Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 305 I Want to Treat You a Meal

Dempsey left the office angrily. Nathan then knocked at the door of the CEO’s office.
Clarence stood up and then walked towards the office desk, “Come in.”

Nathan put a document on the desk, “Mr. Conrad, this is the minutes of the meeting just now. And here’re some documents that requires your signature.”

Nathan replied with an indifferent nasal sound.
Nathan couldn’t help but asked, “Why does Old Master Conrad suddenly think of arranging your marriage?”

Clarence sneered when he heard the words. He opened the document in front of him and said in an indifferent voice, “Is there any other reason? He’s afraid that Stella will unite with me to fight against him once she’s proved that she’s a member of the Steward family, so naturally he can’t remain composed any longer.”

“He got the news so quickly…” Clarence narrowed his black eyes. He didn’t say anything else.

Probably Dempsey had been keeping an eye on the bidding of the Steward Group and wanted to take advantage of a weak point.

Therefore, Clarence wasn’t surprised that he would get the news immediately.
Clarence asked, “Have you found Jeffrey?”

Nathan felt a bit guilty, “Haven’t. He’s so good at hiding himself. We’ve already arranged some men in various underground gambling house, yet it seems like he has perceived it and he never shows up again.”

Clarence rubbed his nose bridge, “Never mind, drop this matter now. Find out how he managed to escape from the prison. He wouldn’t have achieved it by himself.”

“Mr. Conrad, do you mean that someone helped him before?”

“Jeffrey won’t disappear out of no reason. If he can control his desire to gamble, it won’t progress to today’s situation.” Nathan slightly nodded his head, “I will investigate it now.”

“Hold on.”

When Nathan prepared to leave, Clarence stopped him.

Nathan asked, “Mr. Conrad, do you have any other instruction?”

Clarence licked his thin lips and said slowly, “Don’t tell Stella about this.”

Nathan suppressed his laughter and replied in a serious tone, “Okay.”

It seemed like Mr. Conrad had become more and more experienced in pursuing his wife and his efforts were not in vain.
After Nathan’s leaving, Clarence took out his phone and called Vincent. He said in a flat tone, “How’s it?”

‘I’ve been watching it. He came home after the ending of the bidding and had no other weird behavior.”

“What about Daniel?”

“He directly went home too.”

Clarence curled his lips into a smile. It seemed like these people were patient enough.

Vincent continued, “According to my investigation, there’s no information about William’s daughter in his information. In other words, maybe he doesn’t have a daughter, or maybe…”

“He thinks she has died.” At the other end of the phone, Vincent paused. After a long while, he said, “If that’s the case, Stella is probably… Does he…”

Clarence interrupted him, “It’s early to talk about this matter. Continue to watch it and tell me immediately if there’s any information.”

In the studio…

Stella had been staying in her office after coming back to the studio and looking at the pocket watch in a trance, seeming to be pondering something.

She inexplicably had a feeling that she was so close to the truth as if it was within her reach.
And Cameron probably knew everything.

After a long while, there came some knocking sounds on the door. Sherry popped out her head from behind the door. Stella immediately put down the pocket watch, “Sherry, what’s the matter?”

Sherry asked, “Are you drawing?”

Stella shook her head and pressed her temples, “Not yet.”

Sherry waved the hand. There were a cup of milk tea and some desserts in her hand. She said, “Look what I bring to you. Eat them first and then continue with your work.”

Sherry put the food on Stella’s office desk and said, “I have to go out to shoot something later and I have to go to have a look at the houses in the evening, so I will not come back to the studio and you will go back alone. Be careful.”


Sherry asked, “Stella, when will you move there?”

Stella replied, “Two days later.”

Sherry heaved a long sigh secretly and suddenly thought of something, “Does Channing know about this?”

“I haven’t told him about this yet. Please don’t tell him either. Let’s wait for a period.”

Sherry said, “Rest assured. I will keep this for you. I promise I will not tell him about this.”

When speaking, Sherry made an action of closing the zip on her mouth.

She then said, “Stella, eat them first. I have to go out now. You don’t need to care about the matters in the store as Natalie and other employees will deal with it. You can focus on your own business.”

After Sherry’s leaving, the office was prevailed by silence again.

Stella took a deep breath, turned on her computer and began to draw designs.

Time flew by. When she lifted her head again, she found the sky had already gotten dark.
Stella took a glance at her phone and found it was already nine o’clock.

She turned her neck left and right and walked out of the office.

The employees in the studio had already gotten off the work and she was the only one left here. Stella walked to the tearoom to pour some water. Just as she took a sip of the water, she heard some footsteps from the door. She subconsciously thought that it was Clarence and said without turning around, “You can wait for me outside. I will finish it soon.”


Itwas Emmett’s voice.

Stella was a bit stunned and then immediately put down the glass and turned around.
Standing at the door, Emmett smiled at her, “Have you finished your work?”

Stella gently nodded her head.

Emmett pressed his lips, “Stella, are you free now? I want to treat you a meal.”

“What?” Stella was a bit stunned. When she prepared to answer the question, a cold voice sounded, “Now that Mr. Carter has invited us with hospitality, how will we refuse it?”

Emmett, “…

Standing beside Emmett, Clarence looked tall and strong. He glanced over and said with a light smile, “How coincident. Every time when Mr. Carter wants to treat Stella a meal, I will be here. Looks like I have the gourmet’s luck.”

Emmett laughed drily and looked towards Stella again. Recalling what she said when he just entered the door, he flickered his eyes and said, “Mr. Conrad, as long as you don’t look down on it, what’s the big deal to treat you a meal?”

Clarence said, “Then Mr. Carter, please wait outside. We will come out soon.”

Emmett nodded his head absent-mindedly, turned around and walked out of the studio.

Stella looked towards Clarence unhappily, “What are you doing?”

Clarence raised his brows, “Are you going to have dinner with him alone?”

Of course she didn’t plan to do so. It was just that she had a hunch that Emmett came here to tell her something.
But this wretched man made a fuss before she could figure it out.

Clarence said, “I will go with you.”

“Don’t make a fuss. Apparently he wants to tell me something. How will he tell me if you come with me?” ‘If it’s a righteous matter, will he fear that others will learn about it?”

Stella, “…”

This wretched man was really good at preposterous argument.

He could even persuade others that a dead creature was actually alive.

Stella picked up the key, took a glance at Emmett who was waiting for them outside and then reminded Clarence in a low voice, “You can go with me. But try to speak as less as possible. Never mind… Don’t speak. You’re not allowed to utter a single word!”

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