Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 285 If You Are Going To Act, It Must Look Real

After returning to her room, Stella laid on her bed. Even though she felt exhausted all over, she didn’t feel sleepy.
After half an hour, the phone on the nightstand vibrated a few times.

Stella picked it up and saw that it was Clarence.

She did not connect the call until the phone was about to stop ringing.

Soon, Clarence’s voice came, “Are you sleeping?”

Stella said, “No.”

“Still can’t sleep?”

Stella said nothing.

There was a pause on the other side and then Clarence said, “I will be back by tomorrow afternoon’s flight.” After a long while, Stella hummed in response.

Clarence said, “Did something happen to you?”

Stella said, “No. What would happen to me?”

“You don’t seem right.”

“…” Stella said in a bad mood, “You don’t seem right.”

At this moment, there seemed to be someone calling Clarence on the other end of the call. He whispered, “If something is wrong then wait for me to come back tomorrow, then you can tell me. If itis something urgent then go to Vincent, don’t take risks alone.”

“Got it.”

Clarence on the other end seemed very anxious as he said again, “I will have Vincent call you in a while. Don’t turn off your phone.”


After hanging up the phone, Stella let out a long sigh as if all her anxiety and fear had just disappeared.

Stella didn’t sleep much that night.

The time ultimatum written on the blackmail letter was eight o’clock in the evening of the next day and Stella had prepared an empty bag instead of five million yuan.

She kept feeling like the person who was blackmailing her had to be somehow related to the person who sent her in to the Twilight Club three years ago.

Otherwise, that person wouldn’t have been able to get those photos.

Most of the people there at that time were Adolph’s people. Since Adolph sent her to the hospital last time, those people disappeared completely and never appeared in front of her again.

It was a group of good and bad people jumbled together and the photos might not be in one person’s hand.
Thinking of this, Stella was filled with a sense of powerlessness.
It was useless to report those people. They were not afraid of the law at all.

In the afternoon, Vincent was very late. He stood in the studio, looking around and finally found Stella, “Now that I think about it, I should have come over with a gift for you when you opened the business. But I think you were reluctant to see me at that time.”

Stella smiled half-heartedly. If she was being honest, she didn’t want to see him even now, Clarence’s good-for-nothing advisor.
Vincent leaned on the front desk, “I heard Clarence say something happened to you. What’s up?”

Stella said, “It is not a big deal.”

After thinking for a while, Stella spoke again, “Can you lend me some people?”

“Of course, I can lend you some people. But Clarence asked me to follow you until he comes back. You tell me first, if it is nothing serious then I will just give you some people and not go with you.”

Stella looked at him, frowning as if she was hesitating.
Vincent noticed her worrying and tapped his fingers on the desktop a few times, “Do you not want Clarence to know?”

In the beginning, Stella hadn’t wanted to tell Clarence about this matter. However, she also knew very well that if she called Sherry to accompany her, just the two of them alone were no match for the other party.

So, when Clarence had asked Vincent to contact her, she did not refuse.
After a while, Stella gave him the blackmail letter from her purse and declared emphatically, “I didn’t plan to actually give this

person money, let alone ask Clarence for it. I just wanted to go there first, assess the situation and find any opportunities to call the police.” Vincent, “…”

He completely understood Stella’s apprehensions.

After all, in Clarence’s eyes not too long ago, Stella was still the woman who regarded wealth as life and never compromised to achieve her goals.

If this matter was to happen before their divorce, then Stella wouldn’t have been able to explain this even if she had ten mouths.
Vincent glanced at the content of the blackmail letter and then asked, “You have the photos?”

Stella pursed her lips and nodded gently.

Vincent asked again, “Are you sure they were taken at that time?”

Stella took a deep breath, “Yes.”

“This is weird.”

“What is weird?”

“At the Twilight Club, everyone who was involved in this matter were dealt with cleanly. There is no reason for any photos to be left.”

Upon hearing this, Stella was slightly startled, “Dealt with?”

Vincent put down the letter and looked at her, “You were Clarence’s wife at that time. Even if he always said he hated you, how could he have let this matter slip out?”

Therefore, everyone knew that Stella was sold to the Twilight Club, but no one knew who she was sold to and what happened that night.

Even Stella herself had never thought about it.

After a long time, she said, “Anyway… don’t tell him. I will check it out at night. If the other party only wants the money, then I will think of a way.”

Since the other party sent her these photos, it meant that they must still have the negatives. If she rushed too much to call the police, she might end up ruining her chances and the photos might get leaked.

Vincent said, “I will go with you.” Stella said, “But the letter said only I have to go alone.”

“Just say that I am your driver.” Vincent looked at the bag besides her, “If you are going to act, it must look real. You can’t leave any room for negotiation like this.”

Vincent handed the bag to his men behind him and asked them to prepare before continuing to say to Stella, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Clarence. I will accompany you tonight to ensure that everything is handled properly.”

Stella nodded, “Thank you.”

At night, the car stopped in front of a residential building near a middle school.

As soon as Stella got out of the car, she heard the hoarse voice of a man in the dark, “Go to the roof over there.” Stella looked over and saw a large flat area on the second floor of a building not far away.

At this time, Vincent got out of the car.

The man immediately said, “Didn’t I tell you to come alone?!”

Vincent raised his hands, “I just brought her here, my friend. It is not safe for girls to go out alone at night. Why are you worrying so much when all you want is money? The negatives of the photos are still in your hands, what can we do to you?”

In the darkness, the man seemed to have paused and then said, “Just stand there. Don’t move. Don’t move even one step!”

“Okay, fine! I won’t move.” With that Vincent glanced at Stella, who carried the bag and walked over to the area the man had pointed.

Stepping up on the last step, Stella heard the voice of the man in the distance again, “Didn’t I ask you to bring five million? How much is in there? Are you fucking playing with me?”

Stella’s voice was calm, “This is just half of it. I will give you the rest when you give me the negatives.”

“Hah! Don’t try to play tricks with me. Hurry up and get the rest of the money or I will post your photos online and you won’t be able to raise your head with respect ever!”

Stella looked into the darkness and frowned slightly.

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