Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 308 Take Preventive Measures

Stella withdrew her gaze and coughed. She said calmly, “Mr. Conrad, I just didn’t expect that Chan’s pajamas suit you so well.” “Really? It’s a bit tight, though.”

Upon hearing it, Stella looked at both sides of his shoulders. “It looks quite suitable. Where do you feel tight?”

Clarence said slowly, “The pants.”

Stella was speechless.

Inwardly, she cursed him to go to hell.

She walked back to her bedroom with a long face. She got her pajamas and went back to the bathroom. Since Clarence had almost dried out his hair, she directly kicked him out of the bathroom. Then she locked the door from the inside to ensure the wretched man wouldn’t be able to break in. She took a shower.

Clarence stood at the door of the bathroom for a while. When he heard the sound of the running water, he raised a hand to press his lips and coughed. Then he walked to the dining room, poured a glass of cold water, and gulped it down.

Right then, he heard someone knocking on the door again.
Clarence’s face became cold. He put down the water glass and walked to the door.

At the door, Daniel was holding a bottle of soy sauce. He smiled awkwardly and politely at Clarence. “Mr. Conrad, you are still here.”

Clarence leaned against the doorframe. “Does my existence here bother you?”

“Mr. Conrad, you must be kidding. Ms. Radomil is my neighbor, anyway. She’s a woman, so I should take care of her.” Clarence said impatiently, “Just tell me about your purpose.”

“I…” Daniel took a glance at the soy sauce in his hands. Then he handed it over to Clarence. “I’m returning it to her.”

Clarence reached out to take it over, but Daniel dodged. “Where is Ms. Radomil? I borrowed it from her hands, so I’d better return it to her in person as well.”

“She’s busy.”

Clarence looked at him expressionlessly, and his eyes were deep and cold.

Daniel had to bite the bullets and let out a hollow laugh. “In that case, I can return it to her tomorrow…”

“You don’t need to return it. Just keep it.”

Daniel refused righteously, “How could I do it? I just wanted to borrow it from her. I must return it. I’m not a person greedy for small advantages.”

Clarence said, “Emmett came first, and then you came to her. Since he cares about her so much, why doesn’t he come over himself?”

Daniel played dumb. “Mr. Conrad, who is ‘he’ you refer to?” Clarence squinted and didn’t speak.

Daniel continued, “It’s a bit embarrassing though. Mr. Conrad, you should know Emmett has a crush on Ms. Radomil. He came to find her more than once or twice. As for me, Ms. Radomil is my next-door neighbor. We live close to each other, so occasionally, we will visit each other…”

“Enough.” Clarence wasn’t in the mood to listen to him. He said indifferently, “Cut the crap. Just tell him — as long as I’m here, the Steward family won’t dare to do anything to Stella. I don’t care what he’s doing, but Charles Steward’s men are watching him all the time. He’d better deal with this matter before doing other things.”

“Haha… Mr. Conrad, you must be kidding. I…” Before Daniel finished his words, the door was smashed shut in front of him.
He was shut out.

The smile on Daniel’s face faded gradually. It seemed that they couldn’t ask Stella more questions. Besides, judging from Clarence’s implication, Daniel believed that he had figured out their purpose.

However, he could tell that Clarence didn’t seem to have the intention to tell Stella what he had found.

Daniel raised his hand to rub his nose bridge, going home with the soy sauce bottle in his hands.

Stella stretched out her head from the bathroom. “Whom were you talking to at the door just now?” Clarence sat on the sofa with his slender legs across. “A salesman.”

“What does he sell?”

“The soy sauce.”

Stella was shocked.

She stretched her head back, closed the door, and continued to dry her hair.

If not mistaken, she guessed that it was Daniel just now.

Daniel helped her get the invitation to the bidding, so he must be quite curious about what happened earlier today. He wanted to ask her some details, which was normal.

When Stella’s hair was half-dried, she suddenly paused. The reason that Emmett came to find her earlier today should also be because of the bidding.

After a few minutes, Stella came out of the bathroom. She case a glance at the man who was sitting on the sofa and watching the financial news on TV. After a moment of silence, she asked, “Mr. Conrad, aren’t you going to bed?”

As if he was waiting for her question, Clarence directly picked up the remote control to close the TV set. He stood up and asked, “Which one is your bedroom?”

Stella pointed at one room to show him. “That one.” Clarence walked to the door of the bedroom. When he turned around, he saw Stella entered the other one.
He scratched his eyebrows and walked over.

Stella was about to close the door when she found the man who was following her. Immediately, she stood at the door to black his way. “What do you want?”

“Didn’t you say that room is yours?”

“Yeah,” Stella said honestly, “You’ll stay in my room, and I’ll stay in Sherry’s.”

Clarence was speechless.

He grabbed Stella’s waist. Without speaking, he directly lifted her and carry her into her bedroom.

Stella struggled but failed to break free. In an instant, she was tossed onto the bed.

Before she managed to dodge, the man’s strong body was pressed on her.

The lights in the room were off. Stella couldn’t see his expression, but she could feel that his breathing was intertwined with hers.
The hormones in their bodies were also rapidly secreting and fermenting.

Clarence’s slender fingers rubbed the most sensitive part on the back of her neck. His voice was quite low. “Don’t you want to sleep with me?” he asked.

Stella believed that he was implying something else by saying “sleep”.

Although they were in the dark, she could feel his burning gaze on her.

She looked away, trying to make an excuse. “My bed is too small. It’s too crowded for us to sleep together. I…” ‘Is it as so crowded as a sofa? A bathtub? A…”

In the beginning, Stella didn’t get what he meant. When she understood it, she felt annoyed and why. Without any hesitation, she raised her hand to cover his mouth. “Shut up!”

Clarence pressed his thin lips. His kisses fell on her palms continuously.

Stella subconsciously wanted to pull back her hand. As soon as she took action, the man pressed her hand above her head. He continued to kiss her.

Stella felt her body weakened without any strength, not to mention to push him away.
Soon, her breath became heavier.

Along with the sound of the clothes’ friction, she felt the cold wind.

When it came to the most critical moment, Stella suddenly sobered up. “No! Stop it!” Clarence was puzzled.

He asked in a hoarse tone, “Didn’t you enjoy it just now?”

Stella blushed so deeply as if her cheeks would bleed. Ignoring the wretched man’s questions, she whispered, “I don’t have a condom at home… How about next time? Let’s do it next time!”

As she spoke, she wanted to escape.

Clarence pressed her back. From nowhere, he pulled out a box and put it in her hand. He coaxed her in a low voice, “Open it up.”

“When did you get it?”

Sure enough, the wretched man was planned long ago. Upon realizing it, Stella regretted letting him come upstairs.
Clarence answered, “Just take preventive measures.”

Stella couldn’t find the right words. She quieted down.

Clarence’s thin lips clung to her pinna, his breath becoming more obvious. “Babe, I’ll start. Ehn?”

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