Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 287 Similarity

Stella only spoke after a long while, “Well, Chan, like you said just now, he won’t have the guts to show up. What he wants is just money and he won’t post any threat on me. Don’t worry about me. Moreover, I’m doing well now.”

Channing didn’t reply, his face still cold.
He said after a long while of silence, “I will find him out.” Stella shook her head, “Chan, don’t get yourself involved in this matter. I will deal with it.”

Channing replied, “You don’t have to worry about my feelings. He’s not a father in my heart. He’s just a scumbag. I wish so much that he has died.”

Stella heaved a sigh, “Chan…”

“I know what I should do. As for you…” Channing continued, “Well. Clarence will protect you.” Stella, “…”

She asked tentatively, “How do you know?”

Channing replied, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Stella didn’t say anything again.

After Channing’s leaving, Stella sat back on the sofa and hugged a cushion.

Sherry sat, “My bad. If I have expected this, I would not have told Channing about this. He must be so sad now.” Stella said, “He will know about it even if you don’t tell him.”

“Will Jeffrey come to find you again?”

“Of course he will.”

Jeffrey didn’t get the money from her today, so he would come to find her again.

Sherry furrowed her brows, “But he still keeps those photos. What if he loses patience and publishes those photos?”

Stella replied lightly, “It depends on whether he wants the money or wants to ruin me at the cost of his life.” “Stella.”

Noticing the worries in Sherry’s tone of voice, Stella turned to look at her and smiled at her, “Look at your expression. Don’t worry. I’m alright. I’ve been accustomed to it over the years. Sincerely, I felt relaxed when I knew that Jeffrey was the one behind all those things. At least I know what he wants. If it were the other person, maybe I will be sleepless tonight.”

Sherry heaved a long sigh. She didn’t know how to comfort Stella now.

At the same time…

Although Jeffrey had successfully ran away, he broke one of his legs when jumping down the second floor. He ran while kept turning around, fearing that they would catch him. When he ran across a street with an injured leg, a car suddenly galloped in his direction. When seeing the dazzling light, Jeffrey pretended to fall down.

The car stopped when it was half a meter away from Jeffrey, but Jeffery hugged his leg and screamed miserably.
The driver immediately got off the car and asked politely, “Mister, my car didn’t hit you.”

Jeffrey took a glance at him and then at the license plate. He screamed more miserably, “How could you say these words? You’re so mean. You broke my leg yet refused to admit this? How will my leg be broken if you didn’t hit me?”

The driver replied, “I promise that I didn’t knock you down just now.” Of course Jeffrey wouldn’t listen to his explanation. Hugging his leg, he kept cried loudly.
Although there were just a few cars on the road now, since Jeffrey was now blocking the way, they could by no mean leave now.

lt seemed like the driver didn’t know how to deal with this. He walked to the car, knocked at the window near the back seats and asked, “Sir?”

William replied in a clam voice, “Give him money.”

The driver replied, “Okay.”

The driver walked to the driver’s seat and took out a wallet, “How much do you want?”

Jeffrey rolled his eyes, “My leg was broken and I have to go to the hospital. You should give me eighty thousand at least.”

The driver took a glance at the blood stains on the ground and handed a bank card to him, “There’s one hundred thousand in the car. It should be enough.”

Hearing the words, Jeffery jumped up from the ground regardless of his broken leg. He grabbed the bank card without a second thought while saying, “It will be barely enough. You’re really lucky. If itisn’t that I have to deal with other things now, I will ask you to go to the hospital with me. There will be many expenses, like the check-up expense, expense of nourishment and charge for loss of working time. This amount of money is far from enough to compensate me.”

The driver shot a glance at him, yet he didn’t say anything. He turned around and got on the car.

Jeffrey flipped the back card at his hand, curled his lips into a smile and then hobbled along the road.
When he walked past the window near the back seats, he deliberately took a glance into the car.
William looked askance at him. Their eyes met in the air.

Jeffrey couldn’t help but curl his lips into a sarcastic smile when seeing William.

The car was then started slowly.

Standing on the spot, Jeffrey spat at the car and continued to hobble forwards.

William suddenly ordered after a short while, “Stop!”

The black car instantly came to a halt. The driver asked in confusion, “What’s wrong, sir?”

William looked slightly tensed up. He quickly opened the car door and strode towards Jeffrey’s direction.

When hearing the noise from behind and seeing that William was chasing after him, Jeffrey misunderstood it and thought that he regretted giving him money. He quickly ran to the bush by the roadside. He was nowhere to be found soon.

William stopped when seeing this and slightly knitted his brows.

The driver quickly ran over. He took a glance at the direction that Jeffrey disappeared just now, “Sir, should I arrange some men to chase after him?”

William raised his hand to stop him, “No need.”

The driver asked tentatively, “What’s wrong with that man?”

William pulled himself back to reality and replied in a flat tone, “It’s just that I feel him familiar.”

The driver continued, “Sir, let’s go. Mr. Thomas is waiting for you.”

William replied with a nasal sound and got on the car again.

Jeffery only appeared from behind the bush when the car disappeared in his vision. He waved the back card at his hand triumphantly and hobbled in the opposite direction while humming a song.

Twenty minutes later, in the tearoom of Cameron’s home…

When hearing some footsteps from the door, Cameron took out a new tea cup and put it opposite to him.
When he just poured a cup of tea, William appeared at the door.

Cameron asked, “Did you arrange them properly?”

William sat opposite to him and nodded his head, “Yep.”

“I guess that Charles is now trying all possible means to find out who’s targeting at him. But no matter how hard he tries, he won’t be able to find it out.”

William said, “Under such conditions, it will be very difficult for him to turn the tables. When the right time comes, the Steward family will disappear in the world.”

Cameron furrowed his brows when hearing the words, his hand that was holding the tea cup stiffened. He asked, “It’s enough to eliminate Charles. Do you want to ruin the whole Steward family?”

‘I’ve lost the most important people for me, so what matters even if I want to ruin the whole family. The Steward family has been damaged under Charles’ pernicious influence. It will collapse from inside easily. Is it necessary to retain the family?”

Cameron continued, “But you should be clear that not only a company is pay attention to the Steward family. Especially Clarence, he’s eyeing covetously at the family.”

William chuckled, “It true that it will be beneficial to Clarence if he mergers the Steward Group. But if he wants to obtain the shares before the disappearance of the Steward family, he will have to engage with Phoebe. Otherwise, he will only get a shell company.”

“Speaking of Clarence, I think his ex-wife looks similar to Miranda. What do you think?” “Many things are similar in this world, so do people.”

He knew what happened in the past and it was impossible to say THAT Miranda and her daughter were still alive.

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