Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 268 Can I Do It if I Say So

After entering the bar, Stella walked straight to the bar counter and asked for a glass of wine.

As soon as she sat down, someone immediately came over and hit on her, “Beauty, you’re alone?” Stella replied while smiling, “Yeah.”

The man said, “It’s a fate for us to meet each other. Let me buy you a drink.”

As he said, he snapped his finger at the bartender, “Give this beauty a blue margarita.”

After his words were uttered, an upright figure appeared beside him, “Since you love to treat others to something so much, why don’t you buy me a drink also, I’m also alone.”

The man was speechless.
This person was crazy, right.

Clarence leaned against the bar and blocked him from seeing Stella. His slender fingers were tapping on the countertop, “What, you have sexism?”

The man smiled awkwardly and patted his shoulder, “Buddy, how can you say like that, alright, since it’s New Year, let’s drink and I’ll just treat it as I’m making friends with you, what do you want to drink? Order it.”

Clarence said, “Then I’ll really order whatever I want.”

After he finished his words, he looked at the bartender, “A glass of Louis XIII.”

The bartender was stunned and he said, “Sir, Louis XIll is not available to be sold to a person.”

“I know, open a six-litre one, I want a glass of it. For the rest, this gentleman will treat the other guests in the bar to drink.” The man’s face stiffened so much and it was contorted. He said in displeasure, “Buddy, you’re looking for trouble, right?”

Louis XIII was France’s top brandy and a few hundred millimetres of it cost more than ten thousand yuan, let alone six litres, which cost at least a few hundred thousand yuan.

Even he himself had never had a sip. Wasn’t this very obvious that he was deliberately tricking him? Clarence spoke indifferently, “You can’t afford it? If you can’t afford it, don’t try to keep up appearances.” When the man was just about to get angry, he pulled out a black card from his wallet and handed it to the bartender, “Open a

bottle, it’s my treat for this gentleman.”

As he spoke, he said to the man again, “There are some things that are beautiful and only can be desired but not attainable.
Stopping in time to avoid loss is the most sensible way. Just consider this lesson a free gift from me to you, don’t need to thank


If it was not because the man saw him take out the limited black card without even blinking and ask the bartender to open a bottle of Louis XIII, at this time, his fist would have fallen on his face.

The man also saw that he had a great temperament and knew that this was a game for rich people. So, he could only leave embarrassedly.

The bartender warily took the black card, “Si…sir, we don’t have the six-litre one here…” Clarence said, “Give me the same glass of what she just ordered.”


After the bartender gave back the hot black card, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had been working here for so long and had seen many rich dudes. But, he had never met someone who opened a six-litre bottle of Louis XIII to treat everyone.

Clarence sat next to Stella as if he still had no intention to talk to her.

Stella played with her phone and ignored him.

A short while later, the bartender brought their glasses of wine over.

Stella took a sip. Among sweetness and the astringent taste, she felt it was a little spicy.

This was the first time she drank such strong wine and she could not help but cough several times.

She originally intended to go home but she could not hold back her anger. So, she finished the glass of wine bit by bit.

After drinking, not knowing if it was because the air here was too stuffy or because there were too many people, Stella already felt hot and her cheeks were burning.

She took a look at the clock. It was almost time to go back.

When Stella felt the cold wind after leaving the bar, she shivered and felt a little dizzy. She took out her phone and dialled Sherry’s number, “Sherry, what are you doing?”

“lm watching the Spring Festival Gala, the one tonight is so boring…Are you still at Emmett’s house? When will you be back?”

Stella said, “No. I’m at the bar. I can’t take a cab. I’ll send you an address, you come and fetch me.”

“Okay, I’m going out now…”

Before Sherry’s words were fully uttered, she heard some movements on the other end of the phone, followed by an indifferent male voice, “She is with me.”

Although Clarence only said half of the sentence, Sherry was already able to figure out the whole sentence. It should almost be like, “She is with me, if you dare to come, don’t blame me.”

“Okay, please tell Stella that I drank at night so I can’t drive.”

Sherry said this sentence seriously and then quickly hung up the phone.

Stella was expressionlessly looking at Clarence, “Give me back my phone.”

Under her gaze, Clarence, however, calmly put her phone into his pants pocket.

Stella was speechless.

She said impolitely, “What exactly does Mr. Conrad want to do?”

“Can I do it if I say so.”

Even though Stella’s mind at this time was slightly puzzled after drinking, she still could keenly realize the trap in his words, “No!” “Then there is no need for me to say.”

Stella ground her teeth, “Isn’t Mr. Conrad willing to ignore me, what is your purpose of doing this at this moment.”

Clarence said without haste, “I didn’t ignore you, I just let you have enough time to think about your mistakes.”

“Are you sick?” He was not only sick but very sick.

So, this wretched man was even pushing his luck? He let her think about her own mistakes? Why the hell must she follow what he wanted her to do!

Clarence said, “You clearly know Emmett’s feelings for you but you still went to his house with him to see his parents, aren’t you sick too?”

Stella was so angry with him that her blood boiled. She instantly felt even dizzier and did not bother to talk to him. She only said, “Please give me back my phone, Mr. Conrad, I want to go home.”

Clarence said, “Take it yourself.” “You’re really shameless.” Clarence raised his eyebrows, “You want to scold me for this?”

If it was not because Stella did not want to have indecent behaviour in public, she would not have been able to contain her anger and would have taken off his pants to take back the phone.

This place was quite far from where she lived and she did not know the way to go back also. Otherwise, she would really have to walk back on her own.

The wretched man had expected this and this was why he dared to threaten her so blatantly.

Stella took a deep breath. Since the wretched man was here, Nathan must also be waiting nearby.

After searching for a while, she saw the Rolls Royce parked on the roadside.

Stella directly walked over, opened the car door, bent her body and got in the car, “Please take me home, thank you.”

The surprise was written all over Nathan’s face. He did not expect that a good thing like she got in the car by herself would actually happen.

Then, the car door on the other side was also opened.

Clarence said indifferently, “Let’s go.”

Nathan answered, “Yes.”

Stella closed her eyes and leaned back. She was lazy to care anymore. This wretched man would not possibly sell her anyway.
Not knowing how many minutes ticked by, the black Rolls Royce stopped in front of an ordinary residential building.

When Stella opened her eyes, Nathan was no longer there. Only Clarence was leaning against the car while smoking outside.
His eyes were darkened and he was apparently pondering something.

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