Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 289 Did She Go Hard with You

It seemed like she was not as high-spirited and swaggering as before and she didn’t even wear a make-up. There was only tiredness on her face.

Madison walked to Stella. When she prepared to speak, she turned around and looked into Sherry’s curious eyes. She snorted, “What are you looking at? Haven’t seen a beauty who doesn’t where any make-up?”

Sherry was rendered speechless.
She wished so much that she hadn’t seen such a ‘beauty’.
It seemed like Madison wanted to have a private talk with her. Seeing this, Stella said to Sherry, “Sherry, please go in first.”

Sherry nodded her head and then looked towards Madison, “You’d better not play any tricks. Otherwise, I won’t let go of you easily.”

Unexpectedly, Madison didn’t retort Sherry. She turned around and ignored her.
When Sherry walked into the studio, Stella broke the silence, “Why do you come to me?” Madison asked, “May I treat you a cup of coffee?”

Seeing that she was so sincere, which was quite different from how she acted before, Stella didn’t refuse her again. They found a café near the studio.

After seating themselves, Madison asked, “You must be very happy when seeing my current appearance, right?” Stella was amused, “Why should I feel happy? Does it have anything to do with me?”

Madison continued, “Why didn’t you tell me before that your ex-husband is the CEO of the Conrad Group. When seeing me showing off in front of me like a fool, you must be very triumphant, right?”

“If thinking in this way will cheer you up, please go on.” Right at this moment, a waiter came over with two cups of coffee.

Madison took a sip of the coffee and said slowly, “My husband is now put in jail. I’ve turned to many people for help recently, but no one has showed any respect to be. I finally understand the proverb — human relationships are superficial. I will cup the craps.
I’m here mainly to express my gratitude to you. After all, you will not care about the formality except for my sincere thanks.”

Stella said in a serious tone, “If you want to thank me, you should not have come today.”

“You…” Madison wanted to say something, yet she swallowed the words in the end. She snorted, “Whether to express my thanks to you, it’s my own business. As for whether to accept it, it depends on you.”

“You don’t need to thank me and I will not accept it either. Based on the condition that day, I would not stand aside even the victim were a pig, not to mention it was a human being. I just did a thing that I think right. And I don’t need any gratitude.”

Madison’s expression changed quickly when she heard the words. She was not a fool, so of course she knew that Stella was implicating that she was even inferior to a pig.

She took a deep breath, “There are all I want to say. Don’t expect any other words from me. I will never apologize to you.” Stella curled her lips into a light smile. She didn’t say anything.

After Madison’s leaving, Stella came back to her studio.

Sherry ran to her, “Stella, how’s it? Did she go hard with you?”

Stella shook her head, “Nope.”

Sherry continued, “I also don’t think that she’s here to seek troubles for you. Have you found it? She looks totally different. In the past, she was like a peacock in her pride. But she looks dejected and low-spirited today.

Stella moved her lips trying to say something, but in the end, she still didn’t tell Sherry that she bumped into Madison and helped her before. She patted Sherry’s shoulder, “I will go on with my drawing. Call me if there’s any problem.”

Sherry nodded her head, “Go.” Sitting in front of the office desk and looking at the drafts on the desk, Stella found it hard to calm down herself.

Although she knew that Jeffrey just wanted money from her, she felt more fretful since she could only wait for him to contact her aimlessly.


Stella recalled Jeffrey’s reaction when she mentioned her mother and their marriage last night. She felt very unease.
She had a hunch that Jeffrey must know some inside stories. Moreover, he must know more than her imagination.
After a short while, Stella stood up.

Sherry asked when seeing her, “Stella, what’s wrong?”

Stella replied, “I have to go to a place. Sherry, can you lend me your car?”

Sherry tossed the car key to her, “Where are you going?”

“Go to find Adolph Miller.”

Stella was stunned, “Can you find him?”

As for the people like Adolph, once they hided themselves, it would be very difficult for others to find them. Clarence’s men also tried to find him before. They took great efforts yet still failed to get a single clue.”

Stella replied after a short while of silence, “I got an idea.” Every human being has a soft spot.

Adolph was not an exception.

After leaving the studio, Stella directly navigated to a place.
The car finally arrived at the destination after about an hour later.

This place was surrounded by old residential buildings and there were wastes and sewers everywhere, which looked incompatible with the prosperous city. It was like this place was forgotten when the city was developing, so it could only decay alone and even disappeared silently.

Stella scrolled her phone and found an address. She asked two passengers and then walked in the direction they pointed for her.
She took many detours and finally saw the person she wanted to find at the mouth of an alley.
It was Modesty’s father.

When the police was investigating Modesty before, she saw this address on the documents. And when she came back from the Anqiao Street before, Sherry told her that Modesty’s father came to find her.

Stella put her phone into her pocket, walked over and stood in front of the man, “Mister, nice to meet you. I’m Stella Radomil and I was once Modesty’s colleague.”

The middle-aged man hurriedly stood up when he heard the words. He gesticulated her, gesturing her to come into the house and prepared to pour a glass of water for her.

Stella was stunned when seeing this. She then curled her lips into a smile and handed the fruit basket to him, “Mister, no need. I come here to ask you some questions.”

The middle-aged man made some gestures again, but Stella couldn’t understand it. Seeing this, the man took out a piece of paper and quickly wrote down some words on the paper.

When seeing the words on the paper, Stella finally realized that he wanted to ask her about the current situation of Modesty.

It seemed like he didn’t know what had happened to modesty. He went to SG to find Modesty before, but Modesty cursed at him and forced him to leave. Since then, he didn’t come to find her again.

Stella replied, “I… I’m not clear of her current situation. But I guess she must be living well.”

Modesty was a designer who studied abroad before. Therefore, even though she was fired by SG, she could go to other company based on her ability and even design jewelry for customers privately. Judging from her characteristics, Stella guessed that she would be living well.

The middle-aged man heaved a sigh when hearing the words. He then wrote down a line on the paper, asking Stella what she wanted to know.

Stella pressed her lips together. After a long while, she asked, “Mister, do you know where’s Adolph?”

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