Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 302 One of Us Is a Liar

Charles said slowly, “I guess Ms. Radomil’s mother shall be Lyndon’s while and she took the pocket watch and the photo from Miranda.”

Cameron was unhappy when he heard the words, “Nonsense. Ms. Radomil looks like Miranda. She must be her daughter. How could it be…”

“Mr. Thomas,” Charles interrupted him, “Phoebe is Miranda’s daughter and I’m clear of this than anyone else. If you don’t believe it, I and Phoebe can have a DNA test.”

Holding his walking stick, Cameron didn’t say anything.

Charles pushed the photo to Cameron and said in a calm voice, “I believe that you’ve also perceived how much they hated me.
How would Miranda do this if she was the keeper of this photo?”

He meant that the face of the man in the photo was scratched.

Stella said, “It was Jeffrey who scratched photo. My mother died when I was young.”

Phoebe continued, “If I remember it correctly, Ms. Radomil, you have a younger brother, right?” Stella understood what she meant immediately.

She looked into her eyes and smiled at her, “Yes.”

Phoebe continued, “Ms. Radomil, I don’t know why you come here with the pocket. But I have to remind you that my mother died in an accident twenty years ago. Moreover, I’m her only daughter. So Ms. Radomil, I’m afraid that you will have to be disappointed.”

“Ms. Steward, what do you mean?” Stella said in a calm voice, “It’s just that I found this watch among my mother’s relics and then I found it has something to do with Mr. Steward. Therefore, I come here to ask some question. Ms. Steward, you don’t need to be so nervous.”

Charles said, “Since Ms. Radomil has asked the questions, can you return the pocket watch to me? I don’t know who your mother is and I don’t want to probe into this matter. However, since this is Miranda’s relic, I think you should return it to its real owner.”

Stella said slowly, “Its my mother’s relic and this is the truth. I will not give it to any other person easily. But Mr. Steward, you insisted that it’s your wife’s relic. This only proves that one of us is a liar. What do you think of it?” Phoebe said in a displeased tone, “Ms. Radomil…”

“Wait,” Cameron raised his hand to stop her, “I think Ms. Radomil’s words are reasonable. Charles, the explosion had caused a great commotion at that year and maybe someone has substituted your daughter. We can’t be in a rush to draw the conclusion.
Ms. Radomil looks like Miranda, while Phoebe looks like you. I think this matter is really weird and we should investigate it.”

“Is it necessary to investigate it? We should directly have a DNA test…”

Charles curled his lips into a smile, “Yep, Mr. Thomas is right. We should investigate it carefully.”

Phoebe knitted her brows tightly. She didn’t know why Charles would agree to such a ridiculous request.

Stella said, “I want to live in the Steward family before you find out the truth.”

Charles didn’t reply. But Phoebe abruptly stood up and said in a cold voice, “Impossible!”

Stella looked up at her and said slowly, “Ms. Steward, you don’t have the qualification to refuse it. We’re now the same.” “You…”

Charles said, “You can move into the Steward family. But if the truth shows that you have no relationship with Miranda, I hope you can make an apology openly.”

“Okay.” Stella smiled, “But if the result shows that my mother is really Mr. Steward’s wife, does it mean that Phoebe is the one who should make an apology? Except for the apology, I hope she can move out of the Steward family and shouldn’t live with the identity as the daughter of the Steward family.”

Before Phoebe could reply, Charles said, “Okay.”

Cameron nodded his head, “I also agree to this solution. Even though Ms. Radomil is not Miranda’s daughter, she should be a member of the Steward family. It’s reasonable for her to move into the Steward family.”

Phoebe knew that she wouldn’t change his decision no matter what she said now and rushed out of the longue in a pet.
Cameron stood up with the support of his walking stick and said to Stella, “Girl, can you send me out?”


Stella supported Cameron. Just as they had taken several steps, Charles’ voice sounded from behind, “Ms. Radomil.” Stella turned around and asked indifferently, “Mr. Steward, is there any other matter?”

Charles said, “If your mother is really Miranda, it means that you’re my daughter and you should call me dad.”

Stella replied in a clam voice, “You’ve never done what a father should do. Are you qualified to require me to call you dad? I just want to get the things I deserve.”

Her attitude matched well with the excuse she found.

Stella supported Cameron out of the venue. When they walked downstairs, Cameron said in a deep voice, “Although he agrees to let you move into the Steward family now, I’m afraid that he will still seek troubles for you secretly. Be careful.”

Stella pressed her lips together and said, “Mr. Thomas…”

Cameron patted her arm kindly, “Believe me, you’re definitely Miranda’s daughter and this is the truth. It’s just that I can’t tell you about it now. You will know about the truth soon.”

Since Charles had made a concession, naturally he should also make one. The words he said just now were just formalities because it was not the high time to offend Charles openly.

Cameron looked towards Stella with satisfaction, “I didn’t expect that you and Miranda actually escaped from the explosion. Tell me, what did you experience later?”

Stella moved her lips, yet was suddenly lost for words.

Cameron immediately realized something after asking the question. He shifted the topic with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not important now. He will be so happy if he learns that you’re still alive.”

Stella was confused, “Who?”

Cameron didn’t reply it directly and simply said, “You’re so brave that you stood up and questioned Charles in the public today.
But after this, maybe everyone in the City N is discussing this matter and many people are keeping an eye on the result. Charles won’t dare to do harm to you easily. You can move into the Steward family. The proverb says that the most dangerous place will be the safest place. Feel free to contact me if you have any problem.”

Stella nodded her head, “Thank you, Mr. Thomas.”

Stella sent Cameron to the car and couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Thomas, may I ask you a question?” Cameron nodded his head, “What’s it?”

Stella paused and then asked, “Is Charles…”

“Cough, cough, cough!” Cameron coughed violently to interrupt her and then said with a smile, “Don’t think too much of it. You will get the answer later.”

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