Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 275 You’re Always Evading

Clarence said, “What do you want to know? I can tell you.”

“Mr. Conrad, if you truly wanted to tell me the truth, you wouldn’t have waited until now. On the contrary, even if I asked you, you would always have ways to deceive me. I can’t differ whether your answer is true or false.”

Clarence chuckled, “It’s not so complicated as you’ve thought.”

Stella said, “It’s not that my thought is complicated, Mr. Conrad. Anything relevant to you wouldn’t be simple. Or, probably, I should say that you are a complicated person, Mr. Conrad. No matter when we got married or now, I’ve never known you.”

“That’s because you’ve never looked at me seriously.” Clarence stared at her. His eyes were quite calm without any expression at all, “Stella, you always evade. When we got married, you evaded from yourself, and after divorce, you evaded from your love to me.”

Stella’s lips parted. She wondered why the wretched man had so many false reasoning.

Clarence added, “Think it over. What do you want to ask me? As long as you ask, I’ll answer you for sure.”

When Stella got home, Sherry was lying prone on the sofa, browsing her cell phone. Seeing her come back, Sherry asked, “Where did you go for dating? How could the wretched man let you come home so easily?”

Stella sat down next to her, exhaling deeply.

Seeing her like this, Sherry knew something must have happened. She asked tentatively, “Did he do anything worse than that a beast could do?”

Upon hearing it, Stella slightly smiled, “What are you talking about?” “Why do you look so, then?” Stella didn’t know how to answer.

Sherry said, “The wretched man must have said something. Stella, honestly, just be open-minded towards something. When you are in love, the more you think, the more seriously you might get hurt. Now that wretched… Mr. Conrad likes you and you like him as well. You don’t need to obtain permission from anyone else. If you’ve stopped loving him, or you’ve fallen in love with someone else, just break up with him and dump him.”

“If you are reluctant, you can cheat on him with other men. Remember, the motto of our lives is to be a temptress who has a pool of men.” As Sherry spoke, she patted Stella on the shoulder heavily, “Don’t be afraid of anything. Just do it!”

Stella choked up.

She had to admit that Sherry was more open-minded than her in love.

Right then, the doorbell rang. Sherry checked through the peeping hole and said, “Stella, I’m going to bed now. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

Then she trotted into her bedroom, bypassing Stella quickly.

The latter walked to the door and looked through the peeping hole, only to find Daniel standing outside. She raised her hand to scratch her eyebrows.

It turned out Sherry wasn’t so open-minded as she had thought.

Sure enough, when one was analyzing others’ love, he or she could make sense. When it was relevant to his or her own love, the same thing happened.

Stella opened the door. Daniel said, “Hi, Ms. Radomil… You are still awake so late.” ‘I just came back home from the outside. What’s the matter?”

Daniel passed the champagne in his hands to her, “Yesterday, I came to your house for dinner, and I forgot to bring a gift. This is the gift.”

Stella said, “You are too polite. It’s just a meal.” ‘It’s a proper courtesy. Please accept it, Ms. Radomil.”

Stella knew that Daniel was always stubborn for some weird reasons, so she didn’t refuse. She took it over and said, “Thank you, Daniel.”

“I should say thank you to you.”

After finishing his words, Daniel didn’t leave.

Seeing that, Stella thought that he must want to say something else. Instead of urging him, she slightly tilted her head, waiting for him to continue.

After a moment, Daniel asked, “Please don’t mind me being nosy. Ms. Radomil, do you plan to reconcile with Mr. Conrad?” Stella was a bit taken aback, seemingly she didn’t expect that Daniel would ask so.

With a smile, Daniel said, “Ms. Radomil, please don’t misunderstand. Just now, I saw Mr. Conrad send you back so I’m just asking. If you don’t want to answer it, please ignore my question.”

Stella smiled, “No, I can answer it, but I just don’t know the answer yet.”

“Ms. Radomil, are you concerned about Emmett?” said Daniel, “Although Emmett is my friend, your own love has nothing to do with others. The most important is your own thoughts.”

His words surprised Stella indeed.

After several seconds, Stella nodded slightly, “I got it. Thank you.”

Daniel smiled. ‘Ms. Radomil, happy New Year.”

Everything was coming on the way.

“Happy New Year, Daniel.”

After closing the door, Stella put the champagne into the kitchen. Then she turned around to go to the bathroom.
When she came out after the shower, it was already midnight.

While drying her hair, Stella sat at the desk.

When she saw the box in the corner, she thought for a moment and reached out to take it over.

In the box, there was the gift from Clarence for their first anniversary as well as the photos taken in Yue Lao Temple of Aqock.
Stella took out the frame and stared at it in silence.

Even only the wretched man’s appearance could make her fall in love with him.

In an instant, Stella suddenly knew that she wanted to ask Clarence.

Right then, much to others’ surprise, something happened to the Steward family.

There was a death case in a project of Steward Group. Before they could suppress it, it was exposed to the public.
Immediately, problems of this project were found out one after another just as if someone had made a painstaking investigation.
Things kept happening to them. The problem about the capital behind the Steward family was also disclosed.

In only two days, the whole Steward family was in the teeth of the storm.

The Steward family could not fight back at all just like a whoosh.

Right at this moment, Selina also had a declaration – she said someone manipulated her to set up Stella. The content of her declaration implied Phoebe was the manipulator.

When reading the hot search topic, Stella was still a bit take aback. She prepared to deal with all those matters after the New Year’s holiday, but much to her surprise, before she took any action, the Steward family had fallen into such a situation, and even Phoebe was involved.

Sherry said next to her, “You know what? It’s not the karma will never come. It’s just that it’s not the time yet. Phoebe Steward does deserve it!”

Stella put down her cell phone, “This matter is way too obvious. I’m sure someone is behind this.” “Did you mean Clarence Conrad has done this?” Stella shook her head, looking over at the door.

If not mistaken, she guessed that Daniel had something to do with things that happened to the Steward family in the past few days.

She knew Daniel and Emmett aimed at the Steward family, but much to her surprise, they had a far bigger plan than she had imagined.

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