Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 125

Being exposed on the spot by Joshua’s father, Aura was a little embarrassed.

“Nellie is your granddaughter, of course, you’ll side with her! I don’t believe that a young child like her could come up with a world -famous design! I also don’t believe that the one in her hand is the real one! “

Aura bit her lips. A thought suddenly came to her.

“Yes, my set of jewelry is the real one! I bid them from Malcolm Quinn! Everyone knows that someone gave Mr. Quinn the set of jewelry previously! The jewelry with other people might be fake, but the set that Mr. Quinn has is definitely the real one! I bought it from him! “

Although the one that she bought was a fake, she has already made a deal with Malcolm, saying that the one she bought was the real one.

She could use Malcolm as her excuse! “But, “ Malcolm, who has been watching the events unfold, did not expect that he would be embroiled in it

He stood up and shrugged nonchalantly. “I remember when I named my price, Ms. Gibson, you found it too expensive. I did not sell that set to you.“

The crowd was in total silence.

Someone said in hushed tones, “I never would have thought to see Mr. Quinn here.“

“The Quinns and the Lynchs are business rivals, right? Why would Malcolm Quinn attend Granny Lynch’s birthday banquet? Have they made peace? “

“Maybe they are going to work together. What a poor thing. Ms. Gibson thinks that she could use Mr. Quinn as a shield, whe knew that he would be here…“

“How embarrassing…“ Among the discussions, Aura instinctively took a few steps backward. “I -lmpossible…“

How could Malcolm attend Granny Lynch’s birthday banquet? She bit her lips hard. Her nails dug into her palms. “Mr.
Quinn, you… we had made a deal.”

“Oh.“ Malcolm smiled. “You mean our previous deal? I remember that you paid me, but you requested me to announce to the public that I have already sold the Stargazing. You never told me to say that I have sold it to you. Not to mention asking me to lie for you.“

The crowd was in an uproar once again!

Aura could not afford the real set of jewelry, yet she got Malcolm to announce that he had sold the jewelry. This was enough to prove that not only was the jewelry that Aura had acquired was a fake set, but she also lied!

At that moment, she did not even have a chance to retort or lie her way out anymore!

Standing on stage, Aura’s face turned blue. Her entire body stiffened like a statue.

How could this…
How could this happen? She had planned everything. She had prepared it all.
Where did it go wrong?

“My good great-granddaughter!” When the truth was out, Granny Lynch immediately rushed to Nellie and hugged Nellie with one arm, while touching the real set of jewelry with the other.

“Why did you not say so earlier?” If she knew that Nellie was a jewelry designer with the real set of jewelry in her hands, she did not need to constantly give in to Aura’s demands all this while.

Nellie was a little resistant to her touch, but she still obediently said, “Great -Granny, I only wanted to give you a surprise.” “This is a great surprise! “

Granny Lynch sighed and looked at Adrian. “Nellie’s designing talents must be from you, isn’t it?”

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