Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 281 He really Was One Smooth Talker

The two probably didn’t expect her to mention Mr. Steward suddenly, and even at that say the name directly. They were a little flabbergasted for a while, but she was still a woman after all. If she really knew someone of such extraordinary status, they wouldn’t have been here drinking and saving people.

It was a bluff at best.

One person said, “Don’t use Mr. Steward’s name to scare us. He won’t care about people like you at all. If you still want us to help you, show some sincerity.”

“What you said is interesting. Once Charles brings out his people, I doubt any of you will dare to fight. A group of grown men falling down to the extent of harassing a woman just for amusement, are you guys not afraid that in the future your wives and daughters can also show up at such dinner parties?”

The two men were angered by her words and one of them instantly replied with a cold face, “Don’t be ignorant of others kindness. She came to us herself. No one forced her. Don’t you know who am I! Show me some respect!”

At this moment, a low sneering voice came from behind them, “I was wondering who is being so loud here, it turned out to be Mr.

Armand Bernard, a deputy director, turned around looking impatient, “You can… Mr…. Mr. Conrad…” Clarence stood there staring at him, looking tall and stern.

Armand’s expressions changed slightly. He explained with an apologetic smile, “I didn’t know that you were having dinner here too, Mr. Conrad. I didn’t mean to incur any ridicule on you. These two are family members of Steward Group’s employees. As you know there has been a little problem within the Steward group lately, it was related to these people. As a matter of fact, Mr.
Steward just cleared up this mess and left but unexpectedly the family members came running to intercede and plea for leniency.
How can I agree to their terms, you see, I also have no way…”

He implied that this was the internal matter of the Steward Group and had nothing to do with Clarence, hoping that he would leave it alone.

Clarence smiled deeply, “Listening to your words, Mr. Bernard, one might think I am being nosy.”

“Not at all, Mr. Conrad. It is just that this matter is really troublesome. After all, itis hard to deal with women.”

“I understand what you are trying to say, Mr. Bernard. But I am very curious about something.”

Armand said hurriedly, “Mr. Conrad, please ask away.”

Clarence paused for a moment and then said slowly, “When did my wife become a family member of an employee of Steward Group?”

Although his voice was dull, it was wrapped in an obvious layer of bone-chilling iciness.

Hearing this, Armand and the man next to him were both taken aback. They both whipped around to look at Stella in unison and broke into cold sweat, “Mr…. Mr. Conrad, this is a misunderstanding. I didn’t know that this person is Mrs. Conrad. I…1…”

Armand stammered at ‘I’ for a long time, his legs trembling as if made of jelly.

After all, Clarence had once used his official social media account to snap at the person who had cursed out his ex-wife. It was something everyone knew about already and it was enough to show how much he doted on her.

The relations between the Steward group and Conrad group were already tense. If they offended Clarence and involved the Conrad group into it, then they were going to be completely finished.

Clarence said again, “Mr. Bernard, don’t be so nervous. The one who wasn’t aware is not considered guilty. As long as you kneel down and apologize to my wife, then this matter will be considered over and even I will not pursue it any further.”

Armand’s eyes widened suddenly, “This…”

“Are you not willing to?”

Beads of sweat began to accumulate on Armand’s forehead. His legs felt so soft that he almost couldn’t help but kneel down.
Clarence smiled deeply, “Il am just joking. Mr. Bernard, you didn’t take it seriously, right?”

Armand inwardly cursed Clarence’s ancestors and managed to smile gratefully, “Mr. Conrad, you have a big heart, naturally you won’t bother about me.”

“Mr. Bernard, you are flattering me. I don’t have the final say in my family.”

Armand’s face became stiff again and he turned to look at Stella again. This time his smile felt a little more fake flattery than sincerity, “Mrs. Conrad, what happened just now was really a misunderstanding. I apologize, please forgive me for my rudeness.
And about your friend’s matter, I will try my best to do it for her…”

Stella’s expressions were dull, “No need. I don’t care about this.”

“Then, look…”

“How much wine did she drink just now? Stella’s gaze swept over the two of them, “How much did everyone drank at your table?”

The party culture really stank, especially if one enjoyed having girls pour them wine.

After a brief hesitation Armand immediately agreed, “Yes, yes. It is as you said, Mrs. Conrad.”

Armand was thinking that Clarence had no way to know how much their table had actually drunk, nor would he have the time to continuously keep an eye at them while they drank, so when the time came it would just be a matter of drinking a couple of glasses symbolically.

However, what he hadn’t expected was for Clarence to call a passing waiter over, “Go to private parlor number three with these two, ask the manager to watch them drink all the wine in the parlor without leaving a drop and then open all the wine that I have stored here and send it to their table.”

After that, Clarence looked at Armand and said leisurely, “Thank you, Mr. Bernard, for giving me the honor. All of those wines my collection that I have treasured for many years, please enjoy.”

Armand was shocked, “Mr. Conrad.” “No need to thank me for this. It is my pleasure.” If it wasn’t for the wrong occasion, Stella would have burst out laughing.

She had to admit that the wretched man was really sassy. The way he played with those two with just a few words was worthy of applause. He made them unable to refute or reject.

After the waiter followed Armand and the other one, the manager of the restaurant also hurried over. Stella took the opportunity to hand Madison over to him and asked him to help her contact her family.

After doing all this, she exhaled and turned around to meet Clarence’s calm eyes.

Uncomfortable with his gaze, she touched her nose, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You are so beautiful; how can I not look?”

Stella, “…”

He really was one smooth talker.

Stella pulled him with the cuff of his shirt, “Okay, let’s go eat.”

She didn’t get to eat much just now and she was starving.

After returning to the private parlor, Clarence asked, “How did you meet?”

Stella paused for a moment before realizing that Clarence was asking about Madison, “She was my university classmate.”

“Oh.” Clarence continued, “Your university classmates are really full of talents. As if one Horace wasn’t enough, and that Emmett.
And now suddenly, there is another one of them…”

Stella was annoyed, “Shut up!”

Clarence really did stop talking.

After a while, Stella couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Conrad, I have to correct you on something.” Clarence raised his eyebrows, “Say it.”

“Right now, we are already divorced. You shouldn’t call me your wife anymore.”

Clarence frowned deeply, as if a little displeased, “There is no problem in it.”

Stella said rigorously, “It is a problem of legal common sense.”

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