Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 312 She Misses You as Well

Eight o’clock in the evening, a black Rolls-Royce stopped in front of a residential building.
After the door of the car was open, Clarence’s figure appeared in the dark.
Nathan took out something from the car and followed him forward.

Probably Joanna had never expected that the woman whom she was looking for all over the world was actually in City N, right under her nose.

As the old saying went, “The most dangerous place is the safest place.” It was true.
Inside the apartment, a young woman was making the formula milk for the little fellow.
When seeing Clarence, she immediately greeted him, “Hi, Mr. Conrad. Here you came.” Clarence hummed and asked, “Where are they?”

“The baby woke up just now. Ms. Anderson is accompanying him in the bedroom.” Upon hearing it, Clarence strode into the bedroom.

On the baby’s cot, the little fellow was gripping a toy, looking around with his round eyes. When seeing Clarence, he grinned and started giggling.

Dolores turned around and asked, “Why are you here so suddenly?”

Clarence walked to the cot. “I’m free tonight, so I decided to come here.”

Dolores stood up. “You came at the right time. Go ahead play with him. I’ll go wash his clothes.” “Okay.”

As soon as Dolores left, the baby stopped smiling. He curled his lips, looking extremely wronged as if he would burst into tears the next second.

Clarence stared at him in silence.
The baby started clenching his fists tightly and sobbing, looking extremely aggrieved.
Right then, Dolores’s voice rang out outside the bedroom. “Don’t just sit there still. If he starts to cry, you need to hold him.”

Clarence held the baby in his arms and whispered, “You are just like your mother, so petty.”

The baby stayed in his arms and stopped sobbing. He widened his eyes, looking at Clarence curiously.

The man curled up his thin lips into a smile. He added, “After a few days, I’ll take your mother here to see you. She misses you as well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the baby clenched his fists tightly. His little face turned red as if his whole body was working hard.

Clarence was speechless.

When Dolores came back, she saw Clarence had taken off all the baby’s clothes. With a cold look, he was holding the baby’s legs, trying to change the diaper for the baby.

Dolores felt amused and annoyed. She walked over and sent him away. “How can you change the diaper in this way? Why did you take off all his clothes? It’s quite easy for him to catch a cold.”

Clarence was silent for a moment. Then he explained, “When I took off his pants, his body was stained.” Dolores choked up.

She directly held the baby into the bathroom and planned to bathe him.

After the bath, the baby fell asleep quickly.

The young woman also cleaned up all things in the living room. She walked into the bedroom and whispered, “Mr. Conrad, Ms.
Anderson, if there’s nothing else for me, may I ask for a leave this evening?”

Dolores nodded in agreement. “Of course. Please go ahead.” “Thank you, Ms. Anderson. I’m taking off now.” As she spoke, she hurriedly picked up her bag and left.

After the door was closed, Clarence withdrew his gaze and asked flatly, “She seems to ask for leaves quite often recently, doesn’t she?”

Dolores was folding the baby’s clothes. “She does it occasionally, mostly in the evening. She always came back in the next early morning. She didn’t waste much time, though.”

Clarence squinted slightly and didn’t speak.

Dolores looked over at him. “What’s wrong?”


Dolores said, “All right. It’s quite late now. The baby is sleeping now. Go back to whatever you are ought to do. Don’t waste time here.”

Clarence turned to stare at the cot, lost in thought.

Downstairs, the young woman walked out of the community. She found the familiar car and satin.

While fastening the seat belt, she said in fear, “I’m so freaked out. I thought that I might not make it tonight.” The man sitting in the driver’s seat asked, “What happened?”

“Well… the master of the family came back earlier. I was afraid that he wouldn’t allow me to take the leave.” The man smiled. “Is he quite fierce?”

Amanda Byron answered, “Not really. He’s quite cold and aloof, but he’s a nice man.”

The man asked again, “What does he do for a living? He seems not always at home.”

Amanda answered vaguely, “Yeah, he’s often on business trips.” As she spoke, she suggested, “By the way, shall we go see a movie tonight? I haven’t been to the cinema for a long time.”

Since she changed the topic, the man didn’t insist on asking. However, he looked scheming when smiling.
On the way, Amanda was leaning against the car window, listening to the music in the car.

She used to work as a secretary in a branch run by Conrad Group. She was bullied because she refused her superior leader’s hidden rules.

Once, Mr. Conrad was inspecting the branch. Her superior leader intentionally asked her to join the business dinner, aiming to take the chance to humiliate her. Amanda had thought that she must be doomed, but Mr. Conrad exposed her superior leader’s nasty mind. Then he cleaned up the whole branch company, making her have the light of hope.

Since then, Amanda treated Mr. Conrad as her benefactor. Temporarily, he asked her to take care of the baby, but she didn’t ask any question and nor would she gossip about it.

It was an accident for her to meet Logan. Not long ago, when she was going to the wet market, she encountered two thieves, who almost stole her cell phone. It was Logan who appeared suddenly and helped her.

To thank him, Amanda invited him for a dinner and added his contact number.

As time went by, they got to know more about each other.

She knew that Logan was a single father with two kids. He was a caring man, quite careful. He could always give her the romantic feeling and surprise.

However, Amanda still didn’t tell him anything about the baby and Mr. Conrad. She just told him that she was a babysitter.

She didn’t leak any details.

Out of the bistro, the girls started to call the cab to go home.

Stella lived nearby, so she decided to go home on foot.

One of the girls asked, “Stella, we can give you a ride home.”

Stella refused with a smile, “It’s alright. I was quite full just now. I want to walk back.” ‘Alright. Be careful on your way home. We’re taking off now. Bye!”

“Bye! The same to you. Text me when you got home.”

Stella waved at them while smiling.

When the girls were gone, she withdrew her gaze. With her hands in the coat pockets, she turned around and walked forward step by step.

The girls persuaded her to drink a lot of fruit wines today. Fortunately, those were not strong wines. Besides feeling a bit dizzy, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, she was extremely spirited.

After taking a few steps, Stella heard her phone ringing in the pocket of her coat.
It was a call from Clarence.

The man asked in a magnetic voice, “Is the gathering over?”

“It was over just now. I’m on the way home.”

“On foot?”

“How did you know…”

Stella didn’t finish her words. She paused, looking around.

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