Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 272 So Wonderful to Be Rich

After taking a nap, Stella felt dizzier.

She patted her on the forehead, put on clothes, and got off the bed.

In the living room, Sherry was ready to leave, “Stella, do you want to eat something first? Or shall we go out for lunch directly?” Stella answered, “I want to eat something spicy. After we’ve seen the movie, let’s go for hotpot, shall we?”

“Sure! I happen to long for the hotpot as well.”

“Wait for me, Sherry. I’ll be ready after washing my face.”

When they arrived at the cinema, it was way too crowded there.

After getting the ticket from the machine, Stella saw Sherry holding three bottles of coke, “Why did you buy three bottles? Didn’t Chan say that he wouldn’t come?”

Sherry grinned, “I’m a bit thirsty. One bottle might not be enough.” “If you drink too much coke, you might not be able to eat the hotpot later.”

“No worries. There are still a few hours before having lunch. Besides, I’ll be OK after going to the bathroom.” Sherry checked the time, “Let’s go in. The movie is about to start.”

Stella nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

After arriving in the screening room, before Stella sat down, Sherry dragged her to stand up, “Well… Stella, the person in front of me is way too tall. I can’t see the screen now. Can you sit here please? I’ll sit inside.”


After Stella sat down, she looked around, only to find the whole screening room was fully occupied except the empty seat on her right-hand side. It was indeed crowded.

Shortly after, the lights in the room were dimmed. Commercials and previous other movies started to be played on the screen.
Soon, the movie started.

After taking a sip of coke, Stella put the bottle on the armrest. When she withdrew her hand, she accidentally touched something.
Someone was sitting on the empty seat next to her.

Stella subconsciously looked up and then stiffed.

Clarence met her gaze. He said indifferently, “Why are you looking at me? Watch the movie.’ Stella didn’t utter a beep.

She withdrew her gaze awkwardly and looked over at Sherry.

No wonder she always felt that Sherry behaved so strangely today.

It seemed that she had planned something.

As if she had sensed Stella’s gaze, Sherry didn’t dare to look into her eyes. She could only pick up her bottle and pretended to take a sip, trying to skip.

Stella inhaled slightly and looked back at the screen in front.

She decided to let Sherry go.

Anyway, the wretched man didn’t overdo anything. Stella decided to take him as a stranger and continue to see the movie.
Two hours passed pretty soon. After the movie ended, the audience started to leave the room.

Sherry covered her tummy, “Stella, I need to go to the restroom now. I’ll wait for you outside…”

With the excuse, she wanted to escape but Stella pulled her to stop.

Stella faintly smiled and said, “I also want to use the restroom. Let’s go together.”

Clarence still remained seated, crossing his slender fingers together, “If you go out now, you need to wait in a line for at least ten minutes.”

Stella said, “We can go to the shopping mall instead. Mr. Conrad, if you…” She wanted to send him away.

Before she had finished her words, Clarence stood up, “Follow me.”

Out of the restroom, Sherry said while washing hands, “I didn’t expect Conrad Group also runs movie theaters. I’m curious if there’s any business that Conrad Group didn’t cover.”

Stella said, “Conrad Group always has business in the entertainment business, so it’s not surprising that it has movie theaters.
However, I’m quite surprised about one thing.”

Sherry echoed, “What is it?”

Stella pulled a piece of tissue to wipe her hands. She turned to look at Sherry, “Why is Clarence Conrad here?”

“Haha…” Sherry might not expect that suddenly Stella would ask her such a question, she let out a hollow laugh. Then she clapped and said, “I got it! It must be fate. How wonderful your fate is! In such a huge city that there are so many movie theaters with numerous screening rooms, he sat next to you among so many seats. This is God’s plan!”

Stella stared at her in silence, wondering what kind of stories she could make.

Sherry rubbed her nose, feeling a sense of guilt, “All right. I just feel it’s not polite if I do nothing after having such an abundant breakfast bought by him. Hence… I decided to invite him to see the movie. One should return as good as one receives, right?”

Stella was speechless.
Sherry could always make excuses, which almost made Stella believe.

However, what Sherry had one was exactly the same when she tried to bring her together with Emmett, so Stella could understand what she wanted.

She was just surprised that suddenly Sherry started to bring her together with Clarence.
It was so unexpected, unbelievable, and unacceptable for Stella.

Sherry felt quite awkward under her gaze. She coughed a bit, “By the way, we should thank Mr. Conrad. If he hadn’t brought us here, we would be still waiting in the line.”

As she spoke, she said, “It’s so wonderful to be rich!” Stella raised her hand to rub between her eyebrows, “Let’s go.” In the corridor, the manager of the cinema heard that Clarence was there, so he rushed over to greet Clarence.

As they spoke, Clarence saw Stella come out of the ladies’ from the corner of his eyes. He said indifferently to the manager, “I’m busy with something else. I’ve gotta go now.”

The manager said, “Okay, Mr. Conrad. Have a great one.”

Clarence walked to Stella, “Where are we going now?”

Sherry answered, “We plan to have…”

Stella immediately interrupted her, “We’re going nowhere. It’s almost time to go home. Mr. Conrad, bye.” As she spoke, she dragged Sherry and trotted away.

Clarence was speechless.

Squinting with a threatening look, he said inwardly, ‘Stella, you can run away from me. No matter how fast you are running, you can never escape from me.’

After leaving the movie theater, it was lunchtime.

There were a lot of people waiting in lines in front of all the different hotpot restaurants.

Fortunately, Sherry reserved a table ahead, so they entered directly.

Sherry looked at the menu and asked, “Have you called Chan?”

Stella said, “I sent him a message before leaving home. He said he would have lunch with his classmates. Just ignore him.” Sherry heaved a sigh, “Chan is truly grown up. He has secrets that he can’t tell us.”

Upon hearing it, Stella pressed her lips and didn’t answer.

In fact, if Chan wasn’t doing anything else, Stella wouldn’t mind his business.

However, right now, Chan wasn’t willing to tell her anything at all. If she kept asking him, he might feel bothered.
Hence, Stella decided to let it be for the time being.

Right then, a waiter came over and asked, “Excuse me, table for two, right?”


“No, three.”

They heard a man’s indifferent voice from behind.

Stella choked up.

She didn’t expect that the wretched man followed them here.

Clarence sat down next to her. He calmed took over the menus handed over by the waiter.

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