Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 146

‘lll only take a few minutes of your time.“

Luna frowned. “I ‘m not here to put in a good word for her, I’m here to explain the misunderstanding I caused.” “You…

When they were talking, the crowd had already reached the entrance to the elevators.

John scoffed and entered the elevator immediately. Luna had no choice but to follow him upstairs.

In the elevator, she was afraid John would run away,

so she unconsciously held onto his sleeve, lowered her voice and said, “Listen, I can explain…“

The minute the words left her mouth, a man’s condescending voice rang beside her, “John, why would you bring your woman to a business dinner? “

Another man laughed, “I heard you just got a new girlfriend a few days ago, a young, pretty girl who’s never been in a relationship before, is this her?”

“You’re so lucky, not only is your girlfriend pretty, she’s so needy too.“ John opened his mouth to explain but did not know how to.

In the end, he could only pull Luna’s hand off of his sleeve harshly.

Luna smiled faintly and raised her hand again to pull at his sleeve.
From the start, he never intended to talk to her, what more listen to her explanation.
Now that there was such a good opportunity to approach John, how could she give it up so easily?

Besides, if she acted as if she was cheap and easy, it would be easier to explain that the pregnancy tests were hers, making Anne seem even more pure and chaste, right?

With that thought in mind, she smiled and glanced a t John’s colleagues. “Should we stop talking about this? He seems embarrassed.”

Even though there was no ambiguity to her words, they had already concluded that Luna was John’s girlfriend.
The group of men laughed.

Luna smiled and took John’s arm, lowered her voice and spoke in his ear, “If you don’t want to have anything to do with me, then listen to my explanation later. Otherwise, I will make you a joke in front of your entire company tonight!”

John choked in shock.
He snorted but stayed still, he did not dare to pull Luna’s arm off of his sleeve.

This woman was so bold and daring!

Whenever any of the men asked about her and John, she responded generously.

It’s just that, somehow, for an unknown reason, she always felt a chill on her spine, the atmosphere in the corridor was tense and depressing.

As if a gaze was staring at her, carelessly but also intentionally.

She furrowed her eyebrows and looked back subconsciously.

At the end of the corridor, a tall man was leaning against the wall, cold and noble.

He held a cigarette between his fingers, smoking on it lazily while talking to the people around him.

The pair of obsidian eyes were staring coldly at her hand that was holding John’s arm.

Luna felt embarrassed, as if she had been caught cheating.
But thinking about it again, she found it ridiculous.

Right that morning, he told her he did not plan to take responsibility. Now not to mention the fact that she and John weren’t really a couple, even if they were, it was none of his business.

With that thought in mind, she curled her lips and turned to smile at John’s colleagues. “Everyone, John and I have something to discuss. Can he join you later? Would you mind?”

“No, not at all!”

The man who acted like the manager shot a friendly smile at her. ” But we are meeting with an important partner at dinner later, don’t keep him for too long.“

“Thank you.” Luna curled her lips up in a charming smile, turned around, and led John away.

Joshua stood at the end of the corridor, watching as Luna and the strange man disappeared in the direction of the stairwell.
“What line of work are those people involved in?”

“Oh, they’re staff members of a small company, here to meet a staff of mine to discuss a cooperation of some sort.” Jude Smith, a close friend of Joshua’s, curled his lips in a faint smile. “Why… are you interested?” Joshua frowned and put out his cigarette. “Not at all.

He knew that woman was not as simple as what she portrayed herself to be.

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