Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 303 Why Do You Make a Fuss Again

Stella gently heaved a sigh after Cameron’s leaving. When she turned around, she found a black Rolls-Royce stopping in front of her.

Then the car window was slowly wound down and the man’s cold face gradually appeared. He slightly tilted his head at her, “Get into the car.”

Stella looked around and then pulled open the door and got into the car.

Clarence asked her, “Is it solved?”

Stella nodded her head and said after a short while of silence, “I will move into the Steward family two days later.” Clarence looked towards her and pressed his thin lips together tightly.

Stella peeked at him and said in a low voice, “I know what to do and what I shouldn’t do. Nothing will happen to me. Moreover, many people witnessed it today. Charles won’t…”

“You provide a great challenge for me.” Stella was a bit stunned, “What?”

Clarence crossed his long legs and said slowly, “The members of the Steward family don’t welcome me. So probably I can move into the family and live with you.”

Stella was rendered speechless.
She had expected this.
This wretched man always had a weird thought in his mind.

Stella sneered, “Mr. Conrad, you’re too modest. The members of the Steward family not only don’t welcome you, moreover, they wish so much to drive you out of the family with a broom.”

Clarence raised his brows, “Then you should be careful too.”

“Why should I be careful?”

‘I regretted the engagement because of you, so you’re the main cause.” “Mr. Conrad, you’re good at shifting the blame.”

‘It’s the truth.”

Stella didn’t want to talk with him again. She felt it would harm her life span if she continued to talk with this wretched man.
She said after a while, “Did you ask Mr. Thomas to come here?”

Clarence replied, “You don’t need to thank me. You know what you should do.”

My ass!

Stella didn’t want to talk with him anymore. She closed her eyes, pretending to sleep.

Clarence directly pulled her into his arms.

Stella was a bit tired that she felt lazy to struggle.

After a long while, the car stopped in front of her studio.

Taking a glance through the rear-view mirror, Nathan said in a low voice, “Mr. Conrad, you have a meeting an hour later.”

Clarence looked askance at the woman who was in sound sleep and then lowered his head to take a glance at his wrist watch, “Not in a hurry.”

Nathan didn’t speak again and got off the car sensibly. He had prepared that the meeting would be postponed.
In the car…

Stella woke up several minutes later. She turned her stiff neck left and right and squinted out of the window, “When did we arrive here? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Clarence replied, “The chances to sleep beside me have been greatly reduced. You should cherish it.” Stella was rendered speechless.
Was he insane?

She picked up her things and prepared to get off the car, but was then pulled back by Clarence. He rubbed her hair slowly, “Do you know what it mean to you if you move into the Steward family?”

Stella replied after a while of silence, “I know.”

It meant that no matter what situation the Steward family would have, she would be somehow involved and affected.

Moreover, she exposed Charles’ secret in the face of many guests today, definitely he would hate her so much. Although he still looked gentleman on the surface, she didn’t know how many evil tricks he would use behind her back.

Not to mention Phoebe…

However, if she was frightened by this, the truth twenty years ago would be covered forever.

Even though Cameron didn’t answer her question, she was almost sure that Charles was actually Lyndon, while the real Charles, her biological father, she guessed that he died in that explosion.

In the past, she didn’t want to probe into the truth because she didn’t want to break her peace, but Clarence was right — her life had never been peaceful.

Now it seemed like she was so close to the truth. How would she stop now? Moreover, maybe the truth itself was not important. The important thing was to expose Charles’ real face.
Stella replied after a long while, “This is the passage that I have to get through.”

Clarence pressed his lips together and then said slowly, “Keep your phone available all the time. Call me if you have any problem.”

Stella gently nodded her head. She said after pondering for a while, “Mr. Conrad, may you do me a favor?” “What?”

“Phoebe mentioned my brother today, plus that she once found someone to frame Chan before, I’m afraid that she will do harm to Chan again.”

Clarence casually picked up a strand of her hair and played with it. He said in a flat tone, “Don’t worry. Your brother is much smarter than you.”

Stella pushed him away angrily, yet accidently pulled apart her hair.

Clarence was silent when looking at the strand of broken hair in his hand.

Stella gritted her teeth angrily, “Fuck offt” She picked up her things and slammed closed the door.

Nathan, who was waiting outside of the car, couldn’t help but shiver. Weren’t they in a good relationship just now? Why was she suddenly angry?

After one minute, when the awkwardness in the car was dispersed, Nathan opened the door to the driver’s seat and got into the car, “Mr… Mr. Conrad, should we delay the meeting?”

Nathan’s flat voice sounded from behind soon, “There’s still twenty minutes. It’s enough. Notify all of them to prepare for the meeting.”

“Okay.” They then arrived at the Conrad Group. When they got off the lift, an assistant hurriedly walked over, “Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence strode forwards while asking, “What’s the matter?”

“Old Master Conrad is waiting for you in the office. He asked you to come to see him right after coming back to the company.” Clarence headed towards the meeting room nonstop. “I’m not free now. Ask him to wait.”

The assistant was in a dilemma and looked towards Nathan for help. Nathan said in a low voice, “Tell Old Master Conrad that Mr.
Conrad has an important meeting. He will come to see him when the meeting is over.”

The assistant then left.
With some documents in his hand, Nathan followed Clarence into the meeting room.
In the CEO’s office…

When hearing the assistant’s report, Dempsey’s face immediately turned gloomy. But he couldn’t throw his temper here and just waved his hand to gesture the assistant to leave.

Clarence had been out of his control, so it was expectant that he would do such a thing.
Touching the top of his walking stick, Dempsey asked in a deep voice, “Is there any progress in your investigation?”

‘The Steward family refuses to talk about this matter. But according to the news from the bidding, Cameron also came there. It seems like the new is probably true.”

Dempsey snorted, “Stella is somehow capable. She even tries to plot the Steward family. Looks like she’s so ambitious. No wonder that she required nothing when she divorced Clarence. It turns out that she’s waiting for this.”

“Master, should we continue the investigation?” “Go on. Find out what Stella has on Clarence. I must root out the Steward family and the Steward Group this time.

Dempsey suddenly thought of something and instructed his subordinate in a low voice, asking him to investigate another matter at the same time.

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