Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 274 Should You Forgive Me

The young woman looked over at Clarence, who looked aside. Immediately, she said, “Ms. Radomil, I happen to have something urgent. Could you help me look after the baby for a moment, please? I’ll be right back.”

Stella nodded in agreement, “Sure.”

The young woman pushed the stroller over, “His things are all there. Thank you so much, Ms. Radomil.” Stella smiled, “It’s alright. Please don’t mention it.”

After the young woman left, Clarence said, “There’s a bench over there.”

Stella followed his gaze, only to find a lounge next to the kid’s corner.

She held the baby and walked over. After sitting down, she looked for a toy for the little fellow while asking, “Mr. Conrad, when did you go to their house?”

Clarence answered calmly, “While you were dating Emmett Carter.”

Stella choked up.

Why couldn’t the wretched man speak properly?

He started to talking ironically again.

Ignoring him, Stella started playing with the little fellow while holding a toy.

The baby seemed to gain some weight since she met him last time. His little face was round, looking more ruby, quite healthy.
Soon, the baby started to grub about in Stella’s arms. He should be hungry now.

Stella found a thermos cup from the stroller. However, since she was still holding the baby, she passed the thermos cup to Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, please open the lid for me.”

Clarence took it over and find the formula milk powder from the stroller. He directly made the formula milk.

Watching his skillful and natural movements, Stella was in a daze.

She had to admit that Clarence probably could be a good father.

Clarence shook the feeding bottle and met her gaze. He raised his eyebrows, “Do you want to drink it as well?”

Stella inhaled deeply. She wasn’t in the mood to speak a single word to him. Directly, she took the feeding bottle from his hand and let the baby hold it while sucking.

Right then, an old woman sat down opposite them with her grandson. Watching the scene, she said with a smile, “You are truly a loving couple. I see you took your baby out for fun. Nowadays seldom youngsters would take care of their children just like you.”

Another old woman who was with her goddaughter echoed, “Exactly. Young couples also let their parents take care of their children now.”

“This baby looks so pretty. Sure enough, the parents’ genes are way too important.”

Stella felt a bit embarrassed under their compliments. She explained, “This is not my baby. His mother left for something urgent.
I’m helping her take care of the baby.”

The first old woman felt surprised. She said, “Isn’t this your baby? His nose and eyes look like yours. I thought…” Clarence chimed in flatly, “All good-looking people look alike.” The woman chuckled, “It makes sense.”

The other old woman, who was taking care of her granddaughter, said, “Girl, hurry and give a baby to your own baby. You can’t waste your good genes.”

“He’s not…”

‘I’ll try hard,” Clarence said.

Stella turned around and glared at him. The wretched man was talking nonsense again.

Clarence curled up his lips, his black eyes full of amusement.

Not far from them, Logan watched the scene. He squinted, lost in thought.

Right then, he felt a tug on his hand and heard a girl’s voice, “Dad, my brother wants to go home now.”

Logan squatted down. Staring over at Stella and Clarence, he whispered, ‘I’ll ask the nanny to pick you guys up. I have something to do now.”


Logan turned around and cast her a glance, and the girl dared not to speak again.

After around half an hour, the young woman returned.

She said while panting, “Ms. Radomil, Mr. Conrad, I’m sorry it took me so long. Sorry for keeping you wait.”

Stella said with a smile, “It’s alright. I’m not busy anyway.”

After chitchatting for a moment, the young woman left with the baby.
Stella stood motionlessly while gazing at their receding figures and couldn’t return to her senses for a long time.

Clarence stood next to her. With one hand in the trousers pocket, he cast her a glance and said, “Why are you so sad? If you want to see him again, I’ll take you over.”

Stella heaved a sigh in silence, “No, thanks.” “Ehn?”

Stella looked at him, “No matter what, he’s others’ son. It’s alright for me to see him once or twice. Why would I go to see him often?”

Clarence said, “You’ve always overthought. That’s why you suffer a lot in your life.”

“Yes, I do overthink. Anyway, you would never know how disgusting a man is if he keeps interrupting another person’s peaceful life.”

Clarence was silent.
Stella picked up her purse and left without looking back.

Clarence strode to follow her. He said calmly, “Stella, I didn’t break the peace of your life. Your life wasn’t peaceful originally.
Without me, it would be worse.”

Stella didn’t speak. What he said was true, so she couldn’t retort at all.
If she hadn’t met him in Twilight Club, probably she had been in hell long ago.
Clarence pulled her wrist, “The elevator is over there.”

“I want to go shopping. Can’t I?”

Clarence smiled, but he didn’t release her, “Of course.”

Stella struggled a bit but failed to pull out her hand from his grip.

While she secretly struggled, Clarence suddenly said, “Stella, this is the second gift for you.”

Stella didn’t return to her senses yet. Subconsciously, she asked, “What the second gift?”

“For our second anniversary.”

Stella’s lips parted. For a moment, she couldn’t find the right words.

Clarence said slowly, “When I give you the gift of our third anniversary, should you forgive me then?” Stella was silent.

It was her first time hearing someone said that she “should” forgive him.

Seeing that she was silent, Clarence said, “You may forgive me before that as well.”

Stella pressed her lips, raised her head, and looked up at him, “Mr. Conrad, are you sure that I’ll forgive you for sure?” “Not really. I’m quite nervous. You just can’t tell.”

“Probably it’s because you are too cheeky, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence asked, “So, what’s your answer?”

Stella instantly felt that his gaze was burning, which made her unable to look into his eyes.
Subconsciously, she looked away. After a long while, she said, “I… I don’t know…”

Clarence stared at her and said, stressing each syllable, “What don’t you know?”

Stella felt that she would almost blurt out her answer, but her left reason kept stopping her.

She had to admit that deep down in her heart, she had already submitted.

However, it took her a lot of courage to come out of her bad marriage when they divorced.

She had never expected that after going through so many things, they went back to the starting point.
lt was because of that, she couldn’t convince herself to restart with Clarence.

Stella said solemnly, “Mr. Conrad, I don’t know what you want exactly.”

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