Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 299 The Biggest Soft Spot

Stella closed her eyes. Several minutes later, she felt that the place beside her sank.
At the next moment, the man lay down beside her. His body was warm.

When Stella prepared to move towards the edge of the bed, Clarence put one arm on her waist and asked in a low voice, “Why do you sleep with many clothes? You even cover yourself with the quilt. Aren’t you hot?”

‘I’m not hot.” Of course it was not real.

Stella felt hot, stuffy and even breathless.

Clarence didn’t say anything again and just hugged her tightly.

After a short while, Stella heard the man’s even and stable breath.

She slightly turned her head and asked tentatively, “Mr. Conrad.”

There was still silence.

It seemed like he really had fallen asleep.

Stella heaved a sigh of relief, gingerly took away his arm and then left his arms.

Sitting on the bed, she took a glance at the sofa and then at the wretched man who was sleeping. In the end, she made a concession.

She took off her coat and then lay back onto the bed again. When she lay down, she tried her best to keep a distance with Clarence.

Stella opened her eyes widely. She was so sleepy just now, but now she became sleepless.

It was reasonable. How could she not feel nervous in the face of such a strong opponent?

Even if she managed to enter the Steward family later, Charles and Phoebe would only be more precautionary against her.

It was not that easy for her to find out the truth.

When Stella was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly felt a weight on her waist. That wretched man put his arm on her waist again.
Stella, “…”

She said angrily, “Mr. Conrad, please don’t move towards me again. I almost fall down from the bed.”

Clarence didn’t reply.
Stella continued, “I know you haven’t fallen asleep. Hurry up. Move towards the inside,” Stella pushed Clarence.

In the darkness, Clarence slowly opened his eyes, curled his thin lips into a smile, grasped Stella’s hand and pulled her into his arms, “Sleep beside me, then you’ll not fall down from the bed. Why do you have to sleep by the edge?”

Stella thought that she could never win this wretched man on any argument. After a short while of silence, she said unhappily, “I’m sleepy. Good night.”

Clarence replied with a nasal sound. He didn’t take any unacceptable action except for hugging Stella.
After this, Stella became sleepy again and she found it was even difficult to her to open her eyes.
Originally, she prepared to sleep on her side, but Clarence pressed her onto his chest.

Hearing the man’s stable and strong heartbeats, Stella fell asleep after a short while.

Clarence landed a kiss on her forehead and said in a low voice, “Good night.”

It seemed like he hadn’t hugged her like this for a long time.

With the arrival of the spring, the temperature became higher and higher every day.

Time flew and the bidding came soon.

After changing her cloth, Stella dressed an elegant make-up.

When she finished the dressing, she took a glance at the clock and found it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.
The bidding would start at three o’clock in the afternoon and she might arrive on time if she set off now.

Before leaving, she put the pocket watch into her bad, took a shallow breath and walked out of the house step by step.

She would have no chance to regret from now on.

But she would persist in it until she found out the truth.

In the bidding…

Looking at those guests who constantly walked over to greet her, Phoebe smiled indifferently and sarcastically.
She was so clear of what they were thinking.

They just wanted to play up to her so that they could get some favorable conditions.

The Steward family experienced a crisis before and those people were so anxious to step on it. Even though the family was experiencing a serious challenge, she was still the daughter of the Steward family and they were not qualified.

After a short while, Phoebe became impatient and didn’t want to play at them again. She picked up a glass of wine and found Daniel. She asked in a clam voice, “Is there any news about the matter that I asked you to investigate before?”

Daniel took a sip of the champagne in the glass and raised his eyebrows, “Basically.”

Phoebe became nervous, “Tell me!”

“Don’t be so anxious. Let’s talk about this when the bidding is over. I think the truth will be out of your expectation.” When Phoebe prepared to say something, there came some noise from the venue. Clarence was coming.
Wrapping her arms in front of her chest, Phoebe looked towards Clarence, seeming to be pondering something.

Daniel looked over following her line of sights and played with the glass at his hand, “If my guess is right, Clarence is still a good choice for you and you haven’t given up on him, right?”

Phoebe was stunned when she heard the words. She withdrew her lines of sights, “Nonsense.”

Daniel chuckled, but he didn’t retort her.

Even though Phoebe denied it, Clarence was the only one who could help Phoebe now.
If he was willing to do so, he would easily get the whole Steward Group.

However, it was pitiful that even though Clarence wanted to get the Steward Group, he didn’t want to get it through this approach. Everyone knew that Clarence was cold-hearted and hard in doing things. Therefore, Phoebe hoped to reach an alliance with Clarence again, while at the same time was afraid that Clarence would snatch the Steward Group.

It seemed like Clarence had noticed his gaze and he looked towards Daniel calmly and coldly.
It seemed like Clarence was also prepared.

Daniel raised the glass at his hand toasted him from afar.

But Clarence ignored him and shifted his gaze.

Daniel continued, “Clarence is the biggest enemy for the Steward Group at present, right? Have you decided on how to deal with him?”

Phoebe replied, “Clarence is too ego and thinks that everything is under his control. It’s very easy to find out the soft spot of a person like him.”

“Oh, really?” “I may not know about the soft spot of other people. But isn’t Stella Clarence’s biggest soft spot?” Daniel looked askance at her, “Are you sure that he will be threatened simply because of a woman?”

Phoebe sneered, “You overestimate him. Clarence is not as capable as you think. He even gave up the only opportunity to pull down the Conrad family because of that woman.”

Daniel didn’t say anything and simply smiled. A businessman would never start an unprofitable deal, especially Clarence.
After a short while, the bidding officially began and everyone seated themselves

Phoebe put down the glass, “It begins. Let’s go.”

Daniel fixed his eyes on her back and then turned around. Failing to find Stella in the venue, he narrowed his eyes.

From the words Stella said last night, he had a hunch that there would be a big event today.

Daniel took several steps backward while looking around. Then he turned around and followed behind Phoebe.

The bidding officially came to a start.

The person in charge of the project of the Steward Group came to the stage and made an overall introduction of the project to the audience.

And Logan was the person in charge of the project.

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