Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 129

Damn it.

Neil slapped his head. His Mommy was looking for him to show proof of Aura trying to harm Nellie.

However, he has given all of his findings to Joshua.

The reason why he gave Joshua all his findings was not because he trusted Joshua fully, he was merely taking a bet.
If Joshua would use the findings to deal with Aura, that meant that Joshua was still worthy of trust.

If he did not do it, that was a lesson he would remember for life! Joshua Lynch could not be trusted!

At that moment, things were nose diving toward the bad side.

However, he did not have the evidence to help Luna. No sound came from the booth upstairs for a long time.

Aura’s heart which was hanging in suspense finally came down. She looked at Luna arrogantly. “You’re just bluffing. I bet all these are just your speculations. If you don’t have the proof, I can sue you for defamation! “

Luna stood on the spot, looking at how smug Aura was. She was clutching her fists tightly.

Her heart hurt. It was extremely painful, yet she was helpless about it.

Neil did not appear because something wrong must have happened to the evidence.

Joshua was clearly siding with Aura. Nellie’s identity has been announced, she would not be able to protect Nellie at Blue Bay Villa anymore.

If no one saw Aura’s true colors that day, she was worried…

At that thought, Luna looked at Aura fiercely. “Don’t be too arrogant yet.“

“lam, what are you going to do about it?“ Aura harrumphed coldly. “Although I was wrong to give Granny Lynch a fake set of jewelry, I am a good person. I wanted to acquire the Stargazing from Mr. Quinn, but he named an extremely high price. I could only find another way, to get a set of imitations to please Granny Lynch.

“Although I was wrong in doing so, that does not mean you could accuse me of murder, right? If you claim I was trying to kill my sister’s daughter, please show proof! If you can’t, that means you’re spewing nonsense and lies! Don’t think that just because you have worked as a servant at the Blue Bay Villa for a month, you could come and accuse me of this! “

Upon her words, everyone came to a realization. It turns out that this servant was just trying to defame Aura. Some even pointed out, “Isn’t she the woman that was photographed shopping with Mr. Lynch? It looks like she failed at seducing Mr. Lynch, so she’s taking it out on Ms. Gibson.“

“She looks pretty, but what a vicious heart she has…” Luna heard the comments clearly. She gritted her teeth, trying not to be affected by those words, but how was it possible?

She did not expect that she would still lose to Aura six years later. It was the same as six years before. It was all because of Joshua.

“I have proof.”

Just when Luna closed her eyes in despair, wandering what to do, a crisp child’s voice rang throughout the venue.
Luna opened her eyes immediately.

It was Nigel! He was actually controlling the computer equipment remotely?

“Ms. Gibson, please do not think that the things you have done are flawless.”

The little boy’s voice was as cold as Joshua’s.

After a while, the large screen on stage was connected to a foreign desktop.

“What the hell!”

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