, everyone dispersed and went home.

After all the people left, Stella walked to the riverside and looked at the bright neon lights hanging in rows on the opposite bank.
They were bright and gorgeous.

Stella lay on the railing. The breeze gently caressed her skin but it did not have the coldness in the past.

It looked like spring was coming.

Stella was about to leave after feeling the wind for a while. When she turned around, she saw a person standing behind her at some point.

She was startled. Her scream almost came out of her throat.
And seeing her reaction, Clarence only indifferently glanced at her and did not say anything.
Stella could not help but frown, what was this wretched man doing?

Since he did not say anything, Stella naturally also did not want to bother him. After harrumphing inwardly, she turned around and left.

But after Stella walked a few steps, a young man ran to her and shyly touched his neck, “Hel…hello, student, can I have your contact information?”

In the past, when Stella encountered this kind of situation, she would directly refuse. But when she was about to refuse, she changed her mind. Then, she smiled and took out her mobile phone, “Sure.”

Just when the young man was about to add her as a friend in WeChat, a cold male voice sounded next to him, “Boys should be more careful when going out, or else you’ll be cheated without even realizing it.”

The young man looked over and did not quite understand what he meant, “Huh?” “The prettier a person is, the lesser you can trust. For example, you call her student but she is already my ex-wife.” Stella felt that her eyelids were twitching violently.

At this time, the young man’s companion could no longer bear seeing it. He went up and pulled the young man away and as they walked away, he muttered in a low voice, “Can’t you see that they’re having a conflict here, it’s really a shame.”

As they walked away, Stella turned her head and glared fiercely at the wretched man.

The moment she looked over, Clarence quickly took his eyes off her and looked at somewhere else as if nothing had happened.
Stella was so angry that she suddenly laughed. Well, he was the one who started it.

Stella continued to walk forward and took out her phone to check the nearest bar.

Perhaps she was lucky. There was one a few hundred metres away.

At this time, the time that people had reunion dinner had already passed. Most of the young people were out to have fun.
Therefore, the bar was not deserted; instead, it was much more lively than usual.

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