Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 307 Are You a Dog

Upon hearing the abnormal sounds from the other end of the line, Sherry immediately said, “I’m quite sleepy now. Bye!” After finishing her words, she hung up the phone without any hesitation.

Clarence heard the beeps from the phone. He kissed Stella behind her ear and said in a deep and magnetic voice, “Done?” Of course, the call wasn’t done. It was interrupted by the wretched man.

Before Stella answered, the man’s kisses had been already moved to her neck from the back of her ear.

She felt a bit tickled and numb.

Stella couldn’t help clenching her fists, trying her best to control her breath. “It’s… It’s getting quite late. Shouldn’t you…” Clarence bit her fair skin gently. “What should I do?”

Stella hissed in pain. She asked, “Are you a dog?”

“I can be anything.”

Clarence gripped her shoulders and turned her around. Then he pressed her against the handrail on the balcony, biting her lips.
He guided her gently, “Your bestie won’t come home tonight. Can I stay here overnight then?”

As soon as Stella uttered a word, her lips were sealed seamlessly.
Even the wretched man didn’t answer her, his voice appeared in her mind: “I’m not asking you for the permission.”

Under the cald wind on the balcony, Stella didn’t feel cold at all. Instead, she felt as if she was within a big stove. The heat made her hard to breathe.

Clarence’s big palms held her cheeks. He kissed her more and more wildly.
Shortly after, Stella’s legs became too weakened to support her.

She reached out and pressed Clarence’s chest. Taking a step back and panting slightly, she looked at him with her tearful eyes.
“All right… Enough…”

Clarence focused on her delicate and charming lips. He approached and pecked on them again. “You’ve agreed.”

Stella was confused.

She wondered what she said to make him misunderstand that she agreed.

Clarence let go of her. He loosened his necktie with one hand. “Do you have any pajamas that I can wear?” Stella came back to her senses. She looked at him alertly and answered without any hesitation, “No.” “Okay. It doesn’t matter.”

After finishing his words, he took off the tie and tossed it to the sofa. He walked into the bathroom.

Stella gritted her teeth. She could only go to her room to find a set of Channing’s pajamas.

She took them to the bathroom door and knocked on it. “I’ll put the pajamas at the door.”

“Take them in.”

Stella choked up.

Trying her best to hold back her impulse to kill him, she twisted the doorknob. When she was about to put them on the cabinet, she saw the man turned to her. Half of the buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. His strong chest was shown.

Underneath, she faintly saw his abs and Apollo’s belt.
Instantly, Stella felt as if her eyes were burned. She immediately looked away and stammered, ‘tI… I’ve put them here. I’ll…”

When she was about to go out, Clarence pressed one of his hands on the wall next to her. Tilting his head, he looked around and whispered, “Which of them are your belongings?”

Stella pointed at a few at random. Then she said, “Don’t use my towel! There are disposable face towels over there. You can use them to wipe…”

Clarence bent over, approaching her. “Where to wipe?”

“Whatever you like.”

As she spoke, Stella wanted to escape under Clarence’s arm. Much to her surprise, Clarence suddenly withdrew his arms while turning around. She threw herself into his arms directly.

The man curled up his thin lips. He wrapped around her waist. “Don’t rush. We have plenty of time tonight.”

Stella blushed and even her whole neck became reddened. She stamped on him violently in anger.

Clarence groaned. He said, “You should change this habit.”

“No way!”

As she spoke, Stella hurriedly trotted out of the bathroom when he didn’t pay attention. She pulled the door close outside, wishing that she could lock it from the outside. Only if he could stay in the bathroom for the whole night. He always wanted to come to her apartment, anyway.

When Stella was doing the dishes, she found that Clarence had finished the whole bowl of noodle soup. It seemed that he was indeed hungry.

She wondered why he had to join the dinner. Did he plan to watch how a hundred embarrassing ways were interpreted?

Out of the kitchen, Stella sat on the sofa and turned on the TV so that the sound could cover the sound of the water in the bathroom.

Soon, her phone started ringing.
It was a call from Emmett.

Stella swiped to answer and heard his voice. “Hello, Stella. I’m sorry I had something to deal with earlier, so I didn’t say bye to you before leaving the restaurant.”

‘It’s alright.” After a pause, Stella continued, “Did you want to talk to me?” On the other end of the line, Emmett was silent for a moment. Eventually, he didn’t speak it out.

With a smile, he answered, “I was quite busy in the past few days. Today I could finally make time to visit you. I just want to check on you. There’s nothing else.”

Stella slightly pressed her lips. She noticed that Emmett looked quite solemn, so she guessed that there must be something bothering him.

However, since Emmett wasn’t willing to tell her, she didn’t have the reason to insist on asking.

“Please go ahead.”

Emmett slightly inhaled. “Mr. Conrad and you… Are you…”

Stella said, “We’ve reconciled.”

Even he had figured out the answer, Emmett still didn’t give up and asked the question.

Upon hearing her answer, he felt relaxed, however. With a faint smile, he said, “Wish you guys happy.” “Thank you, Emmett.”

Stella didn’t know what else she could say besides thanking him.

Before hanging up the phone, Emmett added, “Stella, no matter what, please be careful with Charles Steward and Phoebe Steward.”

Shortly after the phone conversation ended, the bathroom door was opened.
Clarence walked out, his black hair half-dried. “Where is the hairdryer? I didn’t find it.”

Stella came back to her senses. She put down the phone and walked into the bathroom. Then she took out the hairdryer from the drawer under the sink and handed it over to him. She asked in confusion, “Have you truly looked round?”

“Certainly.” Clarence took it over and plugged it in.

A drop of water on the tip of his hair slipped along his movements. It went along his jaw, passed his protruding Adam’s apple, and silently fell into his neckline.

Seeing that, Stella licked her bottom lip subconsciously, feeling her throat dried out and tickled.

Before she found an excuse to leave, the lower roar of the hairdryer rang out. Clarence tossed his wet hair, splashing a few water drops on Stella’s face.

She looked up. When she was about to speak, she met the man’s eyes with a faint smile. He asked, “Are you stunned when watching me?”

Right then, Clarence spoke in a deep and sexy tone. Channing’s pajamas made him younger than his actual eye. His usually calm and cold black eyes were filled with a college student’s purity. Even his features with sharp outlines became softened.

She had used to seeing him in a suit. Suddenly, his dressing style was changed, which seemed to have more impact. Even he was just standing there, he looked quite seductive.

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