Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 279 People’s Memories Are Short

Sherry leaned against the door and said weakly, “It’s awesome to have some spiritual food. I also want it.” Stella turned around and smiled, “You are awake. Go tidy yourself up. Breakfast is ready.” Sherry yawned and hummed to answer. Then she walked towards the bathroom.

Stella filled plates and bowls with breakfast. Then she got one portion in the lunch box for Channing so that he could have it in the studio.

After breakfast, Sherry said, “Stella, I’m going downstairs to get the car ready.” “Okay. Go ahead. I’ll be right there.”

Stella changed her clothes. When she was about to walk out, she saw herself in the mirror. Then she took a few steps back, pulled the lipstick from her purse, and put it on gently.

When she arrived downstairs and stood at the entrance of the community waiting for Sherry, a black Rolls-Royce was parked in front of her.

The car window was gradually pressed down. She saw the man’s handsome and aloof face.
Clarence stared at her, tilting his head, “Get in.”

Stella shook her head, “I’m waiting for Sherry.”

“You two are always together. Why do you need to wait for her?”

Right then, the was a car behind the Rolls-Royce, and it honked.

Stella looked around but didn’t find Sherry’s car. Also, the wretched man didn’t seem to have the intention to give up. She pulled the door of the passenger seat open and sat in. Then she pulled out her cell phone to call Sherry.

Clarence drove the car to the roadside and pulled it over. He cast a glance at the lunch box on her lap, reached out, and took it over.

Stella didn’t pay attention while calling Sherry, so it was grabbed by him.
Clarence opened the lunch box while asking, “Is it for me?”


Before Stella denied it, he had already opened the lunch box. He picked one piece up and bit it.
Stella said crossly, “It’s for Chan.”

Clarence didn’t care at all. After finishing one piece, he said, “He’s so grown up. He wouldn’t starve to death if skipping breakfast.”

The wretched man could always make excuses, couldn’t he?

After finishing the food, Clarence put the lunch box into the bag, “You can make less tomorrow. I’m quite stuffed.” Stella was speechless.

Inwardly, she couldn’t help cursing him. He could have stopped eating if he couldn’t finish it, couldn’t he? Clarence slightly curled up his lips. He started the engine again and said calmly, “Shall I pick you up in the evening?” Stella asked, “Where will we go then?”

“Where do you want to go?”

Stella answered intentionally, “I will want to go home.”

Clarence cast her a glance from the corner of his eyes. He said meaningfully, “I won’t object to it.”

Stella closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to him any longer.

Soon, the black car was pulled over in front of her studio.

Stella unfastened the seat belt, “Have a good day.”

The man’s slender fingers knocked on the steering wheel. He stared at her in silence.

Stella paused, looking into his eyes in confusion, “Why are you staring at me?”

Clarence raised his eyebrows slightly, “You look gorgeous today.”

Stella fell into the silence. Then she asked, “Am I not always gorgeous?” “No, you are not whenever you’re with Emmett Carter.” Stella hurriedly pulled the door open to get off. She walked into the studio without looking back.

The amusement in Clarence’s eyes became deeper. When her figure disappeared from his sight, he withdrew his gaze and drove away.

After Stella walked into the studio, she found that Sherry was sitting at the front desk, lost in thought.

She asked, “Sherry, when did you arrive? I called you earlier but the call couldn’t be connected.”

Sherry answered, “I saw the Rolls-Royce as soon as I went downstairs. Why? Am I not considerate?”

Stella raised her hand, rubbing her eyebrows, “I’m going to my office now. Call me if you need any help.”

As she spoke, Stella walked towards her office. She pulled out her cell phone and ordered breakfast for Channing.

In the afternoon, Steward Group came out with some solutions for the problems of its project. They punished several senior executives. After that, using the power of capital, the group suppressed public opinions.

As for the grudge between Phoebe and Stella, they gave a brief explanation that it was relevant to their personal lives. They didn’t make an apology or feel any sense of guilt.

Since the fact that Stella used to be Clarence’s ex-wife was exposed, the public knew what had happened among them. Stella was the ex-wife, and Phoebe used to be the former fiancee. Nobody would believe that they could get along with each other.

After the news came out, Sherry said, “The Steward family is so capable. After such a big incident happened, they only punished a few senior executives. It seems that before long, when the incident is over, everything will be all right again.”

Next to her, Channing said indifferently, “People’s memories are short. They will always be attracted by fresh things.”

Stella pressed her lips and didn’t speak.
Her intuition told her that this incident wasn’t so simple and it hadn’t been over yet.

If Daniel’s plan was only to get Steward Group to be impacted by the public opinion, they shouldn’t have planned such a huge arrangement.

Right then, Emmett showed up at the gate.

After a moment of silence, he asked, “Stella, may I have a private talk with you, please?” Stella nodded and walked out of the studio with him.

It was office hour, so there were limited passersby on the street.

Emmett and Stella walked shoulder-by-shoulder along the street. After a long while, Emmett said, “Stella, I must apologize for what happened that night. I knew you like Clarence Conrad, but I still had a fluke idea to ask you to go home with me.”

Stella asked, “Have you explained to your parents?”

Emmett nodded, “Yes. I’ve told them everything bluntly.”

“Did they blame you?”

“No, they didn’t.” Emmett looked in distance, “They asked me to think it through.”

As he spoke, Emmett stopped walking and turned to look at her, “I’ve thought it over, Stella. Let’s keep being friends from now on. I wish you happy.”

Stella parted her lips. With a smile, she said, “Thank you, Emmett.”

“Mr. Conrad is kind of arrogant, but I have to admit that he’s a super capable man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have forced the Conrad family into such a circumstance now. He’ll surely take good care of you if you marry him,” said Emmett, “Well, I’ve got to go now. See you, Stella.”

When Emmett took a few steps, Stella suddenly stopped him.
He turned around, “What’s the matter?”

Stella originally wanted to ask him about the Steward family. However, when the words reached the tip of her tongue, she just shook her head, “Nothing. Thank you for being so kind to me in the past few weeks.”

Emmett answered, “You are welcome, Stella. I’m quite happy to be with you in the past few weeks.”

After Emmett was gone far, Stella turned around and was about to go back to her studio, but she saw a figure not far away. It seemed that the person was deliberately hiding from her.

Stella couldn’t help but frown. She slowly put her hand into her coat pocket, pinching her cell phone tightly.

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