Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 273 I’m Not so Petty as You

Stella picked up her glass and took a sip of water. She said crossly, “Mr. Conrad, you are so rude.’ Clarence asked without even raising his head, “When did you move?”

Stella was silent.

She was defeated again.

The wretched man’s tongue was always sharp.

After Clarence ordered the dishes, he handed the menu back to the waiter. He turned around and looked at Stella, “Have you sobered up from the hangover?”

Stella believed that he was humiliating her when asking so, “I just had a glass of liquor and felt dizzy. I didn’t get hammered.” Clarence said, “You are not good at drinking at all. In the future, when I’m not around, don’t drink with others.”

Stella’s lips parted. When she was about to retort, suddenly, she realized that Sherry was still sitting next to them. The latter’s.
gaze swept between them two, and obviously, she enjoyed watching the scene a lot.

Seeing Stella was silent, Sherry immediately withdrew her gaze, “Just ignore me. You don’t need to care how I feel. I’m here to have lunch only. I can’t see or hear anything else.”

Stella was amazed.

Soon, the dishes were served, so the embarrassment was eased for the time being.

Stella and Sherry ordered the medium-spicy soup, aiming to get sweated.

They enjoyed the meal very much, while Clarence was only drinking water while sitting next to them. He barely ate.
Stella cast him a glance and asked purposely, “Mr. Conrad, why don’t you eat?”

Clarence answered flatly, “Go ahead eating. Ignore me.”


Stella withdrew her gaze and ignored him.

Shortly after, a waiter came over with a trolley and served a few light dishes.

Sherry and Stella were shocked in silence.

This was the first time that they saw cooked dishes be served in a hotpot restaurant.

Money made the mare go.

Clarence looked up at them. He said to Stella, “Feel free to eat if you want. I’m not so petty as you.”

Stella curled her lips. She wouldn’t eat his dishes.

She just felt that the wretched man was something – how could he ordered the home cooking dishes in a hotpot restaurant.
She wondered if he was in the right state of his mind.

Stella took a few bites again. She couldn’t utter any sound as the food was way too spicy. Her water was emptied. When she was about to stand up and get herself another glass of water, Clarence pushed a glass of milk in front of her, “It can ease the burn.”

Stella was burnt so hard that she didn’t keep being polite to him. Directly, she picked up the glass, raised her head, and gulped down half of the milk.

Opposite them, Sherry was drinking water in silence. She felt that it was not hotpot food that fulfilled her tummy during lunch but their PDA movements.

Not to mention others, Clarence the wretched man was quite considerate in some perspectives.

No wonder Stella could fall in love with another man.

After finishing the hotpot, Stella felt quite cozy and relaxed. She hadn’t been so easy for a long time.
Surely enough, to even the emotions, the best way was to eat an extremely spicy hotpot.

After lunch, while walking out of the restaurant, Sherry secretly checked her cell phone. Then she said, “Stella, a friend of mine asked me for help. I’m taking off now…” Then she waved at Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, please send Stella home. Thanks.”

Before the last syllable fell off from the tip of her tongue, she had vanished in their sight.

Stella’s temples popped. For a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

She looked back and met Clarence’s gaze. The man slightly tilted his head with a faint smile on his face, “Let’s go.” Sitting on the passenger seat, Stella fastened the seat belt. She asked casually, “Where is Nathan?”

“He’s on vacation.”

Stella muttered, “I thought he doesn’t have any holiday all year long.”

Clarence pressed one hand on the steering wheel and turned to look at her, “Am I that unreasonable in your eyes?”

“Mr. Conrad, you shouldn’t ask me this question. Don’t you know how others criticized you?”

‘I don’t care about them.”

Stella quieted down. She was afraid there might be another trap waiting for her if she continued this conversation.
Fortunately, Clarence didn’t try to continue troubling her. He just smiled and started the engine. The car roared away.
Soon, Stella found they were not heading back to her apartment.

The car was pulled over in front of a shopping mall.

Clarence said, “Get off.”

Stella looked around and unfastened the seat belt.

She followed him and asked, “Mr. Conrad, what are we doing here?”

Clarence said, “Didn’t you say that you want to meet Horace Jason? I’m taking you here to meet him.”

Stella choked up.

She wondered if he was nuts.

A few minutes later, they stopped at the kid’s corner.

Clarence stopped walking and raised his chin to Stella, “Over there.”

Stella followed his gaze. She saw a group of children aged five or six. Then her gaze fell on a stroller outside the kid’s corner.

The stroller looked exactly the same as that she had seen in Ms. Anderson’s house.

Staring at it, Stella was a bit take aback. She knew it must be the little fellow lying there.

Clarence looked over at her, “Don’t you want to go there?”

After a while, Stella came back to her senses with a bitter smile, “The baby’s parents are there. Why should I go there?” ‘I can ask them to leave for the time being.”

Seeing that the wretched man was about to take the action, Stella immediately pulled his arm to stop him, “Wait. What are you doing? Not necessary.”

Clarence raised his eyebrows, “Don’t you want to see the baby?”

Stella lowered her head, “No, thanks.”

It didn’t make any sense if she walked over to see the little fellow.

Besides, if Clarence and she walked over like this, probably the baby’s parents would mistake them as the human traffickers.
Clarence continued, “We’re almost there. Don’t you feel it’s a pity if we just leave?”

Stella was still struggling inwardly, but he kept urging her. She was a bit irritated, “Can you just stop it?”

Right then, a young woman held the baby out of the stroller.

The little fellow lay prone on her shoulder, humming.

From afar, he seemed to recognize Stella. Instantly, he waved all fours, his smile becoming more obvious.

The young woman noticed it and looked back, following the baby’s gaze.

Stella felt quite embarrassed. When she was about to turn away, the young woman walked over with the baby in her arms. She said, “Hi, Mr. Conrad, this must be Ms. Radomil.”

Upon hearing it, Stella was surprised. Raising her head, she asked the young woman, “Do you know me?” The latter said with a smile, “Mr. Conrad mentioned you before.” Stella looked over at Clarence, quite confused.

“Mr. Conrad has come to see Noah twice and often told us about you, Ms. Radomil. He said you like Noah a lot.” The young woman continued, “By the way, when Noah was in my Mom’s house, thank you for taking care of him, Ms. Radomil.”

Stella smiled faintly, “You are welcome. I didn’t help much.” The young woman held the baby to her, “Ms. Radomil, would you like to hold him?”

Looking at the baby in front of her, Stella unconsciously smiled more brightly. She reached out and took over the baby.

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