Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 300 I Don’t Know Whether It’s Convenient

In the middle of the bidding, the guests sitting in the venue all had various thoughts.
Few of them attended this bidding for the project of the Steward Group and most of them had some other intentions.

Therefore, few people bid for the project. They offered a high price yet their planning schemes were very ordinary. Although the Steward Group was experiencing a crisis now, it was still more powerful than many companies. It seemed like they wanted to take a great advantage of it now.

When everyone thought that Steward Group would not be able to go through this crisis and would gradually decline, a company provided a perfect planning scheme for this project and the price it offered was very reasonable.

The guests had a heated discussion. They didn’t expect that a company was still unwilling to cooperate with the Steward Ground under such a situation.

But Clarence was not surprised. He gently clicked his knee, seeming to be pondering something.

Charles came to his own sense. He took a glance and then asked the assistant beside him in a low voice, “What’s the background of this company? Why isn’t it on the list of bidders?”

The assistant replied, “Complex Corporation is a very famous company abroad. It cooperated with the Conrad Group not long ago and its representative, William, came to City N for the cooperation. Maybe they decide to come to this bidding randomly, so it’s not recorded on the list of bidders.”

Charles looked towards a corner in the venue when he heard the words.
Meeting his gaze in the air, William nodded at him and smiled.

Charles’ assistant continued, “The Complex has been planning to expand the domestic market and has made continuous attempts. Its cooperation with the Conrad Group is just a beginning. I guess the reason why it bids for this project is that it wants to thoroughly expand the domestic market with the strength of the Steward Group.”

Charles said, “It cooperated with the Conrad Group before, and now wants to cooperate with the Steward Group. Looks like it’s ambitious.”

If it only wanted to expand the domestic market, it was reasonable for the company to cooperate with two big companies consecutively.

But if he had some other intentions, it would be so obvious.

Charles continued, “Investigate this company and its representative William.”


When the bidding came to an end, Charles stood up and prepared to leave.

However, he was stopped simply after taking several steps.

Standing in front of him, Stella smiled, “Hello Mr. Steward, I’m Stella Radomil. We met before.”

Charles narrowed his eyes and replied in a flat tone, “I remember you. Is there any matter?”

Stella looked around and her smile became brighter, “I saw many familiar people, who are all famous people in City N. Mr.
Conrad, is it convenient for me to ask you some questions?”

Stella’s voice was neither loud nor small, yet it attracted those guests who prepared to leave.
Even William also stopped. But he simply watched this scene behind the crowd.

Stella was beautiful and she even wore a delicate make-up today. She would be the center of attention no matter where she was.
Moreover, everyone was gossipy in nature. They were so curious when hearing her ambiguous words.

Charles also sensed this. He knitted his brows and didn’t reply.
Phoebe walked over and said coldly, “Ms. Radomil, you come without invitation. You know it’s inconvenient, yet still asked it deliberately and caused my father to be in a dilemma. Don’t you have the basic politeness?”

Stella chuckled when she heard the words, “Ms. Steward, you’re so serious. I just want to ask Mr. Steward several question, how will it put him in dilemma? But it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t dare to answer my question in the public. We can find a quiet place to continue our conversation.”

Phoebe’s expression changed, “Ms. Radomil, mind your words.”

Charles reached out to stop her and looked towards Stella. He was as gentle as usual, “Why should I be afraid of it? What are your questions?”

Stella took a glance at Phoebe and then slowly shifted her gaze and asked, “Mr. Steward, did you customize a pocket watch twenty years ago?”

A touch of fierceness flashed across Charles’ eyes but it disappeared at the next moment. He replied with composure, “Ms.
Radomil, I don’t know why you suddenly ask this question. But as you said just now, it’s twenty years ago and I can’t remember clearly about the pocket watch. Maybe I bought it before, maybe not.”

Stella was not surprised when hearing the answer. She took out a yellowed notebook from her back, “This is the purchase record from the pocket watch manufacturer. Mr. Steward, you may have forgotten it, but this notebook clearly recorded it. Mr. Steward, you customized two pocket watches and they were the gifts for the wedding anniversary with your wife. Do you have any impression of it now?”

Charles’ face tensed up, “I remember it. It seems like it’s true. But Ms. Radomil, I have to remind you that my wife died in an accident long ago, and I hope you won’t make an issue of her.”

“Mr. Steward, please don’t worry aboutit. It’s just a random question. Naturally I won’t show any disrespect to your wife. Stella continued, “But I want to ask you guys present now, have you ever seen Mr. Steward’s wife?”

Several bit wits in the business who were around Charles’ age exchanged a glance. But they were not in a hurry to answer it.

Charles’ wife died many years ago, so naturally only those people who were around Charles’ age had seen her before.

Although it had been many years and they couldn’t remember how she looked like clearly, they could vaguely remember that she was a stunning beauty.

But they were her to watch the show now, so they wouldn’t get themselves involved in this matter before figuring out what was.
happening. It was unprofitable for them to offend Charles because of this girl.

Phoebe said, “Enough is enough. Ms. Radomil, you’re not welcomed here. Please get out!” Right at this moment, an old yet stable voice sounded from the crowd, “I’ve seen her before.” When hearing the words, the crowd slowly made a way for him.

It was Cameron Thomas.

Cameron walked to Stella with the support of his walking stick, “Charles’ wife was once my student. Among the guests present, I must be the one who’s familiar with her the most.”

Charles’s face became extremely hideous. Phoebe tried to say something, yet was stopped by Charles for several times.

Stella nodded her head at Cameron to greet him, and then rummaged her back. She paused for several seconds and then took out a pocket watch and handed it to Cameron.

William, who stood behind the crowd, suddenly changed his expression when seeing the pocket watch. But when he prepared to walk over, he was stopped by his assistant.

His assistant reminded him in a low voice, “Mister, Charles’ man is watching at us.”

They had been waiting for this moment for many years. If Charles found out their plan now, the efforts they made before would all be in vain.

William’s hands that were placed by both sides were clenched tightly. He looked over again.

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