Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 143

Anne rolled her eyes at Luna. “Do you think someone who has been single forever, like me, would have something like that at home?”

Luna smiled. “But I heard from Neil that a handsome uncle has been pursuing you recently? “ As soon as she uttered these words, Anne’s face instantly turned red.

“We just… we just got together, we’re not at the stage where I need to use a pregnancy test yet!” Looking at her blushing face, Luna’s mood instantly improved.

She smiled and turned on the TV with the remote control. Just as she wanted to continue teasing Anne, the doorbell rang.


Luna turned and glanced at Anne. “Did you order takeaway?”

Anne shrugged. “It’s for you.” Luna opened the door suspiciously.

The delivery man handed Luna a paper bag. Back in the room, Luna opened the paper bag. “Splatter—

The item that fell out of the paper bag was exactly what Luna just mentioned, a pregnancy test!

Luna looked at the pregnancy tests that fell all over the floor, stunned.
Compared to Luna who was so shocked that she could not speak, Anne was much calmer.

“When you said on the phone that something happened between you and Joshua last night, I knew it. Although I usually don’t have one in my house, I can buy them for you.”

Luna did not know whether she should laugh or cry.

She picked up the order form, looked at Anne’s name displayed across the page, and sighed helplessly, ” You bought them with your own name. Aren’t you afraid these tests will be discovered by your new boyfriend, and you won’t be able to explain yourself?

Anne curled her lips. Just when she was about to say something, Luna’s phone rang.
It was a call from Neil.

His voice drifted in from the other end of the phone, he sounded as if he was sneaking around. “I gave an excuse that I had to go to the bathroom and called you from there.
I almost got caught, the kindergarten teacher almost found my phone! “

Luna kept quiet. “…

She sucked in a deep breath. ” Neil, now that you’re attending kindergarten, you must listen to your teacher. If the school forbids you from bringing a cell phone, then don’t bring it.”

“But Mommy, I brought my phone so I could contact you! You should know how smart I am. I wouldn’t have attended kindergarten if it weren’t because Godmother said that I would look more like an ordinary child if I did!”

Anne, who was sitting beside Luna, was quiet as well.
She just felt that Neil should have a normal and happy kindergarten experience, just like any other normal child.

Luna’s three children were incredibly smart, but she always felt that they were too mature and worried that they would lose out on a lot of the fun experiences children their age enjoyed.

“Your godmother is right. You should live like an ordinary child.” “Hah?”

Neil flattened his lips. “But they’re all so childish!”

“Oh, right.”

Suddenly, the little boy lowered his voice, “Mommy, are you okay, Nellie told me that you got kicked out this morning…” Luna held a palm against her forehead helplessly. Nellie was like a little speaker, blasting everything to her brothers.
“She’s in a bad mood now, you’re her older brother, so remember to comfort her. “

“I know!” The little boy sighed helplessly, “I knew you would say that.”

“You get along with your godmother over there, don’t make us worry! “

Before Luna could reply, he lowered his voice, “My teacher is looking for me. Mommy, I’m hanging up!”

With that, he really hung up the phone.

luna clutched the phone tightly in her hand, listened to the beeping tone, and rubbed her finger between her eyebrows helplessly.

Beside her, Anne listened to the conversation between the mother and son, staring in disbelief.

Luna glanced at her helplessly. “Because of how I educated them, these two children… I always feel that they’re the adults and instead, I am the child.”

A moment later, Anne smiled wryly. “Luna, I don’t think… the problem with these two kids is because of your style of education.”

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