Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 292 I’ve Got Something on Her

Jeffrey leaned towards Adolph, “You know, I have a daughter. She’s so capable that she even established a company. I prepare to ask her to give me some annuity. Then I will return the money to you.”

Adolph took a glance at him, “Will she give you the money?” “Of course she will. She won’t dare to refuse my request. After all, I’ve got something on her.” “What’s it?”

Jeffrey looked around and kept down his voice, “I have to thank you for this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten the photos. Looks like it was a wise choice to take these pictures before. Rest assured, she will pay for the photos.”

Adolph sneered, “Is she really your daughter?”

Jeffrey rolled his eyes. He didn’t answer the question and said, “Rest assured. I will have money and will pay my debt. Since we’ve known each other for many years, I will give you some more money when I get the money from her.”

Adolph asked, “Will you give her the photos if she gives you the money?”

Jeffrey chuckled, “Oh, don’t point it out. She’s a ready source of money for me. At least I should get the money to pay for my coffin from her, right?”

“To pay for your coffin is enough? I think you’re a bottomless pit.” “Oh, how can you say these words? I brought up. Shouldn’t she be filial to me?”

“Enough,” Adolph stood up, “I don’t want to beat around the bush with you, and I know you can’t return the money to me. Give me the photos and all the negative plates, and then we will get even. I will not charge the interest.”

Jeffrey refused it without a second thought, “No.” Adolph turned to look at him, “What? Do you want to negotiate with me?”

“How dare i? I told you just now, I have to earn my coffin expense from it. It’s my lifeblood. If I give the things to you, how can I live through the rest of my life?”

“Cut the craps. Maybe you will not get the money. Moreover, if you go to the gambling house right after getting the money and lose, how will you return the money to me?”

“Oh, why are you talking about? Can’t I win?” When speaking, he shook the pile of banknotes in his hand, “Look, these are the money I won today. It’s a relatively large sum, right?” Adolph said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Give me the things and I will go to her for money.”

Seeing that Jeffrey was still hesitating, Adolph continued, “If what you said is true and she gives me a large sum of money, I will apportion it to you.”

“This can’t work. It…” Adolph kicked down the chair in front of him and said impatiently, “I don’t want to say it for three times.”

Seeing this, Jeffrey could only agree to it reluctantly, “Then… please go home with me. I live in the vicinity and it’s only several minutes away from here.”

Adolph stood up, “Let’s go.”

After walking out of the underground gambling house, Jeffrey quickly looked around. Apparently, he was trying to find an opportunity to run away.

But Adolph had been watching him and he could by no means escape.
They arrived at an old building. Jeffrey said, “Here it is. You may go upstairs first.” Adolph said, “What trick are you going to play again?”

“How can I play a trick? It’s the first time for you to come to my house, so I should prepare some alcohol and dishes to entertain you, right? Otherwise, it will be so mean.”

“I don’t drink, nor do I want to eat anything. Don’t try to plot anything. Hurry up.” Jeffrey had no choice but to hobble upstairs.

They walked past a pile of sundries on the second floor. Jeffery stood in front of a paint-shedding wood door and produced a bunch of keys from his pocket trembling.

Adolph stood aside and lit a cigarette.

Right at this moment, Jeffrey suddenly grabbed a flowerpot beside the door and threw it towards Adolph. Then he jumped down the second floor.

However, he overestimated himself this time. After jumping down the floor, his broken leg became more serious. Jeffrey struggled, yet still failed to pick himself up. He moaned miserably on the ground.

Adolph walked downstairs slowly. He walked to Jeffrey and kicked his broken leg, “Why are you still tormenting yourself at this age?”

Jeffrey hugged his leg and broke out into cold sweats because of the sharp pain.

Adolph squatted down in front of him, “Where are the things?”

“I… I forget it temporarily. Please wait for a moment…”

But Adolph was not that patient. He stepped on his broken leg, “Say it now!”


It seemed like his neighbors had been accustomed to this and no one came out to have a check.

Jeffrey said, “I will tell you. It’s in the pillow in my bedroom.”

“Are all the photos there?”

“Yep, all of them, including the negative plates, are stored there.”

Adolph lifted his leg and prepared to go upstairs. Then he turned around, took a glance at Jeffery who lay near death on the ground, and casually found a rope to bundled up his arms and legs.

After going upstairs, Adolph opened the door with the key he snatched from Jeffrey and found the photos in the pillow. But he rummaged the pillow and failed to find out the negative plates.

Knitting his brows, he suddenly realized something. He quickly ran out of the door and looked towards the downstairs, yet only to find that Jeffrey was nowhere to be found and a rope on the ground.

Adolph drummed on the handrail and cursed in his heart. He came back to the house and rummaged the whole house.

It was a simple and old rented house. Except for the photos in the pillow, Adolph only found several clothes.

It seemed like Jeffrey was so vigilant that he carried important things at all times.

Stella received a call from Adolph in the evening. She put down her phone, took her coat and prepared to go out. Sherry asked, “Stella, it’s late now. Where are you going?”

Stella replied, “I have to deal with something and I will come back soon. Do you want some night snacks? I can bring some when I come back.”

Sherry’s eyes lit up. But at the next moment, she heaved a sigh, “Never mind. The summer is coming and I have to lose weight.” Stella chuckled, “You’re not fat. Is it necessary for you to lose weight?”

“But I want a boyfriend.”

Stella walked out of the house silently when she heard the answer.

When she went downstairs, she found that Adolph was waiting for her outside of the community.

Stella walked towards him.

Adolph handed an envelope to her, “I found these in Jeffrey’s house. Here are all the photos. But I didn’t find the negative plates and he ran away.”

Stella received the envelope from him and pressed her lips together. She said after a short while of silence, “Thank you.” Then she took out a bank card from her pocket, “This is the reward that you deserve.”

Adolph knitted his brows, “No need.”

Stella was a bit stunned as she couldn’t understand what he meant.

Adolph said, “I didn’t finish my task well, so you don’t need to give me the money. I will go to find Jeffrey again. When I find him and get the negative plates, I will ask for the money from you.”

He turned around and left after finishing the words.

Stella was nailed on the ground and then slowly put the card back into her pocket. She hadn’t expected that Adolph would be so cultured.

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