Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 293 His Mind Is Always Filled with Dirty Thoughts

But after that night, Jeffrey was nowhere to be found as if he had disappeared in the world. He didn’t contact Stella again, nor did he come to any underground gambling house.

However, Stella was not anxious at all.
She was clear of it the most that Jeffrey would come to find her again when he was run out of the money.
It was simply a matter of the time.

After the working time, Stella stretched out her arms lazily and walked out of the office. It seemed like Clarence had come to the studio earlier and he was now sitting on a sofa and reading a document.

Standing at the door of the office, Stella couldn’t help but curl her lips into a smile.

Every time when she saw this scene, she would think that this wretched man was really good-looking, but unluckily, he had a sharp tone.

It seemed like Clarence didn’t hear her footsteps. He was still reading the document with his head lowered.
Seeing that he was so concentrative, Stella decided not to bother him. She went to the front desk to pack up her things.
Clarence would go to pick her up during this period and they would have dinner together. Then he would send her back.

At the beginning, Sherry would wait for her to get off the work together. But gradually, she chose to go home early and refused to see them showing their affection.

Hearing the noise, Clarence looked up towards Stella, “Are you finished?” Stella nodded his head and picked up the key, “It’s finished. Let’s go.”

After finishing the dinner, Clarence sent Stella back home. When Stella unbuckled the seatbelt and prepared to get off the car, Clarence clasped her wrist and said in a displeased tone with his brows furrowed, “Can you not go back?”

“Mr. Conrad, why do you make a fuss again?” Such a conversation occurred every evening.

Clarence replied, “I think this should not be the end of our relationship. It’s time for us to be more intimate and we should go to the next step.”

Stella, “…”

She said sulkily, “You should be thankful since I didn’t deduct your points of impression. And you even want the next step?” This wretched man had an annoying sharp tone. Stella thought that other woman in this world would be able to withstand him except for herself.

Clarence didn’t agree to it. He gently rubbed her soft lips with a trace of sexual desire in his eyes, “Then tell me, didn’t I serve you well? You want to deduct my points?”

Even though Stella never expected any decent language from him, her face still uncontrollably got red when she heard the dirty joke.

Clarence kept down his voice, “Hmm? “You…”

Clarence landed his gaze on her lips and said slowly, “I can only do these things because you don’t give me the chance to do other things.”

Stella couldn’t bear it any longer, “Shut up!”

Clarence curled his thin lips into a smile, pulled her neck towards himself and landed a kiss on her lips. He shut up now.
The air in the car was thin and Stella felt breathless soon. She raised his arm and pushed his chest with dissatisfaction.
Clarence let go of her and asked in a husky and charming voice, “Are you pleased?”

Stella wanted to criticize him, but she was lost for words.

Clarence said while combing her hair, “Move out of the house in one week. Otherwise, I will move in.”

“Don’t be so unreasonable.”

“’m unreasonable because of you.”

Stella was rendered speechless.

She closed the car door and left without turning around.

His mind is always filled with dirty thoughts!

When Stella went home, Sherry was lying on the sofa and watching a variety show. When seeing Stella, she said with a smile, “Stella, come to watch this with me. It’s so funny.”

I will come later. I want to have a shower first.”

“All right, go.”

Stella took a shower and semi-dried her hair. She then sat beside Sherry and hugged a cushion.

After a while, she asked tentatively, “Sherry, do you want some fruit?”

Sherry replied, “I’ve had dinner. Do you want some?”

Stella smiled awkwardly, “No, thanks.”

She asked after a short while of pause, “By the way, what do you want for the breakfast tomorrow. I will make it for you.” “What? I’m fine with everything. I will like it no matter what you make. It’s the happiest thing in my life to live with you.” Stella didn’t reply when she heard the words.

Sherry ambiguously felt that something was wrong. She pressed the suspend lock of the remote control and turned to look at Stella, “Stella, what do you want to tell me?”

“Haha, nothing. It’s just a causal question.” Stella then stood up, “I have to dry my hair further as it’s still moist. Go to bed early.” Sherry nodded her head, “Wait a minute. I want to go the toilet now.”


After Sherry walked into the toilet, Stella walked to the balcony for free air.

That wretched man gave her a difficult task again.

It was Sherry who accompanied her when she just divorced Clarence. But now, she reconciled with Clarence and she had to abandon Sherry now. It was really unreasonable.

But Stella was clear that Clarence was not joking. He would take action if she didn’t do as he required.

Stella felt so bothered.

When Stella came back to her bedroom, she received a call.

She entrusted a person to investigate the manufacturer of the pocket watch before.

The person told her that he had contacted a representative of the pocket watch manufacturer and they would meet tomorrow afternoon.

After ending the call, Stella immediately received a message about the time and place of the appointment as well as the phone number of that representative.

Lying on the bed and looking out of the windows silently, Stella felt sleepless.
She had a hunch that she would get some clues tomorrow.

But it was a foreboding.

It seemed like everything related to the Steward family was negative.

The problems before had gradually solved. After firing several C-level managers of the Steward Group, it seemed like they didn’t prepare to pursue the matters any more.

As a matter of fact, they were all clear that those C-level managers didn’t have such a big power. And the problem lay in the core managers of the Steward Group.

Stella thought of Charles, a middle-aged man who looked gentle and cultivated.
It was hard to associate him to an extremely violent and wicked evil-doer.

But she could tell from the attitudes of the other members of the Conrad family that they didn’t show any respect to other people.
In their eyes, they were just tools.

Early in the next morning, on the way to the studio, Sherry said while scrolling her phone, “Stella, I have to tell you one thing.” Stella nodded her head, “What’s the matter?”

Sherry replied, “I’ve been finding house recently and I will move out of the house if there’s an appropriate one for me.”

Stella was stunned. She asked, “Why… why do you suddenly talk about this? Sherry, I…”

Sherry smiled at her, “Rest assured. It’s not because of you. I bumped into Daniel in the lift yesterday. It’s quiet awkward. Since you’ve reconciled with that wretched…er… Mr. Conrad, you will move out of the house sooner or later. So I think we can take this opportunity and move out here together. Maybe we can still live in the same community.”

Stella nodded her head when she heard the words, “That makes sense. Well, I will go to see the houses together with you this weekend.”

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