Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 310 Her Wish to Cheating Didn’t Come True

Daniel walked to Sherry and held the umbrella above her head. “Are you heading to the airport or the railway station? I can give you a ride.”

Sherry let out a hollow laugh. “No, thank you. I’ve got a cab already. It’ll be arriving soon.” Daniel said, “It’s raining heavier and heavier.” “Well… It’s fine. My cab is arriving soon. You can leave me here.”

Sherry lifted her cell phone to show him that she got a cab. However, when she raised her hand, she found that the driver had canceled the order.

She was speechless.

That was indeed unlucky.

Seeing that, Daniel secretly curled up his lips. He pulled her suitcase. “Let’s go.” Sherry still refused. “No, thank you, though. I can…”

“Didn’t you say that neighbors should help each other?”

Back then, Sherry wanted to hook up with him, so she made a lot of excuses such as helping each other. Much to her surprise, Daniel could also make many extravagant excuses.

Seeing that the rain became a downpour, Sherry was silent.

Daniel handed the umbrella to her. He hurriedly put her suitcase on the backseat, opened the door, and got in the car.

Sherry held the umbrella with both hands. After a few seconds of hesitation, she gritted her teeth and sat in as well.

Daniel asked, “Which airport?”

Sherry told him the address. She pretended to be polite and said, “Sorry for bothering you. I hope I won’t delay your schedule.” Daniel gently knocked on the steering wheel with his fingers, started the engine. The car roared away. “Not at all. It’s no bother.” Since he said so, Sherry didn’t keep being polite any longer. She sat in silence without speaking.

After a moment, Daniel asked, “May I ask you a question?”

Sherry pulled herself together and adjusted her posture when sitting. “Go ahead.”

Among the sound of the downpour, Daniel calmly said, “I heard that Ms. Radomil’s father passed away. Is it real?”

Sherry said, “Il see. He’s not Ms. Radomil’s biological father, is he?” Upon hearing it, Sherry cast him a glance. “How did you know it?”

Only Stella, Chan, Clarence the wretched man, and she were supposed to know this. After all, it was privacy. She didn’t think none of them would tell Daniel.

Daniel smiled, “I was in the bidding yesterday.” Sherry returned to calm. She said, “Oh, I see. I almost forgot you’re after Phoebe Steward.” Daniel couldn’t help but cough, but he didn’t know how to explain.

After a pause, he continued, “How did you find Ms. Radomil’s pocket watch? How did you know it has something to do with Charles Steward?”

Sherry answered, “It seems after Jeffrey Radomil died, Stella and Chan found it when sorting his things. Chan also posted a notice in a missing person column, but it didn’t work at all. As for how we found it has something to do with Charles Steward…”

Before finishing her words, Sherry suddenly looked at him alertly. “Are you going to tell Phoebe Steward after getting the answer to your questions?”

Daniel had a wry smile. “Nope. I’m just quite curious, just asking.”

Sherry didn’t believe him at all. He had no credit in her heart. After all, he had lied about not having meals because he was a Buddhist.

Daniel continued, “Then, does Chan have the same or different father from Ms. Radomil?

Sherry didn’t understand why he kept asking such questions, and nor could she understand why he started talking about Chan.
Closing her eyes, she answered, “You’d better ask Stella about those matters if she’s willing to tell you. I don’t know much about them.”

Daniel’s thin lips twitched. He quieted down.

Since there was traffic because of the rain, they didn’t arrive at the airport until an hour later.

When Daniel put down the suitcase on the ground, Sherry thanked him and was about to leave. He stopped her.
He took out the umbrella they used earlier out of her car. “Sherry, it’s the rainy season nowadays. Take it with you.” Sherry took it over and raised her head to stare at him.

Daniel felt quite uneasy under her gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just suddenly recalled something. Thanks a lot. Bye.”

As she finishing speaking, she walked into the airport without looking back.

She used to tell Stella that she wanted to find a playboy to be her boyfriend.

Much to her surprise, her joke came true.

Well, it didn’t come true completely, but only in half.

She had a crush on a playboy, but her wish that they could cheat on each other didn’t come true.
As thinking of it, Sherry felt amused.

Daniel was chasing after Phoebe on one hand, and on the other hand, he gave Sherry a ride to the airport and gave her the umbrella.

Sherry wondered if he had made her a backup girlfriend or a fish in his girlfriend pool.

Standing in front of the boarding gate, Sherry looked down at the umbrella in her hand. Then she tossed it into the garbage can without any hesitation.

She cursed the scumbag to go to hell.

Stella watched the downpour that was becoming a storm outside and called Sherry. The robotic voice made her realize that Sherry’s phone was switched off.

Stella guessed that she might have boarded on the flight already.

She stretched, feeling pains all over her body.

She stood up, ready to move. There were a few knocks on the door of her studio. It was an employee.

She said, “Stella, we will have a dinner gathering tonight. Would you like to join us?”

Stella smiled and nodded. “Sure. Thank you.”

The girl still stood at the door after inviting Stella. Her face was slightly blushed as if she wanted to say something but felt hesitant to speak it out.

Stella asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Well… Could we also invite your younger brother, please? We don’t have his contact number.”

Stella was taken aback. Then her smile became deeper. “Okay, I’ll ask him, but probably he would be working part-time in the evening.”

‘It’s alright then. Please ask him, Stella. It would be wonderful if he could join us. If not, it doesn’t matter…” “Okay.”

After the girl was gone, Stella pulled her phone out and dialed Channing’s number.

The call wasn’t connected until quite a long time later.

Upon hearing the noises from the other end of the line, Stella asked, “Hello, Chan. You are not in the university, are you?” “No, I’m not. I’m dealing with something now.”

“Where are you now? Would you like to come over for dinner?”

Channing answered, “No, thanks. I’ve got an appointment with my friend.”

‘That’s fine. Please come over this weekend if you have time. I want to tell you something.”

“Got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Stella raised her eyebrows. She thought for a moment and dialed Clarence’s number.
Unlike Channing, the other end of the line was quiet without any sound at all.

Stella paused a bit and whispered, “Are you busy now?”

“Not really. What’s up?”

“Nothing. My employees of the studio and I will have a gathering tonight. I won’t have dinner with you.”

“Can’t I join you?”

Stella laughed. He sounded a bit aggrieved. She explained patiently, “My employees are all college girls. Why would you like to join us?”

As she spoke, she asked, “By the way, what are you doing?” On the other end of the line, the man answered in a deep and calm voice, “Having a meeting.”

Stella choked up.

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