Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 296 What’s Phoebe Planning

When they arrived at the downstairs of Stella’s home and when Stella prepared to get off the car, Clarence abruptly asked, “What’s your decision?”

Stella was bewildered, “What should I decide on?”

Clarence furrowed his brows, “Move out.”

Stella, “…”

Why was this wretched man thinking of these troublesome things every day?

She said deliberately, “I’ve made up my mind. I don’t want to move out. Move into my home if you’re willing to do so. I have no objection.”

She could retain a vacant room for him and let him live in the room alone.
Clarence asked, “Sincerely?” “Of course. I will be a puppy if I lie to you.”

Stella was very perfunctory. She just wanted to come back home as soon as possible and stay alone. She didn’t want to talk nonsense with him now.

Clarence pulled her back. When he was about to kiss her, he saw that Nathan was looking at them while pretending to cover his face from the rear-view mirror.

Clarence gritted his teeth and let go of Stella, “Go back.” Stella finally escaped from his enthusiasm and hurriedly opened the door and ran away.

When she entered the community, Clarence withdrew his lines of sights and said coldly, “If I don’t forget it, I remember that the factory area is the Steward Group’s property.”

Nathan nodded his head, “Yep. The company’s new project will also start at that place. The factories there will be demolished two weeks later.”

Clarence pressed his thin lips together. This must not be a coincidence. Why did Stella suddenly come to that place to seek for clues in this period?

What was Charles purpose? Thinking of Stella’s questions, Clarence asked, “Except for Charles’ wife and Lyndon, who else died in the explosion twenty years ago?”

Nathan shook his head. They’ve found out much information about Charles, but as for this matter, they only knew that it was Lyndon who plotted the explosion.

Probably Charles had eliminated all the evidence about this accident when he reorganized the Steward Group before.
Clarence pulled himself back to the reality and said in a flat tone, “Start the car.”

The black Rolls-Royce was driven on the road again. Nathan said, “Mr. Conrad, according to Charles’ previous characteristics, I think that maybe he wouldn’t have done those cruel things. Could it be that…”

Clarence slowly clicked his knee and replied in a calm voice, “Of course he wouldn’t have done those things if he was the real Charles.”

Nathan widened his eyes in shock when he heard the words, “Mr. Conrad, do you mean…”

Clarence continued, “When I talked with Stella just now, I suddenly realized that since Charles and Lyndon could intimate the other person’s personality and tone of voice to confuse their competitors twenty years ago, it will also be an easy thing for one of them to replace the other person thoroughly.”

He just needed to stay away from those who were clear of Charles’ living habit.
Nathan said, “This means that the patriarch of the Steward family is probably not the real Charles, but Lyndon?”

“It’s just an assumption. No matter he’s the real Charles or not, he has probably destroyed all the evidences. Otherwise, he won’t be able to the CEO of the Steward Group for twenty years without causing any suspicion.”

“But if Lyndon has replaced Charles, it meant that Phoebe is Charles’ daughter. Generally, Lyndon should get rid of her by any means, why does he regard her as the apple of his eye?”

Clarence opened his eyes and said word by word, “Since Lyndon could replace Charles, is it difficult to find a little girl to replace Charles’ daughter?”

Nathan gasped. Although this was just their assumption, but it would be a huge and horrifying intrigue if this assumption was proved to be the truth.

When Stella was waiting for the lift, she bumped into Daniel again.

They exchanged greetings and then remained silent.

Stella finally understood why Sherry would feel awkward when bumping into Daniel before.
When they walked into the lift, Daniel suddenly broke the silence, “Ms. Radomil.”

Daniel said, “I saw you getting off Mr. Conrad’s car just now. I guess you’ve reconciled, right?” Stella pressed her lips together and tacitly approved to it.

Daniel said, “Although I know it’s not the right time to say these words, I have to remind you, Ms. Radomil, please don’t immerse yourself in the pleasure of the current happiness, you may encounter a great difficulty later.

Stella furrowed her brows when hearing the words. She knew that Daniel was implicating the possible trouble from Phoebe.

Originally, Phoebe believed that Stella was the cause why Clarence cancelled the engagement with her and would taunt at Stella every time they met. Now she would not get even with Stella easily after learning that she’d reconciled with Clarence.

Stella slightly nodded her head to show her gratitude, “I see. Thanks for your reminding.”

Daniel nodded his head. He wanted to say something else, but didn’t spit it out in the end.

Right at this moment, the lift arrived at the wanted floor.

Stella said, “Then I will go home first.”


When Stella walked into her home, Daniel finally withdrew his gaze and put his hand on the door knob of his home, seeming to be pondering something.

Charles’ reaction was so weird. He knew that they had something on him, but it seemed like he didn’t give a shit to it and he even immediately launched a new project.

Although this might be his trick to shift the others’ attention, when analyzing this matter combined with the words Phoebe said before, Daniel thought that this would not be that simple.

What Phoebe cared about might not be the truth of the accident happened twenty years ago, but how to slander Stella while getting Clarence involved.

Even though Stella was Clarence’s wife, she had nothing to do with the accident that happened twenty years ago.

What was Phoebe planning?

When Sherry walked out of the bathroom, she saw Stella changing her shoes at the door.

With a mask on her face, she asked, “Stella, how comes you come back so early? didn’t you have a date with Mr. Conrad?” Stella, “…”

She heaved a sigh, “I’m tired.” She added, “I have to take a shower first.”

Sherry replied, “All right. Go. I ordered some takeout food just now. They may be delivered here when you finished showering.” Stella walked into the bathroom. She couldn’t help to think over the clues she found today,

Even though Clarence told her that Charles wouldn’t have an illegitimate daughter, the pocket watch she kept had a family photo of her and her parents.

It meant that the owner of the pocket watch must be her biological father.

But she got an unexpected answer.

No wonder that she had a foreboding last night. It seemed like her presentiment was real.

When Stella walked out of the bathroom, Sherry just received the take-out food, “Stella, you…”

Stella paused and ran towards her bedroom, “Sherry, you may enjoy it first. I have to confirm a matter.”

Standing on the spot and looking at her back, Sherry felt confused.

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