Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 126

Adrian smiled lightly. “Maybe.“

Actually, talent was just a small portion. Nellie must have put in hard work, on top of the guidance from her teacher, only she could design such stunning work at a young age.

While the family was reuniting happily, Aura, on the other side, has already thrown the fake set of jewelry away. She was about to sneak off.

“Ms. Gibson! “ The moment she turned around, a gentle yet firm woman’s voice rang through. Aura shuddered.
She could hear that this was Luna’s voice.

“Ms. Gibson.” Luna slowly walked to the stage. “You should not leave just like that. We still have things to settle.“

She has to destroy Aura once and for all that day. If not, Nellie exposing her was enough for Aura to resent Nellie and seek revenge.

Aura furrowed her brows and glared fiercely at Luna. “I have nothing to say to you! “

“You have nothing to say to me, but what about Ms. Nellie?“

Luna sneered and walked up the stage. “You all must be curious as to who I am. Let me introduce myself. I am Nellie’s personal maid. It was such a coincidence. Ms. Nellie has only returned to Mr. Lynch for only a month, but she has almost died twice. Twice, I was with her.“

Then, Luna smiled and looked at Aura. “Ms. Gibson, do you know what happened?”

Aura’s face instantly turned the color of ash. She knew what Luna was going to say. She bit her lips hard. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! How should I know? This little b*t… girl is probably just unlucky! “

Adrian could sense something was up from their conversation. He furrowed his brows and looked at Luna. “Tell us.*

“Okay. Luna nodded. “The first incident was a month ago. Ms. Gibson said she wanted to bring Nellie to the amusement park to get to know her better, yet when Nellie and I went on the Ferris Wheel, it broke down. At that time, we were at the highest point.

The door of the Ferris Wheel was even broken. If it were unlucky, we would have fallen from thirty meters high. At that time, Ms.

Gibson was down below. Not only did she not get help, but she even delayed the staff from helping us.”

Aura gritted her teeth hard. “You’re talking nonsense! “ Then, Aura was about to attack Luna, Joshua took a step forward and grabbed her hands. “Let her speak.“

Aura seemed to have found support. She looked at Joshua with teary eyes. “Joshua, my brother-in-law. She’s accusing me of things I’ve not done! Nellie is my niece. How could I harm her! Didn’t you see how worried I was the other day? I was so worried I cried! “

Luna found it humorous. “Ms. Gibson, you’re an actor. Crying comes easy for you.” Then, she swept a cold glance at Aura. “You’re putting on an act now too, right?” Aura’s face turned pale.

She bit her lips and continued pestering Joshua. “ Joshua, you understand me the most! How could I be that sort of person?”

Joshua was silent, standing in front of her.

In the end, he sneered, “You still remember that I’m your brother-in-law?”

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