Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 269 Have Long Accepted the Reality

Stella opened the car door and stumbled when she got out of the car. She managed to stand still by holding the door.
She said weakly without strength, “Is Mr. Conrad thinking about which location is the most appropriate to kill and bury a corpse.” Clarence was speechless.

He dusted off his cigarette ash and turned his head to look at her, “I originally wanted to give you a gift but it seems like you don’t need it.”

Stella said, “If you send me home, it will be the best gift for me.”

Finally, she added two words, “Thank you.”

Clarence said, “But since you and Emmett went home together, I don’t intend to give you the gift anymore.” “Okay.”

Stella replied perfunctorily. Before she wanted to get in the car, the wretched man’s unhurried voice rang out again, “Evelyn’s son lives here.”

Hearing this, Stella’s movements stopped instantaneously.

Her reaction was completely expected by Clarence.

He stubbed out the cigarette, “It looks like you really don’t need it, let’s go then.” Stella was speechless.

She suddenly said, “Hold on.”

Clarence looked at her and raised his eyebrows without a trace.

Stella said seriously, “Mr. Conrad drank wine just now, right. You can’t drive. Why don’t we find a place to sit and wait for Mr.
Lance to come back.”

Clarence’s arm casually rested on the car. He turned his head and raised his chin at her.
Stella looked in the direction he was looking at and saw that Nathan was smiling at her.

She quickly found another excuse, “I’m a little drunk. I want to get some air. Mr. Conrad, go back yourself, just give me back my phone.”

“I don’t see which part of you is drunk.” Stella said seriously, “I’m always like this when I’m drunk, others can’t tell.”

Clarence apparently remembered something. His thin lips curled and there was an obvious smile in his eyes, “Is that so.”

“Of course!”

Clarence did not intend to beat around the bush with her, “If you beg me, I’ll consider taking you up.” Stella knew the wretched man would be waiting for her here.

She hesitated for a moment without saying anything.

Clarence was not in a hurry. He slowly waited for her to consider.

Eventually, Stella gave up and said directly, “Please.”

“Verbal words don’t count.”

Stella said, “Give me back my phone then, Mr. Conrad, I’ll send you a red pocket.” “Do I lack your red packet?”

“I think Mr. Conrad should just directly say what you want.”

Clarence said slowly, “Come.”

Stella looked at him cautiously and stopped after taking two steps.

Amused, Clarence said, “Why are you standing so far away from me, come to me.”

Stella deliberated for a moment. She knew that she would fall into his trap if she continued to go forward. She reacted in time, “Forget it, I’m not going.”

As she spoke, when she turned around and wanted to leave, her wrist was gently clasped and yanked hard.

The next second, she fell into his arms.

Clarence said, “I’ve told you to come over by yourself but you force me to do it.”

“You actually still can come out with a good reason.”

Clarence’s hand wrapped around her waist. Stella struggled several times but their bodies got closer and closer.

Since the situation had come to this point, she simply gave up and said, “Can Mr. Conrad tell me your conditions now?” “Stella, it’s New Year today.”

“I know, does Mr. Conrad really think that I’m drunk?”

Clarence lowered his eyes to stare at her, “Are you still angry?”

Without even needing to think, Stella knew he was referring to the matter that he asked people to send flowers to Emmett’s house. She barely smiled and said, “Is there any use for me to be angry, will Mr. Conrad think about your own mistake.”

“No.” “Then why does Mr. Conrad say these words.” “I just think that on a day like today, no matter what I do, you should forgive me.”

Being quite surprised, Stella laughed and said, “Does Mr. Conrad still need my forgiveness, isn’t Mr. Conrad always doing what you want according to your own preferences without caring what others think…”

“Shut up.”

Stella also got irritated, “Is this your attitude to beg my forgiveness?”

Clarence asked, “Who is actually the one that is begging others’ forgiveness now?” Stella said, “Oh.”

She got carried away and got the wrong direction.

She said, “So what, what exactly does Mr. Conrad want to say.”

Clarence said, “It’s not good to be angry at such a festive period.”

Stella kept silent. These words were reasonable.

Slightly annoyed, she said, “Okay, fine, then can Mr. Conrad take me up now?” “You’re not angry anymore?”


After Stella’s words were uttered, she suddenly felt darkness in front of her eyes, followed by thin lips that came down.

Then, the sounds of fireworks exploding sounded in the distance.
Before she had time to react, Clarence let her go and his low voice sounded next to her ears, “Happy New Year.”

Stella was a bit stunned. It was ten o’clock when her phone was taken away by Clarence. She did not expect that it was surprisingly already twelve o’clock.

A few seconds later, Stella regained her presence of mind and looked at him expressionlessly, “Does Mr. Conrad think that it is enough to let me ignore your rogue behaviour by just saying happy new year.”

Clarence raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you say you’re not angry anymore.”

Stella understood. The reason why the wretched man said so many words was to foreshadow this. He totally did not feel that it was not right for him to do the previous things and he did not have the intention to apologize at all.

Stella took a deep breath and calmed her emotions. She comforted herself that the new year had come so there was no need for her to be angry about last year’s events.

She said, “Then can we go up now.” “No.”

Stella’s anger that was just contained instantly got ignited. The wretched man not only took advantage of her but was actually lying to her as well!

Just before Stella could not help but curse him, Clarence said, “It’s already twelve o’clock, you don’t want to sleep but others have to sleep too.”

Stella was speechless.
So, the reason why he brought her over here was to do that thing just now.
Clarence added, “I’ll bring you over here tomorrow again.”

On the way back, Stella leaned against the car window and looked out. The light cast by the streetlights fell on her face alternatingly.

After a while, she withdrew her gaze and spoke without any sign, “Mr. Conrad, why did you take me there.” Clarence’s face remained unchanged and he said indifferently, “Don’t you want to see him.”

‘I also want to see Horace but how come Mr. Conrad doesn’t take me there.”

Clarence looked askance at her and her eyes looked cold.

Stella grinned, “I’m just kidding, just kidding.”

Stella murmured again, “Sometimes, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. I know what Mr. Conrad means, you don’t need to comfort me through such an approach, I’ve long accepted the reality.”

“What is reality.”

“The reality is that what is lost can never be recovered.”

Clarence said, “But what if, it is never lost.”

Stella looked at him, “I’ve said that I hope Mr. Conrad don’t say such ambiguous words and give me unwarranted hope.”

“Existence of hope relies on how you create it yourself and regarding this, I can help you.”

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