Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 290 Why Do you Think That I Will Help You

There was a slight change in the man’s expression when he heard the question. He picked up the pen, trying to write down something on the paper, yet still didn’t write anything.

When Stella prepared to give up and leave, a cold voice sounded from behind, “Why are you here?”

Stella turned around and found that it was Adolph. There was a scar on his face, which seemed to be resulted from the car accident. The scar started from his left cheek and ended at his chin.

He looked more ferocious than in the past.
Stella said, “Let’s have a talk at the other place.”

When they walked out of the alley, they bumped into five children who were running towards them and one of them accidently knocked onto Stella.

The little boy wiggled his fingers. When seeing the ball of dusts on Stella’s cloth, he became so nervous, ‘I’m… I’m sorry…” Stella chuckled and gently rubbed his head, “It doesn’t matter. Enjoy your time.”

The boy looked towards her timidly and then looked towards Adolph.

When seeing Adolph nodding his head at him, he smiled again and ran away.

Adolph shifted his gaze and said, “This play is messy and disorderly. Yet you come alone. Aren’t you afraid?”

Stella replied in a clam voice, “It’s less horrible than human beings.”

Adolph was silent.

They walked out of the alley and came to a lawn. Adolph asked, “Why do you come to find me?”

No matter it be the debts of Jeffrey or the matter related to Modesty, they all had been a past long time ago. So Stella wouldn’t pay a special to him simply because of the above-mentioned matters.

Stella looked towards him, “I want to know about Jeffrey’s whereabouts. And I guess you can find him.” “Jeffrey?” Adolph knitted his brows, “Didn’t he die in the prison?”

Stella chuckled, “Yeah, maybe he wasn’t dead as a doornail and he comes back again.”

Adolph could roughly guess what Jeffrey would do after coming back.

To be Jeffrey’s daughter was so disgusting.

Adolph asked, “Why do you think that I will help you.”

“You’re not helping me, you’re helping yourself.” Stella fixed her eyes on the rustling leaves and continued after a long while of silence, “Jeffrey threatened me with the pictures taken when I was sold to the Twilight Club three years ago. Do you think that you’ll be able to evade the responsibility if I report it to the police?”

Adolph frowned. He didn’t reply.

Stella continued, “I feel thankful that you sent me to the hospital before, so I will not probe into this matter as long as you can help me find out Jeffrey. In addition, you will get the corresponding reward. You effort will not be in vain.”

Although Stella had gone to the police to cancel the suitcase against Adolph before and the police had stopped chasing him, the Conrad family didn’t plan to let go of him. Therefore, he didn’t dare to appear in the public and could only hide himself in such a place.

Apparently, Stella didn’t give a shit to her relationship with Jeffrey now. Once she called the police and once the police began to investigate the past, the situation will be worse.

Adolph said after a long while of silence, “I can help you find out Jeffrey. But I want a reward of one million.”


The studio had been making profits during the past several months, so she could afford the reward.

Adolph continued, “I will find him in one week. Then I will contact you.”

Stella gently nodded her head, “Thank you.”

Adolph was stunned when he heard the two words. He hadn’t expected that Stella would say ‘thank you” to him.

As Stella had achieved her goal, it was unnecessary for her to stay here. She slightly nodded at Adolph and then left.

Adalph fixed his eyes on her back, seeming to be thinking of something.

When Stella came back to the studio, it was already the noon.
She wanted to ask Sherry whether she had lunch or not, but Sherry tipped her a wink and looked towards the office.
Stella was confused and then quickly understood it at the next moment.

She walked to the office, opened the door, and then saw Clarence sitting in front of the office desk.

The man was studying her drawings with his head lowered while gently clicking the desk.

Stella closed the door of the office, “Mr. Conrad, why are you here?”

Clarence looked up at her, “I miss you.”

Stella replied after a short while of silence, “Mr. Conrad, can you not sweet talk me? It’s greasy.”

Clarence turned the office chair to face Stella, grasped her wrist and then pulled her into his arms, “I just wanted to tell you about my inner thought. Why is it greasy?”

Stella struggled to stand up and said sulkily, “We’re now in the office. Don’t be unruly.”

Clarence curled his lips into a smile. He then saw the dust on her cloth and asked, “Where did you go?”

“I just walked around. Where else could I go? I won’t go to the club for a drink after all.”

Clarence retorted, “Your wish.”

Stella twitched her mouth comer and took a glance at the clock again, “Mr. Conrad, have you eaten lunch? If you haven’t…” “Nope.”

“If you haven’t had lunch, you can go back home and ask Alisa to cook for you.”

Clarence, “…”

He exerted some forces on his wrist and pulled Stella into his arms again. Squinting at her dangerously, he asked, “Are you fooling me?”

Stella suppressed her laughter, “I’m serious. Mr. Conrad, you’re so picky in food, so the dishes outside will not be up to your taste. You can go home…”

Right at this moment, there came a knocking sound on the door. Then Sherry’s voice sounded. “Stella, someone is coming for you.”

Stella replied, “I see. I will be there soon.”

She took away Clarence’s hand, straightened her cloth and hurriedly walked to the door.

Seeing this, Sherry reminded her, “Your hair is messy.”

‘Tsk, it’s still in the daytime. Why are you doing?”

Stella’s face got red when she heard the words. She pulled Sherry towards the door while combing her hair.

She took away Clarence’s hand, straightened her cloth and hurriedly ran to the door.

Seeing this, Sherry couldn’t help but remind her, “Your hair is messy.”

‘Tsk, it’s still in the daytime. Why are you doing?”

Stella’s face got red when she heard the words. She pulled Sherry towards the door while combing her hair.

She was a bit surprised when she saw the person in the lounge, “Mrs. Carter.”

It was Emmett’s mother.

Emmett’s mother stood up and smiled at Stella, “I come here without informing you. Did I bother you?”

“Nope.” Stella turned around and said to Sherry, “Sherry, can you please pour a cup of tea for me?”

When Sherry prepared to go out, Emmett’s mother said, “No need to trouble her. I just want to have a small talk with you and then I will leave.”

Seeing that they wanted to have a private talk, Sherry sensitively left the room.
Stella said, “Mrs. Carter, please take a seat.” “Oh, okay.”

After seating herself, Emmett’s mother said, “Stella, I come here to apologize to you on behalf of Emmett. He did have done it wrong. I and his father had excoriated him.”

Stella replied, “Please don’t say this, Mrs. Carter. It’s me who should apologize to you. I shouldn’t have cheated you.”

Emmett’s mother held up Stella’s hand, “Silly girl, you’re not to be blamed. You had a good intention.”

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