Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 306 For Whom You Came Here

Although Stella asked Clarence to keep silent, it was Emmett who quieted down.

Since the atmosphere was way too embarrassing, Stella felt quite uneasy. Clarence, who was next to her, was quite calm, easy, and peaceful.

Stella wished that she could be as cheeky as him so that she wouldn’t be feeling like sitting on a spiked rug.

Right then, a waiter came over to take the order. Emmett directly passed the menu to Stella. “Stella, please order whatever you like.”

As soon as Stella reached out her hand, the menu was grabbed by Clarence. He ordered some of Stella’s favorite dishes and returned to be aloof, sitting on his chair in silence.

Stella had a wry smile. “That’s all for the time being.” The waiter nodded and left.

Since Clarence was sitting at the table, Emmett couldn’t talk about other things naturally. He just chitchatted with Stella and then quieted down.

The meal finally approached the end in such an embarrassing atmosphere.

When Stella went to the restroom, Clarence said, “Mr. Carter, if not mistaken, you should come here for what happened on the Steward Group’s bidding.”

Upon hearing it, Emmett faintly smiled. “Mr. Conrad, you misunderstood. I even didn’t go to the bidding of Steward Group. How would I know what happened there? I just came to visit Stella.”

“In that case, I believe I should make time to visit your parents then, Mr. Carter.” Emmett gradually pulled a long face when listening to him.

Clarence continued indifferently, “Mr. Carter, I don’t care why you came here or what you are going to do. Don’t drag Stella into the mere.”

“Mr. Conrad, please rest assured. Even if you don’t remind me, I wouldn’t do anything to harm Stella.”

When Stella came out of the ladies’ room, Emmett was already gone. She immediately knew that Clarence must have said something harsh to him.

She walked to Clarence and picked up her bag. “Let’s go.”

Clarence raised his eyebrows slightly, stood up, and left with her.

When the car was pulled over the downstairs of the apartment, Stella touched the handle on the door, only to find the door next to the driver’s seat was open. Clarence got off the car.

Stella was speechless.

She wondered what the wretched man would do.

She got off and closed the door. Clarence walked with her side-by-side and paused. “I didn’t have enough just now. Made me something to eat, would you?”

Stella said crossly, “Mr. Conrad, didn’t you say you had the luck to enjoy a feast? How come you didn’t have enough? Do you know what kind of person couldn’t have enough when being invited to a meal?”

Clarence curled up his lips. Without answering her, he bypassed her and walked forward. “Hurry up. I’m starved.” Stella believed that the wretched man intentionally found the excuse.

After arriving at him, she asked, “Mr. Conrad, what would you like to eat?”

“Anything would be fine.”

Stella snorted and didn’t want to expose his lie.

The wretched man was always picky in food. She didn’t believe that anything could do.

Sure enough, he came upstairs with other intentions.

Since it was late, Stella didn’t want to cook the set meal of three dishes with one soup for him. There were only two tomatoes left in the fridge, so she cooked the noodle soup of fried tomato with egg for him.

While she was cooking the noodles, she heard a few knocks on the door of her apartment.

Stella tilted her head and looked over at the door. Right then, her hands were full.

Soon, she heard Clarence’s voice. “Keep on cooking. I’ll open the door.”

“All right.”

She withdrew her gaze.

Clarence opened the door. Looking at the man at the door, he wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, he curled up his lips into a sneer.
“What’s up?”

Daniel hadn’t expected that Clarence would be here. After being startled for a few seconds, he came back to his senses. “Is Ms.
Radomil home?”

Clarence looked back and answered indifferently, “She’s busy.” “All right. I’ll come back later then.” When Daniel was about to leave, Clarence said, “For whom you came here, Phoebe Steward or anyone else?”

Upon hearing it, Daniel paused a bit. He turned around with a slight smile. “Mr. Conrad, you’ve overthought. I just want to borrow a bottle of soy sauce from Ms. Radomil…”

Clarence asked calmly, “Really?” “Of course. A distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor. Mr. Conrad, don’t you think so?”

Right then, Stella finally put the noodles into the pot. She overheard their conversation, so she came out of the kitchen with a bottle of soy sauce in her hand. She handed it over to Daniel. “This is the only brand in our home. Does it work?”

“Haha… Yes. I’ll return it to you as soon as I finish using it, Ms. Radomil. Thanks a lot.”

Stella smiled. “It’s alright. I don’t need it for the time being. You can return it whenever you like.”

Daniel coughed and nodded at Clarence. Then he left with the bottle of soy sauce.

After closing the door, Stella heard the boiling sound of the water in the kitchen, so she trotted back to the kitchen again.

Clarence followed her, walking steadily.

The noodle soup was soon cooked. Stella put the bowl on the dining table. “It’s ready. Mr. Conrad, you can eat now.” Clarence pulled the chair and sat down. “Don’t you eat some?” “No, thanks. I was full just now.”

While Clarence was eating, Stella cleaned up the kitchen. She checked the time — it was almost eleven in the evening. She wondered why Sherry hadn’t come home yet.

She walked to the living room, pulled out her cell phone, and called Sherry.

The call wasn’t connected until she heard the beeps for a long time.

Sherry asked, “Hello, Stella, what’s up?”

“Have you found a suitable apartment?”

“Yes, I have. I’ll move in this weekend.”

“When are you coming home?”

Sherry paused a bit. Then she grinned. “I won’t go home tonight. Wish you a pleasant night, Stella.” Stella choked up.

She wondered what Sherry meant.

After turning around to cast a glance at the man in the dining room, Stella walked to the balcony. She whispered, “Has Clarence Conrad threatened you?”

“What… not at all.” Sherry lay in a twenty-meter wide bathtub, picking up the goblet next to her to take a sip of the wine. “Stella, how can you misunderstand Mr. Conrad? He’s a super nice man, the role model of the business world. He’s handsome, making countless girls fascinated. Besides that, he was a walking Buddha. He doesn’t only enjoy doing charity a lot but also caring about environmental protection. The most important is he cares about the poverty and the weak, getting along with…”

Stella fell into the silence when listening to Sherry’s flattery on Clarence. She asked, “What benefits did Clarence Conrad promise you?”

Sherry remained calm and answered, “Stella, you’ve been so vulgar. What I said showed my respect and compliment to Mr.
Conrad. How come you asked about the benefits?”

As she spoke, she whispered quickly, “He just provides me the right to access the seven-star luxury suite. I can come over at any time.”

Stella’s temples popped.

Before she could continue asking Sherry anything else, she was hugged by someone from behind. The man’s warm breath was sprayed on her neck, making her sensitive and trembling. She couldn’t help but pinch the cell phone in her hand tightly. Her lips parted but she couldn’t utter any beep.

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