Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 311 Which Kind of Girl He Likes

On the other end of the line, the huge meeting room was pin-dropping quiet.
All the senior executives held their breath while exchanging glances with each other.

In the past, it happened that Mr. Conrad retorted the keyboard men online by using the official micro-blog ID of Conrad Group.
Hence, this scene was really not worth mentioning at all.

However, this was the very first time that they witnessed Mr. Conrad doing that. In their impressions, Mr. Conrad wasn’t so afraid of his wife.

As the call ended, Clarence put down the phone. He coldly looked around the meeting room. “Where did we stop?” Nathan reminded him, “About the development progress of the projects last year.”

Clarence hummed, rubbing his nose bridge. “Go on.”

The silent and lifeless office had more warmth as if the winter was gone.

After the meeting ended, Nathan followed Clarence and whispered, “Mr. Conrad, Daniel went to Star Ferry Technology. As for William, he hasn’t taken any action yet.”

Clarence said, “Charles Steward watched him so closely. Of course, he wouldn’t take any action.”

Upon hearing it, Nathan asked in confusion, “Mr. Conrad, if what we guessed was true, wouldn’t it be safer for him to give up the project of Steward Group?”

“How can a flying bow be turned back? They have been planning for such a long time to take one step today. How could they give up so easily?”

“But if they insisted on carrying out their plan, Mrs. Conrad would be dragged in danger certainly.” After a moment of silence, Clarence said, “If that’s the case, it’s too late to regret it now, anyway.”

Nathan understood what he meant. William had already shown up in front of Charles. It would be just fine if the project went on smoothly. Charles sent someone to watch him just for inspection. However, if William directly gave it up, it would increase Charles’s suspicion of him. In that case, Stella would be pushed into a much dangerous situation.

Sometimes, the destiny was quite ingenious. If they could have got the information earlier, things would be quite different.

After taking a few steps, Clarence continued, “Do I have any other arrangements tonight?”

Nathan answered, “No, you don’t.”

Since Clarence was reconciled with Stella, he had always canceled the business dinner in the evening.
Clarence said indifferently, “Stella will go to a gathering. I’ll go to my mother’s tonight.”

Nathan slightly nodded. “Okay, Mr. Conrad. I’ll arrange it right now.”

Clarence added, “What actions has Joanna Perez taken?”

“She should take the action pretty soon.”

Clarence curled up his lips and said with a cold look, “It’s almost time. If she’s still not anxious, I will be anxious definitely.”

The studio.

Stella finished packing when there were a few knocks on the door of her office. A girl stretched her head in. “Stella, are you ready? We are about to leave now.”

“Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The birthday celebration was planned in a bistro nearby the studio. A lot of snacks were sold there. All the alcoholic drinks were fruit wines. Most of the customers were lovers or friends.

After Stella sat down, a girl next to her whispered to ask, “Stella, isn’t your younger brother joining us?”

Stella smiled. “He’s busy at school. Probably next time.”

The girl looked a bit disappointed but she couldn’t do anything. She said, “That’s alright.”

Since it was a girl’s gathering, besides talking about their favorite idols and gossips, they talked about their love lives. After each other shared something, one girl asked, “Stella, what about you?”

Stella was absent-minded just now, so she didn’t listen to them carefully. Upon hearing the question, she was a bit stunned.

“How did you get to know your boyfriend?” Everyone seemed to be quite interested to know it.

Probably they didn’t know the aloof and handsome man who always came to the studio was the CEO of Conrad Group. After the farce caused by Selina and the relevant events such as the hot search, they naturally knew it.

Another girl echoed, “Exactly. Stella, is Mr. Conrad your ex-husband? You are together now, aren’t you?” “Mr. Conrad is so handsome. He’s rich and gentle. Awe! I’m so envious.” Stella was shocked, wondering how come they thought Clarence was gentle.

“Besides Mr. Conrad, another handsome man who always came to find Stella in the studio is also quite charming. Stella, he should be your admirer, right?”

“Stella is so pretty, so she must have a lot of admirers. But I believe Mr. Conrad suits her the most.”

“I don’t agree with you. If they truly fit each other, they wouldn’t have divorced. That’s why we should try to fall in love several times. We can’t stick to only one man.”

“You are wrong. How could Mr. Conrad be the same as an ordinary man? He should be the most charming one among them all, OK?”

“By the way, Stella, why did you divorce Mr. Conrad in the past?”

The girls discussed with each other, and the topic changed from how she gat to know Clarence to how they divorced.

For a moment, Stella didn’t know how to answer them. After thinking for a moment, she answered, “Probably it was because of lacking trust. But I believe the most important is to meet your Mr. Right at the right time. Love runs in both ways. No one would be absolutely right or wrong in it.”

If she hadn’t met Clarence in Twilight Club, and they were with different identities when meeting in a different place, there wouldn’t have been so many troublesome things.

Right then, one girl gently bumped the elbow of the girl sitting next to her. “Did you hear it? Stella also said so. Don’t bitch about your boyfriend all the time. Love runs in both ways.”

The girl pouted. “If my boyfriend were so handsome as Mr. Conrad. Not to mention understanding him, I’d rather slap me across my face when fighting with him.”

Upon hearing it, all of them burst into laughter.
Stella picked up the sake and gulped down a cup. She couldn’t help but laugh out.

Those girls were almost fresh graduates from the college. They were in their early twenties. Some of them were still in the last year of college.

In their lives, there might be quite limited time for them to laugh out so freely in the future.

Right then, a girl sitting next to Stella asked, “Stella, may I ask you a question in private?”

Stella nodded. “Sure. Go ahead.”

The girl whispered, “Well… Does your younger brother have a girlfriend?”

Stella said, “I don’t think so.” After a pause, she added cautiously, “At least, so far as I know, he doesn’t have one.” The girl continued, “Do you know which type of girl he likes?”

Stella felt the question was quite difficult to answer.

She used to ask Channing as well, but he didn’t answer her in detail at all.

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