Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 277 Only Once in a Lifetime

Upon hearing the complaint from the other end of the line, Stella suddenly felt as if she was a truly evil woman.

She muttered, “You will come to be when you want to see me. If you don’t come here, it means you are busy, doesn’t it? Why should I waste my effort to look for you?”

After a pause, Clarence asked, “Have you read the recent news?”

“Yes, I have.”

“I’m dealing with the matter of Steward family, a bit busy recently.”

Stella said, “I see.”

Clarence said, “If you miss me indeed, come to see me in Conrad Group.” “Thanks for your invitation. I never thought of that.”

On the other end of the line, Clarence snorted, “I’ve got to go.” He hung up.

Stella put down the phone. She checked the time and found it was eleven o’clock. The wretched man was still in Conrad Group right now.

She lay on the bed, tossing about, unable to fall asleep.

After around half an hour, she suddenly lifted the quilt and sat up. Then she took a coat from the closet and walked out of her apartment.

The streets were empty at night, but the street lamps were shining.

Soon, her taxi was pulled over at the entrance of Conrad Group’s building.

Stella got off. Standing at the entrance, she suddenly sobered up under the cold wind.

She had been somewhat reckless to come over here so suddenly.

She walked to the roadside, pulled out her cell phone to call a cab, but her finger didn’t tab the confirm button.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Stella put her phone back into the pocket of her coat. She turned around and walked into the building.

The CEO’s office, Conrad Group.

Nathan said, “Mr. Conrad, we’ve lost them. But I’m sure William has them.”

Clarence knocked on the desk with his slender fingers, squinting, lost in thought.

“Now Mr. Steward is still looking for the person who has exposed all the series of things. He hasn’t found out Daniel and William for the time being.”

Clarence chuckled with a faint smile, “They’ve been well prepared become taking any action. Even if he wants to look into them, he can’t find anything at all.”

Judging from the current situation, Clarence realized that William just made the cooperation with Conrad Group an excuse. His purpose was to come to City N with a proper reason.

“Mr. Dempsey has called off the engagement with the Steward family. I guess he didn’t want to draw fire against himself and aimed to get rid of the relationship early.”

Clarence curled up his lips into a sneer. After a few seconds, he asked, “How is it going with Joanna Perez?” “Mrs. Joanna should take action pretty soon. We’re fully prepared.”

Clarence hummed.

Nathan added, “By the way, Mr. Conrad, there’s another thing.”

“Go ahead.”

“The cigarette butt sent by Mrs. Conrad’s brother has been sent to the test. According to the DNA test, it belonged to Jeffrey Radomil.”

Clarence creased his brows slightly, “Jeffrey Radomil?”

Nathan nodded, “About the accident that happened back then, the prison said it was a fire caused by the prison break. However, everything seemed to be quite unclear. All the bodies were charred. There’s no evidence to prove that Jeffrey Radomil was certainly dead.”

Right then, there were a few knocks on the door of the office.

Nathan immediately stopped speaking and walked to open the door. As soon as he saw Stella, he was a bit surprised, “Hi, Ms.

Stella said seriously, “I want to bother your Mr. Conrad with something. Is he in?”

“Yes, he is.” In a hurry, Nathan let her in, “Mr. Conrad, I’m leaving now. I’ll look into the matter that I reported just now.”

After the door of the office was closed, Stella took a few steps to walk in, “Hi, Mr. Conrad. Are you busy? I may need to bother you with something.”

Clarence leaned against the back of the office chair, raising his eyebrows, “I can be busy or not busy.” Stella choked up.

Clarence stood up and walked to the lounge. He sat on the sofa with his slender legs across, “You said you need to bother me with something, right?”

Stella pressed her lips, “Mr. Conrad, I’m sure you must know what’s going on with the Steward family now, so I want to ask you for some information.”

“What do you want to know?”

Upon hearing his question, Stella was a bit confused.

She used it as an excuse for the time being. Honestly, she didn’t care about it at all.

After a pause, Stella answered, “You can tell me anything you like.”

Clarence said, “The Conrad and the Steward families have called off the engagement.”

According to how much she knew Clarence, Stella thought that he would tell her the current status of Steward Group. However, much to her surprise, he told her this matter.

It made her become a bit interested.

She asked, “Then, what about Phoebe Steward now…”

“Charles won’t agree her to marry Daniel. Even her engagement has been called off, the Steward family is still a piece of fat right now. A lot of businessmen want to take the chance to hold their share now. Hence, at this crucial moment, Charles Steward needs to carefully make the decision. After all, Phoebe Steward’s future husband is relevant to the future of the Steward family.”

Stella frowned. Clarence always referred the marriage as a cold trade without anything relevant to love.
However, that was the actual fact.

After a thought, she said, “But, if it’s like what you said, the Steward family is a piece of fat to others, why did your… the Conrad family would cancel the engagement?”

Clarence answered, “It takes capability to bite the piece of fat, but he currently doesn’t have the strength to control the Steward family. Also, he can’t take the risk to help them, afraid that I would take the chance to uproot his power. He had no other choice.”

Stella was silent for a moment and continued, “That means no matter who will marry Phoebe Steward now, he would get the absolute controlling interest of the Steward family, wouldn’t he? If the man was capable, he would have the chance to merge Steward Group, right?”

“You can understand it that way.” “Then… Mr. Conrad, don’t you feel moved a bit?”

Different from the marriage for convenience last time, when Clarence was marrying Phoebe, Steward Group was still a strong and independent existence, which had the ability to be against Conrad Group.

However, things had been changed now. The Steward family was suffering a big loss. Once Clarence married Phoebe, absolute dominance would be in Clarence’s hands. Moreover, he would also own the huge resource from Steward Group, which was a chance only once in a lifetime.

Clarence said slowly, “Moved? I do feel moved.” Stella bent down her head and didn’t speak.

Soon, she heard his voice continue, “However, even if her future husband could get the controlling interests of Steward Group, he has to deal with the huge mess as well. Probably he would pull himself into the mere if he’s not careful enough.”

Stella said, “Isn’t it how the business goes? As long as you win the bet, you’ll make a huge profit. Mr. Conrad, you should know it, right?”

Upon hearing it, Clarence squinted, “Why don’t you do it?”

Stella was taken aback, “Do what?”

“You are so good at talking, why don’t you make an acquisition plan of Steward Group to me?” Stella was speechless.

She explained patiently, “Mr. Conrad, I meant if you regret canceling the engagement with Phoebe. If it hadn’t been called off, you could get Steward Group in a clear and ordered pattern.”

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