Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 270 I Have Received Your Token of Appreciation

Stella simply closed her eyes and just wanted to ignore him.
The moment the wretched man talked about a certain topic, she knew what was he actually planning.

Perhaps because the tipsy feeling of the wine was too intense, on the way back, Stella did not drift off and was just being dazed.
She kept feeling that a tendon inside her head was slightly painful.

Not knowing how long it took, the car finally stopped.

Stella slowly opened her eyes and when she was about to open the car door to leave, Clarence’s voice rang out indifferently, “You don’t invite me up to have a rest?”

*…Does Mr. Conrad still need me to invite.”

Clarence raised his eyebrows and did not deny it.

In the elevator, Stella’s slender eyebrows were furrowed as she gently rubbed her temples.
Clarence glanced at her, “You can’t drink but you still want to get drunk like others.”

Stella took a deep breath, who the hell was all this because of?

The door was opened. The living room was quiet. Sherry should have gone to bed.

Stella walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. Just before she was about to drink it, the glass in her hand was.
snatched away.

Clarence said, “How can you drink cold water in such weather.” Finished speaking, Clarence took the glass and went into the kitchen.

Not long after, he came out with boiled water and placed it in front of her. He asked without any signs, “How to make a sobering SOUP.”

Stella was lying on the table. Probably because she did not expect him to say that, she froze before saying, “What?” Clarence said, “Aren’t you not feeling well.” Stella laughed dryly twice, “I’m just a little dizzy. I’ll be fine after sleeping, I don’t need to bother Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence stared at her expressionlessly and just repeated, “How to do it.”

“l’m…dizzy, I don’t want to say anything.” After Stella finished speaking, she directly lay on the table.
She had to applaud for this excuse she found.

After Clarence stood in place for two seconds, his tongue rested against his teeth and then he turned around and went back to the kitchen.

After a while, Stella heard the sound of banging and crackling in the kitchen. She recalled the previous scene in Anqiao Street.
She was really afraid that this wretched man would blow up her kitchen.

Stella raised her head and saw Clarence’s tall back under the light.
Inexplicably, she felt a little warmth.
She supported her chin with one hand and just quietly looked at him like this.

Clarence’s suit was just resting on the back of the chair opposite her. The cuffs of his white shirt were rolled up and he was.
holding his phone while looking for the corresponding ingredients.

Even though Stella was quite far from him, she could feel that he was not fit to do this.
As Stella watched, she suddenly could not help but think.
Indeed, every dog had its day.

In the past, when Clarence came home while being drunk, she not only was at his mercy but also got a series of mockeries despite putting much effort to make sobering soup for him.

Now, the scene had changed. She should have been happy but for some reason, she could not be happy.

Not knowing how many minutes ticked by, Stella slowly withdrew her gaze, took the glass of warm water in front of her and took a sip.

After half a glass of water entered her stomach, very soon, a steaming bowl of sobering soup was placed in front of her.
Clarence’s voice was with a little tension, “Try it.”

Stella looked at the black water in the bowl as well as the unknown floating objects. She instantly felt that she was partially sobered.

She said, “I think I don’t…need this, I suddenly feel that I’m actually not that uncomfortable.”

Clarence said, “Try it before you say, if you can’t drink it, I’ll pour it.”

Seeing the wretched man’s manner, Stella felt that if she did not drink, he might pour it directly into her mouth.
Stella’s held the small bowl reluctantly with both hands, slowly placed it by her mouth and took a sip.

A bitter and fishy taste instantly spread in her mouth.

Stella could not help but cough vigorously.

Apparently, she was drinking something made of upas.

Clarence pursed his thin lips and then took the bowl from her hand. He patted her back with another hand, “Forget it.”

After Stella coughed for a while, she said weakly without any strength, “Mr. Conrad, it’s better not to force yourself to do something you’re not good at next time. Otherwise, you’ll have to see me in the hospital next time.”

Hearing this, Clarence’s lips curled, “You still want me to make it for you next time?” “…Sorry, I have to correct it, there is no next time.”

“Since you’re so spirited, it does seem that you don’t have any discomfort anywhere.” Stella said impatiently, “Is Mr. Conrad still not leaving?”

Clarence’s hand on her back paused and was then withdrawn. He frowned in displeasure while saying, “You’re so keen to drive me away?”

Stella kindly reminded, “It’s already one o’clock in the morning. Even if Mr. Conrad doesn’t want to sleep, others have to sleep


Clarence’s thin lips were pursed slightly. After a few seconds, he said, “You can sleep with me.”

Stella was speechless.

How on earth could he say such brazen words without even blushing a little?

Stella looked at him quietly, “If Mr. Conrad still doesn’t want to leave, I’m going to call the police.”

Clarence looked down at his wristwatch. Indeed, the time was late.

He took his jacket and went back after walking two steps. He took the phone out of his pants pocket and handed it to Stella.
Stella took it, “Thank…”

But before her words were uttered entirely, a large warm palm held the back of her neck and brought her forward.

The next second, Stella felt that her lips were bitten by someone nastily.

Immediately after this, Clarence’s voice sounded next to her ear, “You’re welcome, I’ve received your token of appreciation.” With the sound of the door closing, Stella lay on the table and her entire person was weak and dispirited.

At this time, Stella heard a few tiny rumbles coming from the side. She turned back her head and saw that Sherry was lying in the living room with gossip written all over her face.

Stella’s eyes pulsed, “Aren’t you asleep?”

Sherry said, “When have you ever seen me go to bed so early. When I heard the sound of the door opening, I ran to the door to take a look. Seeing that the wretched man came back together with you, I went back to the room and hid. How was going on tonight, did anything exciting happen? Did he and Emmett get into a fight?”

Hearing her mentioning it, Stella only then remembered that she did not know how the situation on Emmett’s side was.
She subconsciously took out her phone and realized that it was already midnight.

Stella opened her phone and saw several missed calls from Emmett.

No wonder that wretched man did not give her phone back to her.

Stella thought about it and eventually sent a message to Emmett, saying that she had arrived home.

Seeing this, Sherry came over, “After tonight, Emmett should be able to give up, right.”

Stella pursed her lips, “I owe him.”

“Hey, in fact, I should be blamed for this. I shouldn’t blindly fix you guys up.” Sherry sat next to her and sighed, “If there was no Clarence, Emmett would really be a quick and good choice. Unfortunately…that’s why the order of matters happening in one’s lifetime is important.”

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