Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 294 It Should Be a Coincidence

In the afternoon, after finishing the tasks, Stella walked out of the office.
She said, “Sherry, I have to go out now and maybe I will not go back to the studio later. I will go home directly tonight.” Sherry nodded her head and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I asked someone to investigate the pocket watch before and he got some clues. I have an appointment with a representative of the manufacturer.”

Sherry asked, “Is it reliable?” Stella replied, “It’s likely reliable. I found a friend to investigate it.”

“All right. There’s no problem with the studio and I want to go with you. We can help each other if there’s any problem. I will worry about you if you go alone.”

“Okay.” They instructed the several employees of the studio and then left.

Sherry drove the car to a deserted factory area according to the address and asked while driving, “Are you sure that you’ll meet here? Why do I feel that there will be no one at this place?”

Stella checked the message and replied, “It should be here… Turn right at the cross and I guess we will arrive soon.”

Sherry made a U-turn and they saw a grizzled old man standing in front of a locked factory after driving for several hundred meters.

Stella said, “It’s here.”

After getting out of the car, Stella asked, “Hello, are you Mr. Moore?”

The old man nodded his head with a smile, “You’re Ms. Radomil, right?”

“Yep.” Stella then introduced Sherry, “This is my friend. She comes here with me.”

After a small talk, the old man walked to the factory. Trembling, he produced a bunch of keys from his pocket and finally opened the door after a long while.

Standing beside Stella, Sherry asked in a low voice, “Are you sure that he will provide you with some useful clues? He even failed to put the key into the lock.”

Stella maintained her smile and elbowed her. She kept down her voice, “Mind your words.”

“Look at the bunch of keys at his hand. If he tries one by one, we will have to wait until tomorrow.” When Sherry just finished the words, the old man said, “It’s opened. Follow me.”

Stella replied, “Okay.” Then she followed behind him.

As the two iron doors were pushed open, they were greeted with staleness and dusts.

The old man walked to a wall and groped to turn on the lights of the factory. He said, “This place has not been visited for a long time. You come at the right time because this factory area will be demolished two weeks later and the documents would be destructed too. It will be difficult for you to check the documents if you only come at that time.”

Stella looked around the huge warehouse and the documents on the rows of shelves and asked, “Is all the information here?”

“Yep, you may not believe it. Although this watch factory went bankruptcy, it was a top watch manufacturer twenty years ago and had many stores and customers all over the country.” The old man heaved a sigh, “I feel reluctant to discard it. Therefore, even though the factory went bankruptcy later, I still kept the information of my customers.”

Sherry widened her eyes in shock, “Oh, there’re many documents here. How long will we find out the clue if we read through the documents one by one? I guess we will only find it next year.”

The old man replied, “It won’t take too long. I remember that the pocket watch you showed me had top-class craft at that time. It was a high-end product and few people could afford it at that time. Even though it was available in every store, the order would be submitted to the headquarters in the end. Therefore, you will find out the purchase information of that pocket watch if you read through the data bank of the headquarters.”

When speaking, the old man led them to the inside most shelves.

“Here it is.”

Stella looked towards the direction and thought that it would be a huge task.

The old man handed the bunch of keys to Stella and said, “If you fail to find out any clue today, you can come here at any time.
Just remember to lock the door when you leave.”

“Thank you.” Stella took the keys from the old man, “I will return the keys to you when I find out the wanted information.”

The old man chuckled, “No need. Just lock the door when you leave. This place will be demolished and they will send people to clean these documents.”

Stella gently nodded her head, “Sorry to bother you.” The old man waved his head, “I didn’t expect that I can see this pocket watch twenty years later. It’s the destiny.”

Stella sent the old man to the door. When she came back to the warehouse, she found that Sherry had begun to read through the documents.

Although the old man told them that the purchase information of this type of pocket watch would be submitted to the headquarters, apparently it was not the only type of pocket watch.

Except for the purchase information, there were also documents about the employees of the manufacturing factory, various kinds of statements and some other things.

Stella and Sherry leafed through the documents together and it gradually got dark.
Right at this moment, a string of vibration broke the silence.

Pinching her nose, Stella took out her phone from her pocket. When seeing that it was a call from Clarence, Stella put down the document and received the call.

Clarence asked, “Where did you go?”

“I’m…” Stella didn’t know how to describe this place and said, “I’m outside now. I’m here for some information.” “When will you finish? I will go to pick you.”

Stella took a glance at the dark sky and thought that they should go back today and come here tomorrow.

She replied, “It’s done. Sherry is together with me. I will go back now.”

Clarence said, “Send me an address.”

Stella sent an address to him after ending the call as she was afraid that Clarence would seek trouble for her with this as an excuse.

After sending the message, she put the phone back to her pocket and said, “Sherry, let’s go. We can come tomorrow…”

“Oh my god. Stella!” Sherry ran towards her from the other side of the shelf and said excitedly, “Do you remember the type of that pocket watch? I found the purchase records of its VIP customers just now. Have a look. Is this the same type?”

Stella hurriedly took out her phone and found the photo of the pocket watch. She compared the model number on the watch with the document and found that the document at Sherry’s hand was about the pocket watch in the photo.

Sherry said, “It is!”

They checked the customer’s information one by one, trying to find some useful clues from the document.
In the end, they all paused when they saw a name.

How could it be him?

Sherry finally came back to her sense after a long while, “Stella, are you sure that the one who bought the pocket watch is your biological father?”

Stella was stunned, “I don’t know either. There’s only a photo in the pocket watch.” ‘It’s amazing. I shall be a coincidence. Let’s check other information.” They then read the column of the purchase information and saw a name — Charles Steward.

This information was thrilling in every aspect.

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