Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 142

No matter what, she was sure, he was not as unbothered by her as he pretended to be.

At least he found her physically attractive, she could arouse his urges and desire.

That was enough!

Besides, all she wanted when she returned home this time was his seed!

As for who this scum actually liked, who lived in his heart, she did not care at all!

At this thought, Luna planted a kiss on her daughter’s cheek. “I don’t blame you.

You gave me a good idea.”

With that, she sucked in a deep breath and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?”

Looking at her retreating back, Nellie frowned, and hurriedly walked to the corridor with her short legs.

‘lll go home now.”

Luna paused and smiled at her. “We will meet again soon! “

Will we meet again soon?

Nellie sighed, her father’s words from last night ringing in her ears.
She realized she still had other things she had yet to tell her mother.

For instance, when Daddy said he did not really want to protect that evil Aunt Aura; it was just a method to force Mommy to come back to him.

The little girl sighed silently.

She knew she was the only one who would believe this, if she told Mommy, Mommy would definitely say that it was just Daddy’s excuse.

But she did not believe it was just an excuse. When Daddy said that yesterday, she could read the sincerity in his eyes, it was exactly like the look in her two brothers’ eyes!

She was willing to believe Daddy’s words, she also believed, with time, Mommy would believe him too!

It just was not the right time yet.

After leaving Blue Bay Villa, Luna took a taxi and went straight to Anne’s house.

Since the apartment Anne had found for her and Neil was burned down by Aura, she could only stay with Anne now for the time being.

“Luna, don’t be sad.”

Anne placed a plate of cleanly washed fruit in front of Luna, then sat down beside her and patted her shoulder comfortingly.
“After the birthday party, Neil and even

Nigel, who’s so far away, told me everything about your family situation. Don’t give up, there’s always a way!”

Luna nodded, smiling bitterly as she picked up a cherry tomato. ” I’m sorry, Anne. For not telling you about my past before.” “What’s there to be sorry about?”

Anne smiled. “With a past as sad as yours, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t want to talk about it either. And…

Anne pushed Luna’s shoulder playfully, a smile on her face. “If you told me before that you are Joshua’s ex-wife, I would definitely think you were bragging! You know, Joshua and us, we don’t belong to the same world. Since the day I heard his name, he has been standing on a pedestal, all I could do is look up to him…”

Luna pursed her lips, listening to Anne, mixed emotions broiling in her chest.
Anne was right.
She and Joshua never belonged to the same world.

All those years ago, she did not know the cruel realities of the world and insisted on marrying him, breaking the boundary between them, and laying beside him in his bed.

The ending… it was a fairly miserable one. “Luna, what do you plan to do in the future?” Anne’s words brought her back to reality.

In the future?

Luna curled her lips in a faint smile, switched into a more comfortable position and lay back on the couch. “I plan to sleep, sleep for three who le days and then we’ll see! “

Anne said, “You make it sound like Joshua didn’t let you sleep in the Blue Bay Villa.”

“It’s true, he didn’t let me sleep much last night.”

She yawned, leaning back on the sofa. “One more thing, Anne, do you have a pregnancy test at home?”

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