Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 136

Nellie woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to drink water, overhearing the conversation between Lucas and their servant.

“Sir’s situation is more urgent. The woman is dead drunk.“

Alarm bells started ringing the little girl’s head. Woman, dead drunk?

She bit her lip and approached them furiously, raised her head and looked at him.

“Lucas, what woman are you talking about? What happened to my Daddy?”

Lucas jumped up in shock. “Little princess.“

“’m asking you what woman, what do you mean dead drunk?“

Lucas sighed helplessly, he had no choice but to tell the truth. “It’s Luna. She’s drunk and Sir brought her into his bedroom.“ The little girl paused.

After a moment, she finally bit her lip and said, “ Then… quickly prepare a drink for her hangover.“

Then as if she remembered something important, she looked at Lucas innocently. “I heard people become more honest when they’re drunk? Is it true?“

Lucas was surprised. “Little princess, who taught you that?“

“I saw it on TV.”

The little girl pursed her lips. “Prepare some wine for me, I want to have a drink with Daddy! “

She remembered her godfather used to blurt out his true feelings that he liked her mother when he was drunk.
Daddy would do that too!

She could not understand why Daddy would make such a decision.

Would she be able to understand him once he was drunk?

Why did he let Aura go, why did he make Mommy sad!

“Little princess, uhm…“

Lucas paused. “I don’t think that’s a good idea?”

Nellie rolled her eyes at him. “Why not? In this house, my Daddy is the boss, and I’m his second in command! Aren’t you going to listen to me?”

The little girl was usually soft and easy-going, but when she was serious, she could be every bit as stern as Joshua.

Lucas paused. “Then the hangover drink…“ Nellie hesitated. “Don’t prepare it.“

Even though the hangover drink was for Mommy, if Daddy took the chance and drank it, she would not be able to weasel his secrets out of him.

With that thought in mind, the little girl pursed her lips. “You can prepare it if you want, but only send it to him after Daddy and I have finished our drinks. Otherwise, I’m worried I won’t be able to make him drunk! “

Lucas smiled helplessly. “Alright. Then little princess, I’ll give you an hour’s time. An hour later, regardless of whether you made Sir drunk, I’ll send the hangover drink to both of them.“

Lucas knew very well, Joshua was a smart and responsible man.

How could his tiny daughter make him drunk within an hour?

So Lucas’s words were only meant to placate Nellie.

“Sure! “

The little girl pondered for a moment and nodded. “ Bring me the strongest drink in our house! “

Lucas paused before saying, “… Okay.“

Joshua waited for a long time in the bedroom upstairs.
A series of loud knocks came from the door.

He thought it was Lucas, but when he opened the door and was about to get angry, he saw the timid little girl standing at the door.

Nellie wore a pinkish -white nightdress, her black hair spread across her shoulders. Those big eyes that were darker than her hair looked at him steadily. “ Daddy, can I come in?”

The man twisted his eyebrows and glanced at the wine bottle in her arms.

The red wine bottle was huge, occupying more than half of the space in her arms. She held onto the bottle of red wine with all her strength and held the glasses in her hands, somehow ooking funny and cute.

Joshua sighed, squatted down, and took the wine bottle out of her arms. ” It’s late now, why are you here in front of my room with a bottle of wine?”

“Um!” Nellie made no secret of her thoughts. “I want to punish you by drinking wine.”

The little girl’s voice was tender and cute. ” I’m very angry about what happened tonight. Daddy, if you don’t drink the wine I brought you, and don’t

explain it clearly to me, I won’t forgive you!” Joshua paused slightly with the wine bottle in hand.

After a while, he gave a wry smile. “Okay, I’ll follow your orders. I’ll drink.”

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