Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 106

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 106 online free Neil was speechless.
“Hmph! Nigel still treats me the best!* Nellie placed her hands on her hips and looked proud.

“When Nigel gets better, I’11 only bring him shopping and we’ll have good food together alone!” Neil was aggrieved.

“Mommy, look at your daughter!“ Luna smiled helplessly.
She hugged Nellie and continued chatting with Neil on the video call while talking to Nigel via the necklace.

In Nellie’s brightly lit room, it was a lovely scene with Luna hugging Nellie.
In the garden in the backyard, Joshua looked at the figure inside the French window.

He furrowed his brows a little.
Leaning by the pillar of the gazebo, he put out the cigarette in his hand.
This was his fifth cigarette.

He did not know why, but at the thought that Luna was leaving Blue Bay Villa the next day, he was inexplicably annoyed.
He has been standing there looking at Luna and Nellie for a long time.

She was at first in a bad mood, then she started laughing in tears, yet at that moment, she was filled with reluctance and helplessness.

He could fee! that she did not want to leave Nellie, yet she had no choice.

He sighed in annoyance and lit another cigarette.

He did not understand what this woman was insisting on.

She clearly did not want to leave Nellie or him, yet she kept insisting on it.

She set a date for herself to leave, putting so many restrictions on herself.

As long as Luna told him that she did not want to leave, he would fet her stay, but she did not do it.

Not once.

Why? Was it because he had tried getting rid of her previously? This unknowingly made him think of Luna Gibson.
She used to be deeply in love with him, relying on him.

From the moment she married him, she wanted to share everything with him.

At that moment, he did not know how to live.

He even felt that he did not like her, so he was always annoyed at her.

He even despised her.
Later on, there was once he lashed out at her.

From then onward, Luna Gibson never shared anything on her mind with him anymore.

She would not tell him of the things that she encountered.
It was as if she had become a different person within a night.

Although her fascination and love for him in his eyes have not changed, she has become silent.
She shut herself off.
He was not used to that.

He thought that she was only throwing a tantrum.

After a while, she would be better, but… Sne has never shared anything with him anymore, up until she left him six years ago.

Joshua shut his eyes and smiled bitterly with the cigarette in his mouth.

Were all the women in the world so vindictive? Perhaps only the ones he met? At that thought, Joshua picked up his phone and dialed Lucas.

Half an hour later, there was a door on Luna’s door.

Lucas was standing by her door groggily, yawning.” Luna, do you still want to continue staying in Blue Bay Villa?” Luna slightly furrowed her brows.

“Why?” “Mr.

Lynch wants me to tell you that if you still want to continue staying here taking care of Nellie, go to his study to find him.
He is waiting for you in his study.” “Oh.“Then, Luna slammed the door shut.

“Hey!” Lucas frowned and knocked on the door.

“What do you mean by that?”

Luna said with a yawn, “It’s late, good night!” “You’re not going to look for him?” Lucas was actually done with work for the night, but Joshua deliberately got him to take some documents to him, just so he could wait for Luna in his study room.

However, this was the attitude that Luna was showing? Luna said lazily, “I don’t have the time.”

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