Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy – Chapter 464

As soon as Luna said that, she heaved a deep sigh and tilted her head away from Joshua, signaling she did not want to continue the topic any further.

Instead, she said, “I remember when we were in Sea City, you said something about Hailey Walter. You suspect the woman who died isn’t the real Hailey and, instead, was an imposter.“

Joshua nodded. “Yes, I did say that to you.“

He had also sent people to find evidence to support his suspicions. However, his men did not manage to find anything. The Walters were the most influential family in Sea City, so it was natural they would have done anything to cover their tracks.

Luna let out a sigh and glanced at him. “I believe you now.“ “What?* Joshua “Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?“

Luna narrowed his eyes and was about to say something when she heard a knock on her door. A moment later, Alice’s voice rang out, “Luna, are you in there? I heard you passed out. I was so worried that I rushed over from Blue Bay Villa as soon as I heard. I made you some soup as well. Can I come in?“

Avein popped out on Luna’s forehead as soon as she heard Alice’s voice. Then, she glanced at Joshua subconsciously.
Joshua stood up, his face expressionless, and flung the door open.

“Joshua?* Alice stared at the man before her in disbelief. “Did… Did you come here because you were worried about Luna as well? Joshua, you’re the boss in the world! “

“Tsk! Why is he visiting that b*tch?“ All of a sudden, a woman’s voice laced with contempt rang out.

Luna was familiar with that voice. It belonged to her birth mother…Natasha.

“Joshua, your mother-in-law was harsh, but she means well. You’re an important person, so you should be working now. I know you’re a good boss, but she’s just an ordinary employee at your company. You shouldn’t have to visit her in the hospital…“ Luna recognized that voice as well. It belonged to her father, Joseph.

Luna leaned against the headboard and closed her eyes.
She knew Alice had brought her parents along on purpose.
She also deliberately planned her visit so that she would run into Joshua at the hospital. As for her motives…

Luna guessed that Alice had probably wanted to make her feel weak and humiliated in front of her loved ones.

As soon as she reached that conclusion, Luna sighed and closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, Joshua stood still at the door. He glanced at Natasha and Joseph before asking, “Why are you here?” Natasha rolled her eyes at him. “Why? Do you not want us to intrude on your alone time with this b* tch?” With that, she glowered at Luna and added, “If we hadn’t come today, we wouldn’t have found out how much that b*tch means to you! “Joshua, please don’t forget everything our daughter Alice has done for you! She even bore you two beautiful children! If you so much as lay a finger on her, we won’t forgive you!”

Joshua smirked upon seeing how agitated Natasha was. “Well, then… The two of you came because you knew I’d be here, is that correct?” He shot Alice a glance before he added, “You brought your parents along… This isn’t just a regular visit, is it?”

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