Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 295 How Much Do You Know

But when they leafed through all the purchase information of that type of pocket watch, they found that Charles was the only one who matched the information.

Seeing that Stella was silent, Sherry turned to the previous page again.

The purchase record showed that Charles bought two pocket watches at that time.

It meant that except for the pocket watch kept by Stella, Charles probably kept the other one.
After a long while, Sherry said tentatively, “Stella…”

Stella pulled herself together and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Sherry moved her lips trying to say something, but in the end she swallowed the words she wanted to say and closed the document, “There’re many customers on this document. Since we can’t figure it out now, maybe we can take it back and study it later. We will find some useful clues.”

Stella gently nodded her head when she heard the words, “Okay.”

They put the other documents back to the original places. Stella put the document of purchase information into her bag and walked out of the warehouse together with Sherry.

When she just locked the door, there came a bright light from afar and it even lightened the dark night.
Stella subconsciously narrowed her eyes. After a short while, she saw a tall, slender figure.

Clarence walked to her and took a glance at the warehouse, “What are you looking for here?”

Stella pressed her lips together and replied in a low voice, “Nothing.”

Seeing this, Sherry hurriedly said, “Er, Stella, since Mr. Conrad is here to pick you up, I will leave first.”

Without waiting for Stella’s answer, she got on her car right after finishing the words.

After Sherry’s leaving, Stella heaved a sigh silently, turned around and locked the warehouse.

Fixing his eyes on Stella, Clarence inexplicably licked his lips and narrowed his eyes, seeming to be pondering something.
After getting on the car, Stella leaned her head against the window and remained silent. It seemed like she was in a bad mood.

Nathan received a call on the way and reported to Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, the Steward Group launched a new project recently and is now calling for bids. Looks like they try to cover the matters in the past by this opportunity.”

Clarence replied with a nasal sound. Although the Steward family was greatly undermined by that matter, it was a powerful family after all. So it wouldn’t come to its downfall easily.

But it seemed like it wanted to recover the loss as soon as possible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be in such a hurry to start a new project.

Stella suddenly asked Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, how much do you know about Charles Steward?”

Clarence looked towards her, “Knowing both yourself as well as the adversaries is the basis of the victory of every battle. I know everything about him. What do you want to know?”

Stella didn’t know how she should ask when she heard the words. After a long while, she asked, “I never see Phoebe’s mother.
Mr. Conrad, do you know any inside story?”

Clarence slowly crossed his legs and said slowly, “Charles has a twin brother and his name is Lyndon Steward. The Steward family placed great expectation on Charles since his childhood. But unlike Charles, Lyndon had been infirm since childhood and stayed in the backcourt of the Steward family most of the time. Then he gradually became gloomy and dissocial and began to envy Charles for everything he possessed.”

But as Charles was raised as the heir of the Steward family since he was born, even though Lyndon was envious and resentful, he could not change the fact and Charles still became the CEO of the Steward Group.

However, when their parents went abroad for business negotiation, they died in an aircraft accident.
And Charles and Lyndon were the only two persons left in the company.
Unlike the unsociable and eccentric Lyndon, Charles was gentle and generous and he had been feeling guilty for his younger

brother. Therefore, he ignored all dissenting opinions and arranged Lyndon to work in the Steward Group as the general manager. He even arranged him to be responsible for many important projects.

After joining the Steward Group, maybe it was because his living condition was changed, Lyndon’s mood was improved and his physical condition was gradually improved. Moreover, he became talkative and could handle with the business with ease.

At that time, as the CEO and his wife all died in the accident, many people were coveting the Steward Group. But Charles and Lyndon worked hand in hand to turn the situation and saved the Steward Group from bankruptcy.

Charles and Lyndon looked alike. If one of them deliberately imitated the other person’s tone and living style, even the assistants who had serving them for years would fail to distinguish them.

They used this advantage to bring out many wonderful upswings.
However, when the Steward Group was thriving, Lyndon felt reluctant to work under Charles and made a well-planned explosion

Phoebe’s mother died in the explosion and Lyndon himself was also hoisted by his own petard. He didn’t escape the explosion and his families all died in it.

This accident brought a life-and-death crisis to the Steward Group. After lying on the bed for several months for recuperation, Charles saved the Steward Group again by himself.

Since then, the Steward Group had progressed smoothly and never suffered any big accident again.

Until now…

However, with the two experiences before, this matter was not a big deal for Charles.

Therefore, he managed to make a choice that would bring the less loss to the company in the shortest time and therefore protected the foundation of the Steward Group.

Based on the current situation, it seemed like the decision he made before was very beneficial to the Steward Group.

Stella hadn’t expected that there were many thrilling inside stories of the Steward family. She was stunned. After a long while, she asked, “Then… Charles only has a daughter and it’s Phoebe, right?”


Stella slightly heaved a sigh when she heard the answer. She paused and then asked, “Could it be that he has an illegitimate daughter?”

If the person who bought the pocket watch was really her biological father and if Charles learned that she was looking for the man on the photo and therefore obstructed her from getting any information and sought troubles for her…

This assumption made sense.

Looking at Stella’s flickering eyes, Clarence could guess what she was thinking. He raised his hand to rub her hair, “This is impossible. Don’t think too much.”

Stella slightly lowered her head, but she didn’t know what she should say.

Clarence continued, “Charles and his wife are childhood sweethearts and they had deep feelings for each other.” Clarence suddenly paused.

Stella replied, “I see.”

She didn’t probe into the question about the illegitimate daughter.

Although she didn’t know what happened to the Conrad family before, she believed that Dolores would never be a home wrecker according to her understanding on her characteristics and quality.

There must be some misunderstanding.

Short after Stella and Clarence’s leaving, there was suddenly a big fire accident in the dark factory area. All the things in the warehouse were burnt and nothing was left.

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