Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 286 He’s Still Alive

The man in the darkness seemed to be very anxious. Without giving time for her to consider it, he intimidated her in a ferocious voice again, “Hurry up. I’m not that patient. It’s just five million. Are you in short of this amount of money?”

Stella felt confused and shocked before, but when hearing the last sentence, she suddenly chuckled. She moved her lips yet didn’t say anything in the end.

She guessed that the one who sent the ransom note to he might be Adolph or his subordinate, or even the one who wanted to kill her before. But she hadn’t expected that it would be him.

Yep, how could she think of this?

He should have died in the prison before. Stella had called him ‘dad’ for twenty years. Yet he was now intimating her with these photos.

Stella suddenly felt tired. She said in a calm voice, “I don’t have that much money. This is all my money. Leave it if you don’t want it.”

She then put down the suitcase and prepared to leave.

Seeing this, Jeffrey became anxious, “You’re now running such a big store and the store makes great profits every day. How could it be possible that you even don’t have five million? Are you fooling me? Aren’t you afraid that I will…”

“Whatever. I’m not afraid of anything. You’re the one who should be frightened, Jeffrey Radomil.” Stella stared blankly at the darkness, “Even though you managed to escape from the prison, once they find out that you’re still alive, you will be a prisoner wanted by the whole country. Do you think that you can escape to other place?”

Jeffrey hadn’t expected that Stella would find out his real identity and he was silent for a long while.

He then said fiercely, “Don’t try to frighten me with those words. Since I could escape from the prison, it means I’m confident that they won’t be able to catch me. Alas, my dear daughter, you’re living a gorgeous life now. You established your own company and became a boss, so you must have earned a lot, right? Shouldn’t you give some money to your father?”

Stella retorted, “Speaking of this, I have a question. I saw the things in the suitcase before. What happened twenty years ago? Why did my mother marry you with me in her belly?”

The man in the darkness became quiet when hearing the questions. After a long while, he laughed hysterically and raucously.

Stella simply stood there silently. There was not a slight change in her expression.

Vincent, who hided himself in the building, thought it a good chance to catch Jeffery when seeing this scene.

But as Jeffrey was fully prepared and had been standing in the darkness, no one knew his specific position. When he heard the slight noise from behind, he immediately jumped down of the second floor and ran away.

Vincent’s subordinates tried to chase after him, but they were stopped by a swarm of middle school students who just finished their night classes.

They failed to catch Jeffrey and didn’t even see his face.

Seeing this, Vincent rubbed his nose and walked to Stella, “My mistake. Don’t worry. I will arrange more men to deal with this matter and we will find out his whereabouts as soon as possible.”

Stella gently shook her head, “It doesn’t matter. He will come to find me again.” Stella was so nervous before because she didn’t know who the person behind those things was.
But now, she knew that the one threatened her before WAS Jeffrey and what Jeffery wanted was simply money.

Moreover, judging from the place he chose to meet her tonight, he was so vigilant. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen the time that the student were about to finish their night classes. It was convenient for him to run away at this point of time.

Stella picked up the suitcase from the ground and returned it to Vincent, “Thank you. Let’s go back.”

Vincent learned that Jeffrey was still alive several days ago, but it was a piece of novel news for him that Jeffery was not Stella’s biological father, so he was so curious. But under such condition, apparently it was not a proper time to ask about this.
Therefore, although he was overwhelmed by curiosity, he didn’t ask any question.

Stella was silent on the way back. Leaning against the chair of the back seats and looking out of the window quietly, she seemed to be pondering something.

Vincent didn’t know what he should say. Stella was not his wife, so he should wait for Clarence to comfort her.

After a long while, the car stopped at the downstairs of Stella’s home.

Stella shifted her gaze and slightly nodded at Vincent, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Feel free to call me if you have any problem.”

Stella replied with a light smile. She opened the car door and got off the car.

Sherry immediately walked to her when she entered the house, “Stella, how’s it? Did they catch him?”

As Vincent would go with him, Stella didn’t ask Sherry to accompany her and asked her to go back home first. But Sherry also roughly knew what was going on based on Stella’s conversation with Vincent this afternoon.

Stella shook her head, “He ran away?”

“Ran away?” Sherry couldn’t help but furrow her brows, “Why is Clarence’s friend so incapable? Before setting off, he was so confident. How could he be so useless?”

“It has nothing to do with him.” Stella sat on the sofa and said in a tired voice, “Sherry, Jeffrey is still alive.”

Sherry widened her eyes when hearing the words, “He’s still alive?”

She then asked in confusion, “Why do you suddenly mention him now? Could it be that he’s the one who sent the ransom note to you before?”

Before Stella could answer the question, Channing’s cold voice sounded from the door, “He’s the one who intimidate you before?”

Stella and Sherry looked towards the door simultaneously. Stella was a bit surprised, “Chan, why are you…”

She suddenly realized something and turned around to look at Sherry. Sherry coughed with guilty, “Today is weekend and he went to the studio to find you tonight. So I told him about this.”

No one had expected that Jeffery was the one who sent the ransom note to Stella before.

What a tragedy!

Stella looked towards Channing again and smiled at him, “Chan, I’m fine. It has been solved. Moreover…” ‘It’s solved?”

Channing interrupted Stella.

His face was hideous with blue veins standing out on his neck. It seemed like he was trying to suppress his anger and would lose control of himself anytime.

Stella stood up, walked to Channing, grabbed his arm and said in a gentle voice, “Chan, calm down please. We’re all clear of his characteristics. What he wants is just money. He’s now driven to a corner. Even though he luckily ran away this time, he will be caught soon.”

Channing said in a cold voice, “He’s like a maggot in the sewer that will never appear in the daytime. How will you catch him?”

Stella moved her lips yet was lost for words. She vaguely felt that something was weird. Judging from Channing’s reaction, he seemed like that he wasn’t surprised that Jeffrey was still alive.

Stella asked, “Chan, you know that Jeffrey is still alive earlier, right?”

Channing pressed his thin lips together and replied several seconds later, “We examined the DNA on the cigarette butt in the cemetery before and found out that it was Jeffrey’s.”

Stella was a bit stunned. She felt that it was reasonable at the moment. After all, except for them, no one would come to Jeffrey’s grave.

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