Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 280 She Doesn’t Know You

On the way back to her studio, Stella walked quite carefully. Her intuition told her that someone was falling her all the way.
Fortunately, it was the daytime, and the person wasn’t so bold. Hence, she was only followed instead of getting any other harm.
After something happened to her studio and Channing, Stella became more alert than she used to be.

As soon as she arrived at the studio, she informed Channing, Sherry, and the two employees, asking them to be careful recently and better not to go out alone.

Upon hearing it, Sherry couldn’t help but cursed, “It must be Phoebe Steward again! That bitch is so hypocritical and disgusting! After such an incident, she still wants to harm you. Phew!”

Stella said, “No matter who’s behind it, he or she must have an evil intention. We all must be careful.” After finishing her words, Stella turned around, only to find that Channing was frowning slightly and looking quite angry.
She asked, “Chan, what are you thinking about?”

Channing was bought back to his senses by her question, “Nothing. Stella, you should tell me if you want to go out from now on.
ll accompany you.”

Stella smiled, “All right. It’s not that exaggerating. As long as we pay some attention, your school is open soon, and you should be careful as well. I don’t hope the thing last time would happen again.”

Channing didn’t speak. His thin lips parted a bit, but he didn’t utter any word.

In the evening, when Stella was about to close the studio door, Sherry poked her with her own elbow, “Stella, please leave the rest to me. The capitalist is here to pick you up.”

Stella was speechless.

She looked back, only to find the familiar Rolls-Royce was parked at the door of the studio.

Stella coughed, “Just ignore him.”

Sherry said, “You don’t need to be so polite to me. Hurry up and go. You have the guts to make him wait, but I don’t.” Stella was pushed and dragged by Sherry out of the studio.

When she pulled the door of the car open, Clarence was on the phone. He turned to cast her a glance, hinting at her to wait for him.

Stella wasn’t in a hurry. She pulled out her cell phone, starting to play a game.

After a dozen minutes, Clarence hung up the phone. He asked, “What do you want to have for dinner?” “Everything’s fine. I’m not so picky as you.”

Clarence raised his eyebrows, driving towards a restaurant.

After half an hour, the car was pulled over in front of a private cuisine.

A waiter led them to the VIP box on the second floor. They heard noises from the box next door. Stella paused her steps and looked over subconsciously.

The next second, a woman with a pale face ran out of the box. She couldn’t have the time to find the garbage can before vomiting at the corner. Men’s laughter was heard in the box.

A man said, “Are you good at drinking or not? If not, don’t waste our time.”

Another man laughed and pretended to scold him, “What are you talking about? What a waste if you only ask such a pretty woman to drink!”

As they spoke, others let out some teasing laughter with implications.
It sounded quite disgusting.

After vomiting, the woman leaned against the door weakly. Even she knew the men in the whole box looked down upon her and even had some nasty intentions on her, she had to hold back her anger, “Misters, I’ve drunk the liquor. For the thing that you’ve promised me, could you…”

“Why so rush? It’s still too early. Come on in. Let’s go on drinking.”

When Stella was watching the scene, her wrist was grabbed. She was dragged into the box. Clarence said, “What’s so fun about the scene? They are just a few booze bags, but they don’t know they are also nothing to others.”

Stella looked at him, “Who are they…”

“They are working for Steward Group.” Clarence lowered his head to check the time on his wristwatch, “If you are not hungry, let’s change a restaurant.”

‘Let’s eat here.”

During dinner, Stella always looked absent-minded.

Clarence asked, “Don’t you like the dishes?”

“Nah. They are quite yummy.”

He looked a bit unhappy, “Then, don’t you like having dinner with me?”

Stella said crossly, “Mr. Conrad, can you keep quiet while eating?”

If she hadn’t wanted to have dinner with him, she could go home directly. Why would she have come here with her? She was not nuts, was she?

After a thought, she put down the tableware in her hands, “I need to use the bathroom.”

Clarence said, “Leave your bag here.”

“lm not escaping.”

Stella didn’t intend to take her bag to the restaurant, either. She was just getting some tissues from it.

While she passed by the box next door, she purposely paused for a few seconds, only to hear that there was still laughter in there. The dinner should still be going on.

As soon as she entered the ladies’ room, she happened to kick something.

Stella looked down and saw a hammered woman. She was Madison.

It turned out that her husband was one of Steward Group’s senior executives to be punished this time.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have shown up here.

Steward Group had such a huge problem, but its senior executives were still having fun here. They even took the chance to get their kicks from humiliating others. How ridiculous!

Stella squatted down, patting her gently, “Madison, wake up.” Madison had been hammered. She only tilted her head without any other response.

Stella looked around. She could only help her up. She decided to ask the restaurant employees to take care of her, letting them contact her family to pick her up.

Unexpectedly, when Stella helped Madison out of the ladies’ room, she encountered two senior executives from Steward Group, who came over to look for Madison.

Seen them, they exchanged a glance with each other. One of them said, “Hey, beautiful. This woman is our friend. You can leave her to me.”

Before Stella answered, Madison seemed to be conscious. She took a few steps back behind Stella and mumbled vaguely, “No…

Stella looked over at them and said indifferently, “I don’t think she knows you.”

“She’s drunk so she doesn’t know anyone. It’s normal. Beautiful, if you can’t rest assured, you can go with us to ride her home together. Our car is parked downstairs. What do you say?”

“Do you know where she lives?” One of them said, “Of course. Not far from here. It’ll take less than ten minutes. Let’s go there together.” Stella sneered. She could understand what was in their minds without a thought.

She said, “Unfortunately, she’s my college student. She lives in the eastern town. It’ll take at least half an hour to get her home. I don’t know where the place that will take less than ten minutes is.”

Upon hearing it, both men looked annoyed. They knew she refused them. Hence, they said rudely, “Since you are not willing to leave her to us, you can serve us together with her. As long as we’re happy, probably we can agree to your condition.”

Stella laughed, “Agree? Who do you think you are? Even Charles Steward dared not to make the promise. How can you make it so certainly?”

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