Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 291 You’re So Oblivious

After chitchatting with Stella, Emmett’s mother finally came to the point, “Stella, I come here to ask you, will there be any possibility between you and Emmett?”

Stella pressed her lips together and replied after several seconds, “Mrs. Carter, I and Emmett are just friends. We’ve agreed on it.”

“Oh, that’s it.” Emmett’s mother heaved a sigh, “It’s my bad. Emmett doesn’t know that I come to find you today. Please don’t take it to your heart.”

‘It doesn’t matter.” Emmett’s mother stood up, “Now that it’s the case, I will not bother you. I will leave first.” Stella also stood up and sent her to the door.

Before leaving, Emmett’s mother still held Stella’s hand, seeming to be reluctant to let go. It was obvious that she really liked Stella.

After sending her onto the car, Stella withdrew her lines of sights and prepared to come back to the studio. But when she turned around, she saw Emmett standing at the door with one hand in his pocket and looking at her silently.

Stella felt guilty under his gaze out of no reason.

She rubbed her nose and took several steps forwards, “Mr. Conrad, you haven’t had lunch, right? Me neither. May we have lunch together?”

Clarence replied with a nasal sound and strode forwards.

He said while walking towards Stella, “Looks like that you not only attract men, but also seniors.” Stella replied, “Of course. I’m so beautiful and capable. Those who don’t like me must be blind.” Clarence paused, turned around and fixed his eyes on Stella.

He thought that she was abusing him.

Stella showed a big smile to him, seeming to be very innocent.

When having lunch, Stella said, “By the way, how’s your mother recently. I guess that I will be free by the end of this month and I prepare to pay a visit to her. Mr. Conrad, do you want to go with me?”

Clarence’s hand that was holding the knife paused. He replied in a clam voice, “Same as usual. She’s old now. Are you expecting her to have a new relationship?”

Stella, “…”

How could he say these words?

Luckily, Ms. Anderson didn’t hear these. Otherwise, she would be angered to death when she heard the words.

Seeing that Stella was silent, Clarence continued, “The government has announced the warrant of relocation of Anqiao Street.
She’s moved out.”

Stella was stunned when she heard the words, “I remember that it will be demolished in May? Where did she move to?” “She should find a new house in advance after all.”

That made sense.

Clarence took a sip of water and continued slowly, “It’s so far. I will bring you there when I’m free.”

Stella, “I see.”

It would depend on this wretched man’s mood again.

After finishing the lunch, Stella prepared to come back to the studio, but Clarence stopped her, “Can you not work today?” What nonsense was he talking?

Stella replied, “Mr. Conrad, it’s the working time. Moreover, shouldn’t you go to manage the Conrad group? It’s such a big company.”

Clarence said, “The Conrad Group can operate without me. Your studio is so small. Can’t it operate without you?”

Stella took a deep breath, “Yeah, it can’t operate without me. It’s just a small studio and we took great efforts to maintain its operation. Unlike the Conrad Group, which has great political and financial powers, it was not a match for your company. Mr.
Conrad, you…”

With one

Propping up his head with one elbow, Clarence looked at her with a smile, “Oh enough. I just said one sentence, but you retorted me with numerous sentences. I will send you back.”

Stella glared at him with dissatisfaction. How could this wretched man shift the blame to her?

The restaurant was not far away from Stella’s studio. They walked here just now and they would also go back on foot now.
After taking several steps, Clarence naturally help up Stella’s hand and clasped it in his palm.

Stella subconsciously wanted to take back her hand, “What are you doing? There’re many people here.”

Clarence knitted his brows, “So what? Is it illegal for me to hold up my ex, er, girlfriend’s hand?”

Stella thought that she had underestimated his shamelessness again.

Luckily, it was already not the peak for lunch and there were not that many people on the street.

Several young couples also walked hand in hand on the street. So they were not a standout here.

Stella became silent and slowly walked beside him.

After a while, Clarence said slowly, “You don’t need to be bothered by Jeffrey. I will solve this matter.”

Stella asked after a short while of silence, “Vincent tell you about it, right?”

“Should I need to learn about it from Vincent?” Clarence continued, “I should have told you that Jeffrey is still alive so that you will be prepared for it. It was so abrupt.”

“When did you know it?”

Clarence looked askance at her, “I know everything.”

Stella thought he was so ego and arrogant. She said after a short while of silence, “It’s my own business. I will deal with it. Mr.
Conrad, please don’t intervene in it.”

“How will you deal with it?”

Although it was a question, Stella could sense the provocation and contempt in his tone of voice. She snorted, “Let’s wait and


Although Adolph told Stella that he would find out Jeffrey in a week, he managed to find out him in three days.

Jeffrey never changed. Even though his leg was broken, he still thought it a waste of money to go to the hospital, and would rather play several rounds of game at the poker table.

Therefore, he simply went to a private clinic and roughly bound up his wound.

Moreover, he just extorted one hundred thousand. It would be a waste of his broken leg if he didn’t use the money to gamble.
In an underground gambling house, Jeffrey collected money with a bright smile.

A person beside him cursed, “You always win. Come on, are you a swindler?”

Jeffrey said why pulling the money into his arms, “I’m so lucky today. You didn’t see how I lost before. I even lost my daughter.”

A person tossed the cards on the table, “Il don’t want to play it today. I’m so unlucky that I lost eight hundred thousand. How annoying!”

Jeffrey said to the group of people aside, “Don’t just stand there. We miss a player. Come on, fill the vacancy.” Seeing that Jeffrey was so lucky today, none of them wanted to play with him.

When Jeffrey wanted to find others, a person sat beside him. He immediately curled his lips into a smile, but the smile stiffened when he saw the person.

Adolph said, “Go on. You need a player, don’t you? I will play it with you.” Jeffrey put the money into his pocket, “Oh, I have to stop here today. It’s late now and I have to go home.” Just as he took a step, Adolph blocked his way with one leg, “You’re so oblivious. Do you forget an important thing?”

Jeffrey was not a fool and he knew that Adolph was here for money. He hesitantly took out half of the banknotes in his pocket, “These are all I win today. Just regard it as the interest. I will return the rest of the money to you two days later.”

Adolph asked, “How will you get that much money?”

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