Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 301 Who Says That I’m Worrying About Her

On the other side…

Looking at the pocket watch handed by Stella, Cameron was also stunned for several seconds. He looked towards Stella in disbelief and received the pocket watch, trembling.

He saw the family photo when he lifted the lid of the pocket watch.

Clenching the watch, Cameron said after a long while, “The person in the photo is Miranda.”

The onlookers had a heated discussion about how Stella got the pocket watch.

Although Stella had numerous assumptions before, she couldn’t help feel stunned when hearing the answer.
It seemed like she was right.

Cameron suddenly held up Stella’s hand and asked anxiously, “Girl, how did you get the pocket watch?” Stella felt her throat so dry and painful. She replied after a long while, “It’s a relic of my mother.” Everyone was shocked when they heard the words.

Their gazes were full of shock and confusion.

If this was really a relic of Stella’s mother, didn’t it mean that she was Charles’ daughter?

Then who was Phoebe, who had been an apple of Charles’ eye?

When they looked towards Phoebe, they found that she was also shocked. It seemed like she was also confused by what was happening.

Cameron returned the pocket watch to Stella and then looked towards Charles who had remained silent. He knitted his brows, “Charles, what’s going on?”

Charlies said after several seconds, “Follow me.” Phoebe was the first person who followed behind him, “Dad, why…” Charles raised his hand, “Don’t be in a hurry. Let’s talk about this later.”

Phoebe’s face became gloomier. After taking several steps, she turned around and took a glance at Stella with her teeth gritted.

Holding the walking stick, Cameron said to Stella, “Girl, let’s follow him.”

Stella nodded her head and put the pocket watch into her bag, “Okay.”

After their leaving, Charles’ assistant walked over. He announced the end of this bidding and thanked them for their participation.
It seemed like he was asking them to leave.

Although their curiosity was not satisfied, they had no choice but to leave reluctantly.

The venue, which was packed with guests just now, soon became empty.

William had been fixing his eyes at Stella’s back. It seemed like he was lost in his thought.

Right at this moment, Clarence emerged from aside and stood in front of him, “Congratulations, Mr. William.”

William pulled himself back to the reality. He was not in a mood to make stilled conversation with Clarence and asked in a flat tone, “Mr. Conrad, why do you congratulate me?”

Clarence raised his brows, “Of course I have to congratulate you for the successful bid for the Steward Group’s project, Mr.

“Oh, please don’t congratulate me in advance. The result hasn’t come out yet.” “Yes?” Clarence said, “I think Mr. William is the best bidder for today’s project and I believe that Charles also think so.”

William smiled perfunctorily, “We should consider about each other before cooperation and what I can do is just to provide favorable conditions within my acceptance range. But the Steward Group is the one to decide whether to cooperate with me.”

Clarence replied, “Mr. William, you’ve prepared for this for a long time. If you even fail to get this project, isn’t it a waste of your time and efforts?”

“Mr. Conrad, I don’t know what you mean. I come here simply for the cooperation.”

Clarence chuckled, “I think that Mr. William will be interested in other matters except for the cooperation, for instance, the thing happened just now.”

William replied, “Mr. Conrad, please don’t joke with me. I’m a businessman, so naturally I’m only interested in my interests. The thing happened just now is related to Ms. Radomil. Mr. Conrad, I think you should…”

William suddenly paused. Knitting his brows and fixing his eyes on Clarence, he suddenly realized something.

Meeting his gaze in the air, Clarence curled his lips into a light yet meaningful smile.

William paused before continuing, “Mr. Conrad, I have to leave now as I have to deal with something.” William nodded at him to show his apology and then strode towards the door.

After his leaving, Nathan walked to Clarence.

Clarence said slowly, “We should leave too.”

After leaving the venue, Nathan asked, “Mr. Conrad, Charles had begun to investigate William. If he doesn’t find anything weird, I guess that he will cooperate with him soon.”

“Charles won’t find out any problem. William is the last choice for him now. Or precisely, he has no other choice.” “Should we do anything?”

Clarence paused, “No need. Just as usual.”

Nathan nodded his head, “Okay.”

Standing beside the car with one hand in his pocket, Clarence turned around to take a glance at the venue and pressed his thin lips together.

Although he tried to sound out William just now, his answer was so perfect that he couldn’t find out anything.

It seemed like William probably came for the thing happened twenty years ago. But Clarence still didn’t know his real identity.
Seeing this and knowing what he was worrying about, Nathan walked over and said in a low voice, “Mr. Conrad, Cameron here.
Nothing will happen to Mrs. Conrad.”

Clarence snorted, “Who says that I’m worrying about her?”

He got into the car after finishing the words.

Nathan was rendered speechless.

He would never admit his inner thought.

It was Clarence who came to Cameron’s home and asked him to come here.

In the VIP lounge…

Cameron sat beside Stella with Charles and Phoebe sitting opposite to them.

Charles asked, “Can you show me your pocket watch?”

Stella subconsciously looked towards Cameron when she heard the words. Cameron nodded his head.

Stella took out the pocket watch from her bag again. She put it on the tea table and pushed it to Charles.

Charles picked up the pocket watch and studied it carefully. After a while, he said, “It’s the one that I gifted Miranda.” After finishing the words, he asked Stella, “You said it’s a relic of your mother.”

Stella took a light breath, “Yes.”

Charles put down the pocket watch and said in a flat tone, “I didn’t find the pocket watch on Miranda’s dead body after that accident.”

Cameron said in a deep voice, “We just saw a burnt corpse before. What if it was not Miranda? Maybe she escaped the accident. Or else, how could Ms. Radomil get the pocket watch?”

Charles chuckled, “Mr. Thomas, you also know what happened at that time. Lyndon kidnapped Phoebe and Miranda. Could it be that he snatched the pocket watch at the time. Otherwise, how could it be a relic of Ms. Radomil’s mother? I’m also curious.”

Cameron was silent. He then looked towards Stella, “Girl, do you have a photo of your mother?” Stella nodded her head and took out a photo from her bag.

After seeing the photo, Cameron’s expression became more serious. He tried to say something for several times, yet swallowed them again and again. In the end, he handed the photo to Charles.

Charles took a glance at the photo and said, “I know what’s going on.”

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