Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 271 Stink of Money and Scent of Dishes

The Carter’s.

After clearing up all the flowers, Emmett’s father sat on the sofa and asked in a sinking voice, “What on earth is going on?” Emmett’s mother patted him on the shoulder with a frown, “Don’t be so serious. Talk nice.”

Emmett stood there. After a long while, he said, “Dad, Mom, I lied to you.”

“Lied? Emmett, make it clear.”

“Stella isn’t my girlfriend, but I like her, so I asked her to do me a favor to come to visit you.”

However, he had to admit that he had a special intention behind what he did.

Originally, he thought that as long as Stella agreed to visit his parents, he meant different in her heart anyway.
After that, he could use this as an excuse to make her continue being his girlfriend.

He had never expected that his plan was ruined by Clarence.

Emmett’s father snapped, “Look what you’ve done!”

After a while, Emmett’s mother said, “Is it her boyfriend who sent the flowers here?”

Emmett shook his head, “It’s her ex-husband. They’ve divorced. He kept pestering Stella. She hasn’t agreed yet.” Emmett’s father looked a bit annoyed, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier that she divorced?”

‘I didn’t think it’s necessary.”

“Unnecessary? You’ve taken her home already. Shouldn’t you tell your mother and me about her basic information? Now her ex- husband came here. Do you know what this is? You actively let him slip in your face!”

Emmett’s mother meddled in, “Enough. Enough. Just stop it. Stella is a good girl. I like her. Since her ex-husband changed his mind to chase after her again, it means this girl is indeed a good one. If she could marry into our Carter family, it’s our fortune.
But you can only let nature take its course on things like love.”

As she spoke, she looked over at her son, “Emmett, you’d better know who on earth that girl likes. If she likes her ex-husband, don’t get in between. If she likes you, that would be wonderful.”

Emmett pressed his thin lips and didn’t speak.

His mother said, “I’m going to clean the kitchen. Stop quarreling. It’s still New Year. Don’t get into a fight.” After she left, Emmett’s father stood up, “Come with me to the study.”

In the study, Emmett’s father said, “Have you heard what your mother said just now?”

Emmett nodded.

His father continued, “I believe you know more clearly than others who that girl likes. Otherwise, she would have come here today as your girlfriend instead of faking your girlfriend.”

Emmett frowned. He understood what his father meant, “Dad, you don’t know what’s going on…”

“You are right. I don’t know, but I don’t want to know either,” said his father, “Since she doesn’t like you at all, you shouldn’t waste much time on her.”

“But I like her a lot.”

“So what? Do you think you are still a teenager? You have more important things to do than falling in love.” Upon hearing it, Emmett fell into the silence.

His father added, “All right. That’s what I want to talk to you about. Think it over yourself.”

After Emmett arrived in his bedroom, he heard the cell phone vibrate.

It was a message from Stella. She informed him that she had arrived home.

Subconsciously, Emmett wanted to call her back. Staring at her phone number, he hesitated.

Stella liked Clarence, which was seen clearly by his parents.

Until now, Emmett realized that he was the only one who was hooked by his own lies. He just expected that one day she would tell him a different answer.

The next morning.

As soon as Stella woke up, she heard her phone vibrate on the nightstand.
She fumbled for it and took a look – she had received a lot of greeting messages and lucky money for the New Year.
Rubbing her sore temples, she started to reply to the senders one by one.

After she had done that, she dragged her heavy steps out of the bedroom. Sherry was setting up the table, on which there were warm porridge and all kinds of dishes.

Seeing her come out, Sherry said, “Stella, there you go. Hurry up to tidy yourself and come for breakfast.”

Stella lay prone on the sofa, trying her best to keep her eyes open, “Are the restaurants still open for takeouts during the holiday?”

Sherry answered, “It’s not takeout. Chan brought them here.”

Channing walked out of the kitchen, “I happened to meet the person to deliver breakfast to you in the elevator, so I take them upstairs.”

Stella was speechless.
She wondered if they were speaking tongue twister.

Staring at the whole tale of dishes in a daze, Stella gradually understood what was going on. She turned around and walked into the bathroom.

After tidying herself up, she felt refreshed. She drank a glass of hydromel, and the soreness on her temples gradually faded.

Sitting at the table, Sherry rubbed her hand, “This early morning of New Year holiday is full of stink of money and scent of dishes.
Please send my appreciation to Mr. Conrad. I’ll start eating now.”

Stella scratched her eyebrows. For a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

Channing filled a bowl of porridge for her, “Let’s eat, Stella.”

After breakfast, Sherry said, “Stella, Chan, do you have any plan this afternoon? If not, shall we go see a movie?” Stella nodded in agreement, “Sure. It’s all up to you. I need to take a nap.”

After a moment of silence, Channing answered, “I’ve already got an appointment.”

Sherry looked at him in confusion, “It’s still the holiday of the New Year. Why do you have an appointment? Are you really in love with someone?”

Upon hearing it, Stella also paused her steps, turned around, and looked at him.
Channing was speechless.

He answered, “Nah. I’ve got an appointment with my classmates.”

“Male or female?”

He paused and continued, “Both.”

Sherry’s eyes were lit up instantly, “Are your male classmates handsome?”

Stella knew what she wanted to say next. In a hurry, she covered Sherry’s mouth and said to Channing, “All right, Chan, you can get prepared for your appointment. Come back for dinner.”


After Stella and Channing left, Sherry sat at the dining table. Looking at the whole table of dishes that had been slightly touched, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.

Soon, the call was connected.

Sherry coughed and said solemnly, “Hello, is that Mr. Lance? This is Sherry.” “Hello, Ms. Perry. How are you? Anything I can help?”

“Oh, I just want to ask if your Mr. Conrad has any work plan today.”

On the other end of the line, Nathan was a bit confused. It was still the New Year’s holiday. If Mr. Conrad were still working, he must be way too abominable.

Nathan answered calmly, “No, he doesn’t.”

Sherry smiled confidently, “Great. Stella and I will go see a movie this afternoon. Ill buy an extra ticket and send you the ticket information. Please inform Mr. Conrad.”

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