Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 297 A Special Customer

Stella ran back to her bedroom. She took out the pocket watch from a box and then took out the document of purchase information from her back to confirm the type number again.

Stella compared the pocket watch and the information again and again and finally found out a slight difference.

The pocket watch in her hand was bought twenty years ago and as it was kept by Jeffrey before, it was seriously attire. There were several scratches on the watch.

As a matter of fact, there was an alphabet covered by a scratch. She ignored this point before.

It could be vaguely seen that the alphabet was ‘M’.

But Charles’ name had no relation to this alphabet.

Stella studied the whole document again and found that only there was an asterisk on Charles’ purchase record.
Stella pondered for a while and then made a phone call.

When the call was connected, she said, “Hello, Mr. Moore. I’m Stella Radomil. Sorry for bothering you late at night. I want to ask you a question.”

“What’s it?”

“I studied the purchase record just now and found an asterisk beside in the information of a customer, but I didn’t find it in the information of other customers. Does the asterisk have some special meaning?”

“Oh, the asterisk. It’s for our special customers. The pocket watch could be customized. But I remember that we only had few special customers.”

Stella held her breath and asked gingerly, “Then may I ask who your special customers were?”

“Generally they were the C-level managers of the factory, or… Oh, I suddenly remember that Mr. Steward customized two pocket watches in our store.”

Stella asked, “Who’s him?”

“The whole factory area belonged to Mr. Steward. Moreover, he also invested in the pocket watch factory.” The old man continued, “That’s it. Mr. Steward definitely had customized two pocket watches twenty years ago and I was responsible for serving him before. He told me that the pocket watch was a gift for his wife for their wedding anniversary and required me to inscribe his name on one pocket and his wife’s name on the other.

Stella thought that she had gotten the answer and said, “I see. Thank you, Mr. Moore.”

After ending the car, Stella fixed her eyes on the pocket watch dully and silently.

After a long while, there came a gentle knocking sound from the door. At the next moment, the door was pushed open and Sherry’s popped out her head from behind the door, “Stella, are you busy now? The food is going to cool down. Maybe you can continue with your work after eating them?”

Stella pulled herself together, put down the pocket watch and smiled, “Okay.”

When eating the food, Sherry thought that Stella was still bothered by the purchase information when seeing that she was absent-minded. She comforted her, “Stella, don’t think too much of it. Many people had bought that type of pocket watch, probably it… Oh, they recorded the customers’ phone numbers. We can try them one by one tomorrow. If it’s not connected, we

Stella said, “Sherry, it doesn’t matter. Let’s stop here and we can probe into it later.”

Sherry nodded her head when she heard the words. She didn’t continue this topic and took out her phone, “Stella, I found several wonderful houses, and two of them were in a high-end community. We may pay a visit there at weekend.”

Stella replied after a short while of silence, “Sherry, I’m sorry I can go to see the houses together with you. I have to go toa place.”

Sherry curled her lips into a knowing smile, “Are you going to live together with Mr. Conrad?”

Stella shook her head with a smile, “I will tell you several days later.”

She didn’t know how to tell Sherry about it now because everything was just her assumption.

No matter what, she had to find out the truth.

Sherry said, “Okay. Tell me if you encountered any problem. Don’t bear it alone.”


After finishing the meal, Sherry went back her bedroom for sleeping.

After staying in the living room for a long while, Stella pondered for a while and then stood up and walked out of the house. She then knocked at Daniel’s door.

It seemed like Daniel was not surprised to see Stella. He said, “Come in first.”

Stella followed him into the house.

Daniel pulled open the door of the refrigerator and asked, “Ms. Radomil, what would you like to drink?” “A glass of plain water, thank you.”

Daniel raised his brows and then poured a glass of hot water for her.”

He then sat down and said, “If I guess it right, you come to me for Phoebe, right?”

Holding the glass of water, Stella replied slowly, “Not wholly.”

Daniel was confused, “Oh?”

Stella continued, “I want to go to the Steward family to investigate something. No matter what the result will be, it may somehow get Phoebe involved.”

“Ms. Radomil, what do you want to investigate?”

Stella replied, “I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, it’s just that I’m not certain with many things, so…”

Daniel understood it quickly and chuckled, “Ms. Radomil, please don’t take it to your heart. It’s just a casual question.”

Daniel continued, “The Steward Group will hold a bidding three days later. Many big wits will attend the bidding and I guess that

Mr. Conrad won’t miss this opportunity. Ms. Radomil, although I don’t know what you plan to do, I think this may be a chance for you.”

Stella slightly pressed her lips together. It was true that this was a rare chance.

Daniel said, “I guess that you don’t want to turn to Mr. Conrad for help, right? So you come to me. Ms. Radomil, I can help you get the invitation letter.”

Stella was stunned as she didn’t expect that he would suddenly say this. She didn’t refuse it and thanked him in a low voice, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Stella paused and then asked, “Enemy?”

Stella knew that Daniel came to the city for the Steward family, but she was surprised when learning that Daniel regarded the Steward family as his enemy. It seemed like he had an explicit purpose.

Daniel crossed his long legs and said slowly, “Ms. Radomil, you must realize the underlying problems of the Steward Group that gradually emerged after that matter. The company has many enemies. But the biggest enemy of the Steward Group must be Mr.

Stella laughed awkwardly when she heard the words.
Everyone knew why Clarence became the Steward Group’s enemy.
This was the reason why she came to Daniel, but not Clarence.

The Conrad Group was encountering internal and external problems at the same time and Stella didn’t want to get Clarence involved.

Stella stood up, “Then I have to bother you.”

“Ms. Radomil, I have to remind you that since Clarence is a great enemy to the Steward family now, they may vent their anger on you.”

Daniel had made it clear and he believed that Stella could understand it.
Stella nodded her head, “I know. No matter what, I should thank you.”

She came here to ask about the current situation of the Steward family and Daniel could simply tell her about what she wanted to know. He didn’t need to take action to help him, but indeed he initiatively told her that he could help her get the invitation letter.

Since Daniel didn’t probe into her secret, naturally she would not try to find out his.

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