Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 105

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 105 online free Luna did not know how she returned to Blue Bay Villa.
Her heart was broken, her nose was sore.

Her mind was completely blank.

At night, Neil gave her a simple briefing on exposing Aura the next day when Joshua announces Nellie’s identity.

At the other end of the video call, Neil frowned.

“Is something on your mind?” Luna took a deep breath.

‘It’s nothing.” “You saw Grandma today, right?* Nellie, who was hugging her teddy bear beside her said, “She even cried.“ Then, Nellie was a little angry.

“Although Grandma was nice to me, what she said made Mommy upset.
I used to like Grandma initially, but later on, I don’t like her anymore.

Just like how I don’t like Great-Granny.

I think she’s…” “Nellie! Luna furrowed her brows and interrupted Nellie.

“You should go to bed.“ Even if Natasha did not trust her, she was still her mother after all.

She could not let others talk bad about her.

Not even Nellie.

“Oh.“ Nellie’s face fell.

“Mommy, I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to bad-mouth Grandma.”

She was just speaking from her heart, but if Luna got mad, that meant that she made a mistake.
“I won’t do it anymore.” Seeing how apologetic her daughter was, Luna was a little heartbroken.
She reached out and hugged Nellie in her arms.

“I’m not blaming you.

I’m just… in a bad mood.“ “I know.“ Nellie gently patted Luna on her back.

“I’m your little blankie comforting you.

You have to be happy,


“If you’re Mommy’s little blankie, then what am I? Am her blanket?” Neil was extremely envious of Nellie hugging Luna on the other end of the video call.

“No matter what, I have to be bigger than you!” “Then, I’11 be Mommy’s duvet.
“At that moment, Nellie’s necklace lit up.

Nigel said humorously.

Hearing her three children talking, Luna was moved yet she found it comical.

“It’s summer, why do I need so many covers?“ Nellie pouted.

‘Then, I’ll be Mommy’s little fan!“ Neil said, “Ill be her ceiling fan then.“ Nigel chimed in, “Then I can only be her air conditioner.“ Nellie and Neil were unhappy.

“Why do you have to one up us?” “Because I’m better than the two of you?” The three of them started bickering.

Luna sat on the rug listening to the three of them.

The sadness in her heart gradually faded.

She has lost so much in the last six years.

Her love, her family, also the contacts that she has built for the last zo years.

However, she did not lose it all.

She gained a new life, a new confidante like Malcolm.

She even gained… Luna lowered her eyes and looked at Nellie bickering over the video call.
She gained the mature Nigel, the smart Neil, and the understanding and lovely Nellie.

At that thought, Luna walked over and hugged Nellie tight.

“You have to take good care of yourself in the future, you hear me? If you have any problems, you contact your two brothers and me immediately.” Tomorrow onward, she was going to resign her job at the Blue Bay Villa.

Her plans would be right back on track.

“I will!” Nellie reached out and clutched Luna’s face.
“Mommy, you have to be good too.

You have to eat well and take gaod care of Nigel and Neil.
I’m already six, I will be sensible!“

Neil’s voice came from the video call, “This silly sixyear-old girl actually dares to say she is sensible?” Nigel helplessly chuckled from the necklace, “Aren’t you six also? Don’t forget, we’re triplets.”

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