Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 309 Smell of the Canned Food

The next day, when the alarm sounded, Stella woke up. She fumbled for her phone on the nightstand as usual but failed to find it.
She kept listening to the alarm with her eyes closed for a long while, only to find that the sound came from underneath the bed.

When she was about to stretch out to get her phone, the strength of the hand that was wrapping around her waist was slightly increased. She was pulled back.

Off-guard, Stella fell into the man’s arms again.

Clarence kissed her on the back of her ear. He said in a sleepy and hoarse tone, “Let’s sleep in.” “I want to turn off the alarm.” After a pause, Stella asked, “It’s eight o’clock. Don’t you go to work?” ‘I don’t want to.”

Stella whispered, “But I need to go to my studio.”

After a few seconds, Clarence gradually opened his eyes and said hoarsely, “You are quite spirited. Didn’t you cry and beg me to stop last night?”

Stella choked up.

She slightly blushed. “It’s early morning. Can’ you speak the human language?”

“I don’t even want to be a human. Why should I speak the human language?”

As he spoke, his hand on her waist became quite restless, gradually moving upwards.

Stella couldn’t keep breathing calmly. “You…”

The man gently kissed her neck, demanding more. “You can go to work later today. Don’t you have employees in your studio?” ‘lL can’t…”

Before she finished her words, she couldn’t utter any sound at all.

Soon, the morning passed.

When Stella arrived at her studio, it was one o’clock in the afternoon.

She felt painful and sore all over her body, making her keep cursing the wretched man.

Sherry was watching a soap opera while sitting at the front desk. Seeing that Stella dragged herself in, Sherry had an ambiguous look on her face, following Stella into her office.

As soon as Stella turned around, she saw Sherry standing right behind her. She was startled. Patting her chest, Stella came back to her senses. “What are you doing, Sherry?”

Sherry closed the door of her office, pulled a stool to sit next to Stella, and winked at her. “How did you like last night?” Under her gaze, Stella felt quite uneasy. Rubbing her nose, she sat on her chair. “What…”

“When will you move into the Steward’s? Maybe I should stay out tonight as well so Mr. Conrad and you can have your private space. If! go home, I will not only interrupt you but also make Mr. Conrad’s kindness in vain, right?”

Stella was speechless.

She moved her neck and said in a sleepy tone, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Sherry clicked her tongue. “All right. I’m talking about nonsense now. I can see the kissing mark on your neck.” Upon hearing it, Stella suddenly pulled up her collar.

She felt a bit puzzled as she deliberately wore a turtleneck today, and she also ensured not to expose anything before leaving home.

Sherry held back her laughter. “Just kidding.”

Stella patted her crossly. “I’m going to draw the design draft now. Go back to your work.”

Sherry stood up. “Oh, by the way, when will you move? Something happened to my family. I need to go home recently.” Stella asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing serious. My mom twisted her ankle, so she needs to stay in the hospital for a few days. My father isn’t good at taking care of others at all. I haven’t been home for a long time, so I’ll take the chance to go back and visit them.”

Stella nodded in agreement. “Sure, please go ahead. I should move in the Stewards’ in two days.” ‘I see, almost the same time. I’ve told the landlord we’re moving out. I’ll move out when I come back in town.”

Stella couldn’t know where she would be and what she would be doing when Sherry moved out. After thinking for a while, she said, “Call Chan when you are moving. He can help you.”

“What if Chan asks me where you’ve gone?”

Stella was silent

She almost forgot about this.

Sherry patted her on the shoulder. “It’s just moving to a new apartment. I can hire a moving service company. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Before Stella answered, Sherry added, “If there’s nothing special in our studio today, may I go home this evening?”

“Of course,” said Stella, “Feel free to go back. I can take care of the studio.”

Sherry acted pretty quickly. She booked the flight ticket and went home to pack up.

When she pulled her suitcase to go out and waited for the elevator, she heard some sounds next door — Daniel’s door was open.

It was indeed too late for Sherry to hide. As soon as the door of the elevator was opened, Sherry dragged her suitcase to rush in.
However, God seemed to be against her right then. Something rare happened to her.

The wheel of her suitcase was stuck in the slot of the elevator door.
Sherry dragged and pulled for several times but failed to move it.

After a few seconds, Daniel’s figure appeared in front of her. He looked at her and then at the stuck suitcase. “Do you need any help?”

Sherry smiled perfunctorily. “Thank you in advance, then.”

Daniel raised his hand and lifted the suitcase easily as if there was no difficulty at all. He put it next to her feet.
Sherry was speechless.

It was too embarrassing.

It looked as if she deliberately had done it.

Sherry pressed the button to the first floor and stood in the corner. Daniel pressed the button to the basement.

They didn’t speak.

Sherry clenched her hands awkwardly. She kept comforting herself that this should be the last time when they met. When she came back to town, she would move out immediately.

After a few seconds, Daniel suddenly asked, “Where are you going?” Sherry answered calmly, “Oh? I’m going back to my hometown.” They stopped talking again.

Right then, the elevator door was opened again. A group of people came in while chatting and laughing. They should be a big family.

Sherry was standing against the wall, and Daniel also moved next to her.

The space in the elevator was quite limited. Just now, Sherry tried her best to keep the longest distance from him, but right then they were suddenly so close as if she could smell the light scent on him.

She denied it and thought that it should be the smell of the canned food.

Thinking of that, Sherry couldn’t help but laugh.

When she raised her head, she met Daniel’s deep eyes.

Her smile instantly stiffed. She coughed and looked away as if nothing had happened.
Soon, the elevator stopped on the first floor.

Sherry didn’t want to say bye to Daniel. She followed the family out of the elevator.
Looking at her receding figure, Daniel raised his hand to rub the eyebrows.

The door of the elevator was closed again.

When Sherry walked out of the community, she found that it was raining outside. She was leaving in a hurry, so she forgot to bring the umbrella.

She put one hand above her head to hide from the rain and pulled out her cell phone to call a cab with the other.

She finally managed to get a cab, which was at least five kilometers away from her. It would take more than ten minutes for the cab to arrive.

Sherry looked around. If there was any taxi, she planned to cancel the cab if she could hail a taxi.
Right then, a black Maserati was parked in front of her.
Sherry was taken aback, wondering if such a fancy car was used as a cab.

The door of the car was opened, and Daniel got off while holding an umbrella.

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