Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 282 Extremely Hypocritical

Clarence was quiet for two seconds. Then he looked at her, his black eyes deep and dark, “Then what should I call you?”

Stella opened her mouth, subconsciously wanting to speak, but as the words reached the tip of her tongue, she realized that it seemed like a trap for her.

She closed her mouth quickly, took a sip of the water in front of her and looked away as if nothing happened just now.
Soon, Clarence asked in a low voice, “Huh?”

At this moment, Stella’s cellphone rang. She quickly picked up the call, “Hey, Sherry… what? There is a leak in the bathroom at home? Is it that serious? Then I will come back quickly!”

The telemarketer who was about to sell English learning material on the phone had no time to speak, “…

Stella finished speaking, quickly picked up her things and said, “Mr. Conrad, something came up at home, I have to go back. You don’t need to drop me. I will take a taxi.”

Clarence leaned back in his chair, his arms resting on the armrests besides him, looking at her with a faint smile, “Do you know how to handle water leak?”

Seeing that the situation had already come to this, there was no use of crying over spilt milk. Stella could only open her eyes wide and spout nonsense, “Just… first do that… and then it’s done…”

Clarence asked unhurriedly, “Do what first?” Stella was left speechless, “…” She hated that wretched man!

She said, “I don’t know that much. I will go back and take a look. And then I will call the handy man if I can. If I can’t, then I can have Chan come and do it.”

When Clarence heard these words, he got up, picked up his coat and said, “It is too much trouble to call a handy man for repairs.
I will go with you.”

Stella’s eyes widened, “No… there’s no need for that…”

“Of course, I should. There is no need for formalities with me. You should get all the use out of your boyfriend that you can.” The corners of Clarence’s mouth lifted in a smile, “Am I saying it right now?”

Stella’s face flushed and she remained silent for a while.

The wretched man was quite good at giving himself a title.

Clarence held her hand, “Let’s go.”

As she walked, Stella retorted in a low voice, “Wh… what boyfriend? I still haven’t given you an answer.”

Clarence said, “You did.”

“… You aren’t going to say that you heard the voice of my heart again, are you?”

Clarence raised his eyebrows but didn’t comment.

Stella regretted saying it. Didn’t she just confess without duress?

Forget it! She thought.

It was useless to want to quibble now.

When the car arrived below her building, Stella was about to open her door to leave when Clarence unfastened his seatbelt.
After meeting Stella’s questioning gaze, he said calmly, “Isn’t your bathroom leaking? I will help you check it.”

Stella snorted disdainfully. That wretched man! He knew that it was her excuse, but now it had become his excuse.

After a few seconds, Stella said, “Mr. Conrad, I have to discuss something with you.”

Clarence looked at her sideways and didn’t answer. He didn’t have to think about it, he knew that she wasn’t going to say what he wanted to hear.

Stella ignored him and continued, “I don’t live in that house by myself. You can’t come there whenever you please or you will end up disturbing others.”

Clarence’s slender fingers tapped on the steering wheel and then said, “Then move out of there. I will rent you a house.” “… Thanks, but no.”

Hearing her refusal, Clarence said again, “Or you can move back to the Starry Lake Mansion.”

Stella refused without thinking, “No.”

“Why? Don’t you think it is uncomfortable to live with others?”

Stella took a deep breath, “I just think it is inconvenient for you to visit. As long as you don’t visit, I can live comfortably.” Clarence frowned and said in a displeased tone, “But I am not comfortable.”

“Oh! Then this is your problem, you can overcome it yourself.”

Clarence, “…”

While he was still processing this, Stella opened the car door and left quickly.

As she trotted towards the elevator, a light smile was still playing around Stella’s lips.

However, when the elevator opened, she couldn’t smile anymore.

Phoebe stood in the elevator with her arms crossed over her chest. She glanced at Stella indifferently. Seeing that she was standing still, she asked sarcastically, “Ms. Radomil, aren’t you going to come in?”

Stella pursed her lips. After two seconds of silence, she raised her foot and walked into the elevator.

As the elevator went up slowly, Phoebe said, “You have really good skills. I think about how much he hated you before you guys got divorced, but now everyone knows that he is pursuing you again. You must be feeling very pleased with yourself. But I must advise you not to be too happy too soon. Your remarriage is also not an anecdote passed on with approbation. One is an illegitimate child who receives disdain from everyone, and the other is the daughter of a gambling addict. It is a suitable match but it is just a joke at other people’s dinner table.”

Hearing this, Stella couldn’t help but laugh a little, “You talk so much about him being an illegitimate child, you really have it engraved in your heart through your upbringing, right? Don’t tell me that you forgot how you used all methods necessary to try to get married to Clarence back then?”

Phoebe sneered, “My methods are not as brilliant as yours. I agreed to marry Clarence considering the Conrad family’s reputation, that is all. Otherwise, would it have worked out just relying on an aggrieved illegitimate child like him?”

“Just like you said, you and Clarence were to get married because of the Conrad family. However, he is not the only son of the Conrad family. So, why did you fancy him specifically?”

Stella didn’t give Phoebe any respect and humiliated her as much as possible.

Of course, she knew very clearly what Phoebe thought. If she had no interest in Clarence and it was just a pure business marriage, she would not have deliberately said that they were originally set to get married but were forced to separate at that time.

When Clarence and Phoebe broke off their engagement, the Jason family wanted her to marry Justin, she clearly showed unwillingness.

Although Phoebe smiled gently on the surface and looked generous, she was extremely arrogant in her heart.

The reason why she chose to be close to Daniel now was not necessarily that she liked him. It was more likely that she enjoyed his pursuit. It was also plausible that she wanted to use Daniel to get rid of her future marriage in the Conrad family.

Phoebe was really smart and ambitious, but she liked to find her sense of existence through other people.
To use Sherry’s words, she was extremely hypocritical.

At this time, the elevator stopped. Stella didn’t speak anymore, just nodded slightly to Phoebe and left.
After returning home, Stella closed the door and took a deep breath as she stood there.

Hearing the noise of the door, Sherry poked her head out, “You are back? How was your date today?”

Stella made a shushing gesture towards her and looked out through the monitor on the wall. She saw Phoebe ring the doorbell to Daniel’s house.

Seeing Stella look, Sherry also came over and saw this scene. She couldn’t help but curl her lips in contempt, “Pah!”

Stella took her hand and pulled her into the living room, “Leave it!”

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