Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 137

Nellie did not expect her father would agree so easily, she remained in a daze for a while before coming to, walking into his room with her short little legs.

The little girl sat on the small platform before his bay window, glancing at Luna who waas still dead drunk on the bed, her worry and concern evident in her eyes. “Daddy, why is Aunty in your room?*

Joshua’s eyes darkened. “She’s drunk.“ “Oh. “ Nellie pursed her lips. “Aunty must be so sad tonight.“ He lifted his glass and filled it to the brim. “Would she be?“

“Of course.” Sitting on the platform, her short legs swung to and fro in the air. “Aunty said she thinks Aunt Aura isn’t nice to me, she wants to sort out the problem about Aunt Aura before she leaves, otherwise, she would be worried.”

With that, the little girl glanced at her father, her expression fully expressing her grievance. “But what about you, Daddy? You let the evil Aunt Aura go just like that. Aunty is worried about me, plus, she feels you do not care about me, of course, she would be sad!“

His hand that was holding the wine glass shuddered slightly.

Was… was that true?

He turned and glanced at Luna silently, then emptied the wineglass with one swift gulp. “Nellie, do you want to listen to my explanation?”

The little girl paused, then nodded. “Go ahead, I ‘m listening.”

Whatever he said, whatever explanation he provided, it would not change the fact that he did not care about her, and did not care about Mommy!

“I know, my decision tonight made both of you extremely unhappy, but…“

He raised his head expressionlessly. “I’m waiting for someone to come back, and deal with this matter herself.” Nellie scrunched her brows. “Who?*

“Your Mommy.”

The little girl’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“I don’t know whether I should tell you all these, but you’re my Nellie, even though you’re only six years old, but you’re very smart. I know you’ll understand what I’m about to tell you.“

He sighed a long sigh, and stood up, turning to sit on the bay window beside her. He sipped his drink and told Nellie his plans without hiding anything from her.


When he was on his third glass, Nellie finally understood what he meant, “So, Daddy, you… you plan to use this method to force Mommy to come and see you?”

He lowered his hand as he fiddled with his wine glass. “That’s about right.“ With that, he ruffled his hand through his daughter’s hair gently. “You’re my Nellie indeed. “

She understood him immediately, without need for any further explanation. Nellie pursed her lips, her mind whirling incessantly.
After a moment, her eyes brightened!

The little girl lifted her tender little arms and tugged at Joshua’s sleeve carefully. “Then Daddy, don’t you think, there’s a higher chance that Mommy would appear if there are any rumors about you?” He frowned, not fully understanding her.

Nellie sucked in a deep breath. “Daddy, you have to know, even though Mommy hasn’t been by your side throughout the years, but she has always loved you. She gets jealous very easily. All these years, whenever there were any rumors about you and another woman, she would get furious.“

The little girl glanced at Luna who was snoring mindlessly on the bed. “Why not pursue Aunty for a while, to make Mommy jealous? If she did get jealous, she might come back! “

Joshua frowned, lowered his head, and looked at Luna, laughing, “What does a child like you know? “ “But Daddy.” Nellie stared at him with her big, black eyes. “How do you know it won’t work if you don’t try?

Besides, to force Mommy to come home, you can even let go of the evil Aunt Aura that wanted to kill me, pursuing Aunty would not be so hard far you, right?”

The little girl stared at Joshua nervously. “Daddy, what do you think?”

Nellie knew full well, Joshua’s plan to use Aura as bait to lure her mother out would never work.

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